With the intensification of Earth energies, you may notice waves of focus and release in your own state of mind and flowing amongst your loved ones.  This past week I have been very aware of how many people seem to be struggling with victim consciousness, reflected in the tendency to either project and blame others (complain, complain!) or turn it inward and condemn the self. These are the voices of our fears, the illusion that we are powerless, worthless, hopeless or unfairly treated by individuals or unseen forces whom we perceive as holding our power. The faces of our fear are shown to us so that we may recognize them as false and thus set them free. So in honour of releasing this most recent wave, I am sharing an old and classic transmission that is worth reading again and again and again. It is time now for Peace.
is the key…
     Once we are able
to look closely
at the people
the experiences
and the emotions
that are the most uncomfortable
and difficult
for us to feel
Once we can look at these
as gifts
and see that within them
lie seeds of potent truth
about ourselves
     Once we can achieve
this perspective
and work with it
risk it
live it
even when the ego cries
to be heard
then two things
are free to happen

We may unveil 
essential pieces
that have gone missing
in our search for wholeness
and we may become empowered
with the miraculous:
the ability 
to alter the very experiences
that once brought us such discomfort
The demon melts
before our eyes
the hurtful lover
becomes sweet
and the enemy fades away
to reveal a sister/brother
a soul
like any other
and in pain
       We become
the victim
no longer
we are freed from
the fear of Fear
and we are granted
an utterly new kind of trust
in our experiences
of life on this Earth
the world makes sense
our suffering
is meaningless no longer
and Peace
which we once thought
was a mere word
a fantasy,
becomes tangible
in our most truthful heart
     We can stop making excuses
and allow ourselves a shadow
but one that has a way out
a place to grow
to integrate
and to become forgiven
in the understanding
that there never was
anything to forgive
     We hide
only from ourselves
The demons we fear
are only
of our own making
and when it seems difficult to love
it is always
our own permission for joy
that we deny

Simple, really
Never give in
if your fear
begs you to run
Love others
as if they were you
And love yourself
as you would love them
in your dreams

Turn it all
The truth
will speak
and you
will hear
© Cynthia Long

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