On the Gulf Oil Spill

Excerpt from a live transmission, July 11/10

An audience member asks.. “Please tell us about what will happen regarding the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico…”

The wound that has been experienced on the planet is massive beyond what anyone understands at this point. Even the scientists who think that they know, do not know. It is a very grave situation indeed. It is a wound and the wound is bleeding, and as with any wound there are both memories and futures that live within the wound, meaning that as humans we live many lives and when we injure ourselves very often we are re-injuring an old wound, and it may come again unless we are able to live in awareness and alter our consciousness to the point that we need no longer experience that.  
This wound is in fact a repeat. This is not the first time the waters of the planet have been poisoned, but it is not within the memory of the cultures that exist on the planet now. There has in fact been great warfare within the oceans, and death and immense loss. But there is also extraordinary opportunity because this is something that cannot be ignored. This will in time touch everyone, not just those who run beachfront resorts. This is the beginning of the cleansing that will touch each one of us, and what we are asked at this time above all is to hold a transformative consciousness around the physical experience.

 In other words, even powerful pain can be transformed in the midst of the experience. Our brothers and sisters of the sea are experiencing this pain. They have been for a long time, in untold ways.

As humans we have not begun to understand the magnitude of the suffering that has taken place with the other species of this planet. What this bleeding will do, is show us a visible wound, a wound that cannot be denied because it touches every human being on the planet, and through this we are given the opportunity to learn that it is ourselves that we harm, and ourselves that we choose to love, depending upon what our choice is in any moment. Think of this wound as an artery that has been cut. This is not something to be ignored. It is our artery, it is our blood, it is our body that is extremely weak.

Having said all of this, please always hold the understanding that human beings cannot and will never have the power to destroy our universe. This is an arrogance. We are part of a whole that is far greater, far more powerful than we are and that healing will happen no matter what we do. It is our own lives that we threaten…  


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