Kokoro is a Japanese word for which no exact English or Sanskrit translation exists, meaning a union of heart, mind and spirit, or centre, essence. It was a spiritual name given to a dear friend of mine, Ildiko, in a very early transmission, when I was also given my initial Sanskrit name, Kanda. Ildiko transitioned to spirit several years ago; she was in many ways the midwife of the guidance that came through me in the early days, and is often with me now.

These Circles are named Kokoro as they are experiences of pure energy that offer healing on a cognitive, emotional and physical level, but they are none of these alone. The Kokoro “mind” is described by Shunryu Suzuki Roshi, author of Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind: “The mind which is always on your side is not just your mind, it is universal mind, always the same, not different from another’s mind. It is Zen mind. It is big, big mind. This mind is whatever you see—this mind is at the same time everything.”

In the Kokoro Circles I open to the same flow of received energy with which I have been working for the last 11 years, creating thousands of transmissions and offering personal guidance to clients worldwide. By bringing this experience to groups I not only make efficient use of transformative energy, but also step toward the creation of a collective community of souls, working together to align ourselves personally and universally with the planetary shift that is well underway.

No two events will be alike, but each one will incorporate sounding and a spoken wisdom transmission, as well as opportunities for questions from participants. While we will sit together in loving connection, nothing is asked of those who attend, except to be fully present with an open heart. You may expect sensations both during and after a Kokoro Circle on an energetic, emotional and physical level, as the energies brought forward offer an attunement in their very nature. Messages given are unconditionally loving and beneficial. After the transmission is complete, there will be time to chat and share our experiences with one another.

Transmissions will be recorded, and made available online. A video of a sample community transmission on the subject of relationship may be found at VIDEO: OF THE CHILD

I look forward to meeting you at upcoming events, and joining in our shared awakening.

FEB. 27, 2011
2-4 PM
Cliffside Village
2436 Kingston Road
416 266-2787


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