A transcript of a full length, spoken transmission.

A martial arts teacher asks: What is it that I need to know about the nature and purpose on an energetic level of these various behavioral, social, emotional, cognitive and psychiatric conditions, such as autism, Asperger’s syndrome, ADD, ADHD and so on? So many of these children are joining my classes…
The first important thing to understand is the role of language, and this is not a specific language such as English, but rather the act of speaking something that communicates a concept or idea. What these souls are participating in and demonstrating to us are characteristics that can only be seen on another plane and only viewed through a different frame of reference, a different lens, a different way of viewing the experience we have when we embody.
The challenge you are facing now is that there is a paradigm shift happening on so many levels on this planet, and one of those is the level of consciousness in general. There is a battle of consciousnesses going on now in these times. And so, the Old fears to die, and clings tightly to what it has always known. Fear begets fear, and as it rises it becomes dangerous, even to itself. And this is what is happening now.
The linear way of seeing our existence is dying. This must be released for the planet, for our awareness, our universal awareness, to heal. But in the midst of this transition we will see many attempts to fight for what we fear to lose. We are so afraid of losing control, “control” in the language that we use to communicate at this moment. It is a word that describes a form of fear, a physical form of fear. If we were to take fear and shape it into clay and let it harden, it would become control. And so, as we are forced to let go of the boundaries that we have held, when we are forced to surrender by our rising consciousness, the fear also rises, and says no, no, hold on tightly, especially to those things that we don’t understand.
So the words you use to describe these souls having these particular characteristics, the ones who are wearing a particular suit of clothing – these terms emerge from the old consciousness. They emerge from the way of seeing what is missing, what does not produce on a material level, what does not fit into a particular paradigm of beauty, what is not always pleasant, what is raw and undisciplined. We are afraid of all of these things. And so, when we see them in others, we categorize them in order to make things feel safer for those who perceive themselves to not have these conditions. And so, the names you give are replete with this energy, this controlling energy. It is a system that is being withdrawn. It is dissolving in a way. But it still maintains a hold with so many. This is part of the process; this is part of the shift that we are all participating in right now. So this is something of which you are not to be afraid. It is important not to be afraid of our fears.
But I believe what you ask is how do I assist in the growth and spiritual development of these souls; how to assist in the reason for their presence, for if they are here for a reason, if they come to you especially for a reason, then it would be beneficial to allow that to unfold.
If, instead of looking at things upon a line like a ruler, where we have one, two, three, four, in measurements, and one is shorter, less than the other, if then we perceive instead a grid that is not linear, intersecting lines that take various emerging forms, including circular, and so they meet one another, and this is multi-dimensional, not two or three dimensional, but a multi-dimensional grid. If you picture this as the structure upon which we all sit, there are lines of energy that crisscross, that run back and forth, and they have intention, and they have a relationship with one another. So, if you have a line of energy that has to do with power, the emotion of power in human form, and this begins to move forward in a certain direction, if this intersects with another line, and that line represents the fragility of the human heart, there is an synergy, and exchange when the two cross and create this moment. If a soul bursts out of this moment with this particular imprint from their place in this grid, they will bring forward immense energy towards power that is destined to interact with the fragility of their heart.
The grid upon which we all sit at this time is shifting, moving and undulating with a motion similar to that which you might witness on a large body of water. And so, as the motions increase and gather momentum there are different intersections that occur more and more frequently, that come closer and closer to one another into a familiar place, and there are families of energy that choose the way in which they will travel in the physical.
Right now, what we are experiencing is a surge of souls that are highly attuned to energies that are simply unknown to many beings already in form on the planet.  They feel, sense, know, and believe many, many paths that are beyond the language of those that have come before. And they come with a sensitivity that is not meant to be curtailed. When they encounter wisdom, they know it. When they encounter trust and bliss, they know this too. When they encounter fear, they know fear. They know fear deeply. They express deeply. They know the whole range of these experiences in ways that have been controlled by others, but they cannot control or be controlled because control does not exist within them, and for many, this in itself is an extremely overwhelming sensation. They feel out of control because they cannot stop what bombards them due to their sensitivities. They feel much more than they wish to feel. And yet their abilities are essential to where we travel together. They are here because their faith runs deeper than any of the physical experiences they may encounter. Over and over again you will witness, especially in the children, that no matter how deep their wounds are, given the right moment they will return with their hearts and eyes open. They have learned so much, and they are so ready to love in return.
So, if we think of the primary, collective energy that comes, that emerges from this grid as Love, if that is both the origin and the purpose of all these experiences that we have, then it could be that these beings who over and over again encounter controls that are foreign to them and that they cannot sustain, it could be that these beings know more, and are a more vivid example of the means towards love than we have seen in some time.

