FIERCE FLOWER – On personal authenticity

The powerful, blossoming energies that all living beings are experiencing upon planet Earth right now call us to a new reckoning. No longer can we hide beneath self doubt, false humility, fear of inadequacy or habits of playing safe. Each one of us has been birthed into embodiment for a reason, and these truths may no longer be denied. Over and over again, guidance is coming through in transmissions, asking each one of us to wake up to our authentic natures, to end hesitation and apology and stand tall, in collaboration with all souls, united in a time of planetary transformation.  This excerpt speaks to one woman, calling for an end to her self effacing ways..

To be misunderstood
is in fact
the mark of so many seekers
lovers and thinkers
it is the way of life
when we are pushed to discover
our truest Self
It is not the failure
we may perceive it to be
and in fact
it is in this realization
that your healing lies

You have come to see yourself
as weak
as frail
as not enough
and yet
this is only fear leading you to believe
what you have perceived
as the judgements of others
You have been so convinced
by these untruths
that you are afraid to believe our words
even now
and yet we must insist
that all that must be done
is to turn away
turn away from these illusions
and see yourself
for the beautiful light
you truly are
You have stood strong
through so much challenge
so much suffering
and you have done this always
with the purist of intent
You have worked hard
given much
lived as you have been taught
as you were raised to believe
was right and good

And yet now you find yourself
facing a darkness
an emptiness
and you wonder
where was the purpose then
was everyone mistaken
was all for naught?

And gently we tell you
that yes
the mistaken truth
is that you cannot be wrong
you cannot be less than
you cannot give too little
for who you are is perfection
just as you are
in this very moment
and nothing more is needed
for you to look into the mirror
and recognize how blessed
is the woman you have become

Even now
there is so much room
for your awakening
especially now
you have been given a chance
to examine the light that is you
Begin by admitting to all regrets
for these are windows into old views
of limitation
Each one may be taken
wrapped gently in forgiveness
and returned to whence it came
for you owe nothing
do you hear us?
you owe nothing to anyone
and in this time
need only be true
to your most inner Self

If your longing
is for what you have not done
what you fear you may miss
this too
is to be given to the fires of liberation
for time is limitless in actuality
and there is nothing that is taken from you
and everything is there for you
as you allow your dreams and vision
to open up in new ways

Take off your dark glasses
dear one
throw open the curtains
let the light pour in on you
and soak it up through your skin
Stop analyzing and hesitating
finding reasons why not
why it is too late
This is not the point
for experience is simply infinite energy
the energy of the heart
and when you give Joy your blessing
it will arise
like a fierce flower
blossoming in brilliant colour
even in the driest desert
even in the darkest place…

Photos 1 & 2:
Space #2 (1975-1975) Francesca Woodman
Self Deceit (1977-1978) Francesca Woodman

Personal guidance on any question of the soul
through written, live and group transmissions.


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