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Under the soil
the earth is calling
calling to the seeds
who sleep
Asters, poppies
each will grow in time
can you not feel them
each will one day be queen
and the beauty is
they know it not
and no one is Lord
over the other

Children play
do not waken
for dreams are truth divine
The ancient lives
in the broken seed
In your childhood
know that you are
no better than the seed
fallen in liberty
as the wild goose calls
hoarse with joy

We were taught to question yet
ask your mother only one thing
How do I love myself
when I know my words alone8589130491878-frozen-flower-wallpaper-hd
have failed?
Like a frozen flower waits
until we know that
for each in turn
once born perfect
once perfect
once grown perfect to all the world

And blind faith is the key
and I will hold
only blind I can still gather you
in my arms
and the knowing is in each stick
each leaf
brown and shriveled
so beautiful

You are forever my children
as the seed
as the seed forever bursts
in my arms

The Gathering.

You forgive me?
asks God with a smile
There are whole civilizations who cannot
and to them I say925f3-human-seed-modern-art
be as this child
her arms full of sticks
whispering madness

Lie under the snow blanket and wait
the promise is made
your turn will come
Out of the dark
and frozen ground
Believe only
in the seed

© Cynthia Long


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