If any one of us stops to look closely at these souls, it is very easy to see their beauty. Even those that would appear to be troubled, who hold darkness and grief, look for a moment or two and you can see their beauty. They are, in essence, carrying a mirror of the grief and fear that all the rest hold.  All of us walk this together, all of us share this together. Some of us cannot see. Some of us cannot feel. Some of us cannot perceive. Others can.

And what is welcome now, is an understanding, a respect, an authentic respect for their courage. If you begin in this place with these individuals, it will change everything. But do not try to falsify this. Their intuitions are too great, and you will not succeed.
Now, some travel such lonely paths. Those who choose to leave, who choose to take a leave of absence from the intensity of their experience, these often might seem the darkest because we others living in control cannot communicate with them. That breach of communication feels very dangerous to all of us. It is a mark of grave concern. Helplessness. And yet it is up to us to understand that these souls must have their own experiences regardless of what they can tell us about them. They are experiencing at all times. They are choosing at all times. It is not our job to change that. It is best to remain focused upon the reason and effectiveness of a relationship in these situations. Those who travel far, who have chosen to be separate, to these ones we respond with a combination of such love and such foreboding because it seems we must fail them. They cannot function in the ways we expect. They cannot care for themselves. They cannot control themselves. And so, they are very threatening and pitiful to us at the same time.
But here, in this moment, the gift within that exchange, there is so much. For what has come to pass in the global consciousness is a readiness to be present, side by side, with various soul experiences; to no longer segregate, to no longer alienate, any more, any further than has already happened. This is a very good thing. This is what we seek, where all souls walk side by side, regardless of their communication methods.
So, in the process of daring to desire to connect with ones that seem lost, so far away, we cannot help but see our faces in theirs, our eyes in theirs – we must. If we love them, and if we look closely at them, we must see ourselves in them.
Even the most outwardly confident and controlled individual has a voice deep inside that screams with fear that they are incapable, incompetent. That they are flawed, malformed. That they are not the purity of their creator. This is our essential wound, this is where we believe that we are not the beauty that we long to be … of our creator. So, when we look into the eyes of one that is named by the language of all those around us as flawed, we are forced to see what is hidden, what we’ve been so adept at keeping from the world.


And as we move toward recognizing ourselves in their eyes, we respect them, we stop judging them, and as we take this step, we begin to respect ourselves, to stop judging ourselves. There is no greater gift, no more important lesson on the planet, right now.
We have only begun with one moment in the exchange of relationship with these souls, with so many differences. If, for a moment, we reverse roles, and instead look at what is the gift being received by the souls themselves, these wonderful souls who have come to face experiences in roles as outcasts, of being full of fear, of being so confused by this place in which they find themselves, because none of it matches the template they hold inside themselves. What is the gift for them? There have been many ways of saying, in many cultures, that it is through the facing of our fears that we discover how courageous we are. We have no other means of drawing upon what is within us beyond stepping into what is most hard, what is most difficult, what is most fearsome.
The understanding of this principle emerges from why we embody in the first place, why we embody at all. When we seek a body, we seek a home to what has wounded us.  We seek a place where that wound can lie, in safety, and in this way, step into in fully. Taste it. Explore it. Discover, after all that, how powerful we are. How filled with love we are. There is so much love in the heart of these souls, they cannot help but reveal their love, because they have no defenses against it. 
Some may turn completely the other way. Some may be so overwhelmed by the vulnerability of who they are, that they may keep it completely hidden for a time.  But there is always access, there is always a way in, and it is through this same respect and trust that eventually even the most fearful face will melt and these children will emerge in their true selves.
It is important to understand that when they emerge, they may never look like what we expect safety and normalcy to look like. As we soften our own awareness and perceptions of these kinds of distinctions there will come a time where they will not exist, for the distinctions are in fact created by our perceptions, our insistence upon labeling and controlling. As this dissolves, we will look into the eyes of these children and see the sameness that is in all of us.
And so, the gift given to those who have emerged in this time of transparency, to live in this transparent skin, the gift they receive is the opportunity to discover their power. Through deep testing they show great, great trust to embody in any way, in these forms. And each day that they are alive they reenact that trust. They walk with it in consciousness, unheard of in so many others. They have to find a reason to be here and to stay here. They have to find it in themselves. And of course, it is also eventually found in the veneer of the “normal ones” for when we look in their eyes and see ourselves, they look into our eyes, and they watch what we are doing. They see what they are giving, so that they become part of it too. They become the mothers and the fathers of those frightened little children inside of us. And it is a great, great joy for them to give back. Once they experience this taste of giving back, it is their chosen food.
Why is there such a perplexing variety of these conditions, and why is it that these souls choose one condition over another?

