For Mothers and Children of Mothers

If I were a woodsman
I’d build you a house
carved out of the miracle tree
I’d raise it to stand
at the foot of the hill
where the forest lies whispering to me
If I were the king of a fairytale land
with the power to grant all I see
I’d wrap you in robes
of the finest silk and
we would dance ‘neath the miracle tree
If I were a dragon
I’d give you my fire
If I were a creature of light
I’d warm you and fly you
to your heart’s desire
in the silence
sweet silence
of night
For what is a mother
but all of these things
a builder, a king
and a friend
and where does she walk
but in the love of all things
through the child
that she holds in her arms…

from “Ana’s Song” by Cynthia Long


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