CORE PATTERN PACKAGE: Make this your summer of change!

Have you ever observed cyclical patterns in your life that seem to repeatedly stand in the way of fulfillment and joy? Have you tried unsuccessfully to shift habits that do not serve you, or conquer addictive behaviours in self care and relationships? Do you attract certain experiences repeatedly that bring you pain, or encounter a familiar yet unnamed resistance that prevents you from stepping into the gifts you have to share with the world? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could be shown a blueprint to guide you in taking those last steps that could carry you so far?

We have all entered this world of physical form to find opportunities to develop spiritually, but the days of slowly unfolding karma are over. We live in a time that calls for a searing depth of clarity and the use of concrete tools to detoxify our energy bodies on a cellular level, so we can raise our individual vibrational frequency and join in the planetary awakening that is now fully underway. 


Welcome to the world of cellular healing, one of the most powerful tools I have ever seen in the identification and liberation of the patterns of fear that stand in the way of our alignment with our soul’s true purpose. In addition to a profound energetic attunement, a Core Pattern Reading gives us an astonishingly personal past life story and offers guidance about how to work with this information in order to liberate us from the embedded memories of our wounds. We are walked through a point in our soul’s history where our fear was so great we came to believe something false about ourselves, and then learned to protect our vulnerable hearts from remembering this pain by living in unconscious, fear-based patterns. The wonderful news for those drawn to this work is that we are now ready to identify and release these patterns, to step into an advanced awakening unlike anything we have previously known. 
It would be my honour to engage you in this potent process and support you in your journey toward clarity, empowerment and freedom. Readings are available worldwide. 

Isn’t it time to stop running, focus, and return to the truth of who you really are? 

What would you do, if you were not afraid?


A special package for those who choose to make their summer count, this includes a Core Pattern Reading, plus two follow up sessions by phone or Skype. These readings have a profound impact and I strongly recommend ongoing support in working with the energies. You will be amazed at how layer after layer of awareness is revealed over time, and it is very beneficial to develop skills that will assist in processing and working with your reading.  

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I so look forward to this summer of change. 

much love,