The conditions are arbitrary distinctions. Even with medical practitioners there is a growing awareness that very often more than one condition is present. There is an overlap. Definitions are beginning to shift; they are being forced into this recognition. But certainly there are clusters of characteristics in means of expression, and these are as described, when the lines on the grid cross, they meet, and they birth a form of energy in that moment. And so, if there are clusters of this form and this form and this form, then these come together and they become something recognizable. But what is most important in all of these is to explore in greater depth the nature of the fear that is behind the symptoms. These are just varied clusters of fear. And so, if the source of the fear can be tapped, and love be fed where there has been only darkness and lack, then the symptoms all are addressed. It is also true that there are environmental factors that come into play, but we wish not to distinguish between a soul’s journey, an energetic choice, and environment, because these too are interactive. These too are found within the same grid, and so, if certain groupings are exposed to a certain environments, that too is a choice. It is a choice for the love of choice. The more visions, more varied perceptions that are offered to you in your growing consciousness, the more chances you are given to see that they are all the same.  And so we give you everything.  We give you so wide ranging a place of color, of expression from which to choose, and many more that you have not even observed, because you have to have an awareness for the eyes to open to see the array.

And so, this exists like fish in the sea. Like cloud formations in infinite numbers.  And yet, in human form, we wish to contain so strongly, we forget that these colors are there for a reason. They are not in priority. They simply are.
All of this is a part of the shift too, just as species are changing throughout the planet. Some come. Some go. Many are leaving. We discover this within the human species. There are subspecies. There are groupings that travel together, and they have reasons for coming and going. And amongst these are the ones you ask about. These are coming, and they do come together. And as they are understood, as they are respected, they are integrated. You will very quickly discover, that there are no differences amongst them at all
Tell me about vaccinations and antibiotics as triggers…
We are accustomed to the idea that the human form is the creator of the energy within, that the body invites the soul, when in fact, there is a mutual process. The energy of the soul is equally responsible for creating form. And so, when a soul embodies with a willingness to be in transparent skin, they embody with that degree of physical sensitivity on some level. And so, if they are exposed to toxic physical experiences they have an acute sensitivity that may result in responses that are completely unknown to others who do not wear the same transparent skin.  And the toxic experiences of our ways of life are not to be judged. They are not faults. They are simply details that have formed like a crust on the edge of something that is healing. It is the old skin falling away. The old scabs, the old wounds that are healed. So, specifically with something like vaccinations, there is beauty and love in the original intent of this practice. It was a wish to bring wellness. It was a wish to give life to children. But when we approach healing through controls that are based in fear and greed, which is fear of lack, this choice inevitably affects us and the outcome it shapes. It affects the energetic direction that gift can take. There is so much fear behind this form of medical practice, and so, that fear permeates it. So it is not so much about methodology as it is about the energy of the intent that can change everything. If something comes forth that is of fearful intent, a sensitive being will respond in a way that deeply affects them, affects their resonance, and affects their power and their willingness to be present; their willingness to face not being in control.
How can I work with these children?
Your connection with these children is specifically about your ability to look into the eyes of these children and see yourself. You have this gift, and this is what you were meant to teach. It is within the reach of any parent and educator. It is a matter of perfection, above all a matter of their willingness to feel naked themselves. The children that you encounter recognize this willingness in you, this courage, this aspect of yourself emerging out of the spiritual warrior. Such fighting beings are a vivid metaphor for these children. They recognize that they are fighting for the ability to stay present, to stay in communication, to stay in their bodies with meaning. And so they feel honoured that there is ritual and form given to this battle that they fight every day.


