GET BURNING – Encouragement from a mother

Often when we feel the support of a loved one’s presence from a place beyond this plane there is greater clarity than if our communications were confined by physical form. The following is a transmission for a young man from a beloved, deceased mother…
GET BURNING     Dec 25 08
How are you
my forgotten one
for I know sometimes
that’s how it feels
The middle one
the not-a-girl one
the not the oldest
nor the youngest one
the not quite out there
in the world one
not yet anyway
and in between
your good nature
and your silliness
lie hidden
some sad thoughts sometimes
and I’m just going to remind you
that it’s all okay
that there’s nothing to hide
or pretend
or deny
it just is
I know
part of what you are asking me
is what next
what can possibly be next
with all the changes
that just keep coming
it’s like
how do I roll
from the place we once knew
in our innocent family
to the next and the next challenge
and somehow
in the middle of it
find out who I am
and how to get there
let’s start with the understanding
that this is your only task
to find out who you are
I mean
It is not your job
to save anyone else
or be anything for anyone else
or please anyone else
it’s just your job
to be the most of you
that you can be
and so that keeps it simple
keeps the focus
where it belongs
So for example
when it comes to getting a job
or schooling
or whatever
you have a habit of asking
and listening quite intently
to what others have to say
and this comes
from your own belief
that you really don’t have a clue
or so you think
not a clue
but that is not the truth of it
my sweet boy
not even close
and it’s time for you
to start seeing
just how much
you really do know
So with this issue of stepping out
into the working world
start by looking at
whom you have been trying to please
and stop right there
Actualizing yourself
has nothing to do with pleasing
so I want you to back track
to the beginning
to the part of you
that believes there isn’t really a place
in the world
for someone like you
and know that
there is
there is such an important place
because you don’t realize
just how many young people
there are
exactly like you
all over the world
You are so far from being alone
you are in fact
lamp light
in the dark
reaching out
to bring a vision
and while so far
that vision has been through the window
of your computer
that’s okay
it’s about a connection
much broader
much deeper
than the physical self
So if you can picture yourself connected
on an energetic plane
just like you connect to others online
but this is just pure energy
and these connections run instantly
all over the planet
to all different kinds of souls
can you look inside and ask
what is it I want to share with them
how do I get
all this love
from inside my heart
and spread it
to the rest of the world?
I’m waiting
for you to ask that question angel
my adorable boy
you are one of the most loving creatures
on the planet
and it’s time
to share that
share that
above all
beyond money
beyond achievement
beyond pleasing others
who may not understand
I didn’t really have the means
to guide you in this
when I was with you
because I was so deeply engaged
in working on it myself
and it’s the great question
for all of us
isn’t it
for your brothers
for your sister
in their time
But we’re talking about you here
and your journey is special
because you are
you have a powerful drive
that you haven’t even recognized
because you think
that you’ve been hiding
and that there isn’t any drive there at all
Well my gift to you

is to tell you

that you are like
those bundles of coals
people used to carry around
wrapped in hide
in the primitive days
before matches
when they wanted to preserve fire
and have it ready
to start a blaze
There they were
carrying around fire
living fire
but it was just wrapped up
all neatly
hot as anything inside
hot enough to light up
any flammable thing
but waiting
until the moment was right
to start the burning business
all over again
And nothing
was more important
than fire was it?
It was warmth
a means for cooking food
it was everything
and nothing was more precious
nothing was more needed
in life
So this is what you are
a burning bundle
and you’ve been transported
getting all ready
for the moment
when you will be unwrapped
and the time of fire
will have come
Your job
is to find
the kindling
the wood
for you to set alight
and you will be home
you will show everyone
how your fire was ready
all along
I don’t want you using
your lack of belief
in your own fire
as an excuse
a reason not to take the time
to find your passion
because it’s there
I promise you
it’s there
and my faith in you
was not wrong
I see you on the verge
of discovering
what I knew
all along
In the meantime
your joyful nature
is sacred
and I mean that
I treasure it in you
and I want you to too
because you have no idea
how much light you bring
to everyone
in your world
Your very being
is a gift
and wouldn’t it be
a great time
to do some unwrapping
of that special Self
for all to see?
I know
these are confusing times for you
for many people
and I don’t pretend
that it isn’t hard
but start by accepting
that confusion is just part
of being human
being in a body
because we can’t understand it all
not even half of it
so we just have to keep walking
and trust in the place
we will land
You are so beautiful
and I love you so much
and I’m so grateful
for all that you do
– don’t laugh –
I truly am
and if you start to take yourself
more seriously
then others will
I promise
and it will make more sense
step by step
year by year
I know you miss me
but honestly angel
I wouldn’t be able to do much
to help you with this
I would just be there
rubbing your shoulders saying
sit up straight
and go do it
and then
all the rest would be up to you
so know that I am there
than I am right behind you
and beside you
and smiling at how much you look like me
when you get that puzzled expression
but I expect you
to far surpass me
in every way
so come on
and get that ass
out of bed
and yes
there’s a woman for you
in your future
I promise
but I do suggest
that you get motivated
to keep getting cleaned up
cause you are one gorgeous warrior
when you make an effort
and the girls
are going to see that too
nothing but joy ahead
and you can still support your family
in the midst of all
your own unfolding
What greater gift
could you give them
than to let out
your own inner fire?
Get burning sweet boy
I love you
always and still

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