There is much that you can do personally because your presence is a remarkable object of their experience. This is an exchange in mutual giving. But the teaching that is most important, that is at the forefront of your soul’s purpose in connection with this matter, this teaching is true to the form of energetic communication by which these children will be led forward. It is through the intent and the willingness and the respect of the way they are approached that will change everything, and above all, to address the fear that lies within each one about not being able, about not being functional, not being in response in the way that we are taught to from the time we are born.
We have a right, even in body, to take time away from communication. This is a healthy thing, to say no to a demand that is not right for us at this time. So many have lost this willingness. So many have travelled to a place where they are robotic, where the majority of their actions throughout the day are done without consideration for the true needs of their heart or their bodies and certainly their souls. So, through the teaching of this kind of trust you bring a broad ranging gift to many, both those who are dealing with souls who have taken an extreme leap to withdraw, and those who only do so occasionally.
It’s a coming into balance, and the role of the teacher in this is to ensure that all involved understand the process, so that even those outside of this picture can watch and learn about their own willingness to surrender their own unconscious need to control. The direction you take is a natural gift. It is not something to be concerned of in any way. This also is not something that requires any control from you.
You too will find as you surrender to the willingness to see yourself in the eyes of these children, you will find that your own wisdom and peace will leap forward.  And so, you will be in a different place each day to offer more and to understand more about your direction.
Tell me about the immense anger and rage that these children express…
On the simplest level, these children are showing us what is inside all of us. Anger and rage are energetic expressions of a belief in loss, of moments of intense fear. All in human form express this, and all develop the ability to control these emotions and sensations because they are considered dangerous in themselves. It is again, an example of being afraid of fear, and the manifestations of it. And so, it is not so much that these children experience more anger than others, they travel to it easily and powerfully in a way that others do not.


Their courage is in their nakedness, and this is painful. This is the exquisite pain of fool’s bravery. It is difficult to explain from the human perspective because we are so accustomed here to thinking that only in safety and tranquility can we feel joy. In fact, these are simply colors of the human experience, and there are so many colors.  And as we supersede the human form, we no longer separate or judge. We are at peace and trust in everything.
So, as these souls enter, they enter naked, and they enter with human form, with human sensations and human feelings, and so, they judge and they hurt very much. They are in pain, and they express their pain. As they move towards joy, be prepared for an equally abundant expression of joy. They simply say and feel and do what so many others don’t. It is also true that because of their sensitivities they can become caught. They can fall deeply into patterns of despair because they have taken on such challenges. This too is their path. This is a place where they seek power, where they align their power with their shadows, until they are ready to break through. It is an added example of the challenges in their journey that are significant.  And yet they choose it, and we support them, we love them.  And they are guided through even these times. There is no distinction in this way…


Using specialist techniques, thousands of portraits of individual people have been compacted to provide a representative male and female “look” for the 160,000 residents of Sydney’s City of Villages.Painting, Escaping Fear, by Cathie Bleck


With the intensification of Earth energies, you may notice waves of focus and release in your own state of mind and flowing amongst your loved ones.  This past week I have been very aware of how many people seem to be struggling with victim consciousness, reflected in the tendency to either project and blame others (complain, complain!) or turn it inward and condemn the self. These are the voices of our fears, the illusion that we are powerless, worthless, hopeless or unfairly treated by individuals or unseen forces whom we perceive as holding our power. The faces of our fear are shown to us so that we may recognize them as false and thus set them free. So in honour of releasing this most recent wave, I am sharing an old and classic transmission that is worth reading again and again and again. It is time now for Peace.
is the key…
     Once we are able
to look closely
at the people
the experiences
and the emotions
that are the most uncomfortable
and difficult
for us to feel
Once we can look at these
as gifts
and see that within them
lie seeds of potent truth
about ourselves
     Once we can achieve
this perspective
and work with it
risk it
live it
even when the ego cries
to be heard
then two things
are free to happen

We may unveil 
essential pieces
that have gone missing
in our search for wholeness
and we may become empowered
with the miraculous:
the ability 
to alter the very experiences
that once brought us such discomfort
The demon melts
before our eyes
the hurtful lover
becomes sweet
and the enemy fades away
to reveal a sister/brother
a soul
like any other
and in pain
       We become
the victim
no longer
we are freed from
the fear of Fear
and we are granted
an utterly new kind of trust
in our experiences
of life on this Earth
the world makes sense
our suffering
is meaningless no longer
and Peace
which we once thought
was a mere word
a fantasy,
becomes tangible
in our most truthful heart
     We can stop making excuses
and allow ourselves a shadow
but one that has a way out
a place to grow
to integrate
and to become forgiven
in the understanding
that there never was
anything to forgive
     We hide
only from ourselves
The demons we fear
are only
of our own making
and when it seems difficult to love
it is always
our own permission for joy
that we deny

Simple, really
Never give in
if your fear
begs you to run
Love others
as if they were you
And love yourself
as you would love them
in your dreams

Turn it all
The truth
will speak
and you
will hear
© Cynthia Long