“You have called to you forces that are very strong.. to create contrast and opposition to this empowerment that is asked of you. But the depth of this contrast is a measure of the inner power you hold.. You are a very, very loving being and must find an expression that is authentic to you. The world needs this, the world needs you to be who you really are…”

For more than a decade I have supported clients through written and verbal transmissions, answering questions about relationships, physical health, loss, avocation, children, communications from the deceased, the journey of the soul and more. I continue to seek ways to offer support in a focused and effective manner throughout these days of intensification of Earth energies. 

Word Songs are remotely recorded sessions on any subject, emailed to you for listening on your phone, computer, CD or mp3 player at your own convenience. 

You do not need to be present for the session – in fact this form of guidance is intended for distance communication. Simply contact me with your full name and the details of your questions, and receive guidance in a form that may be used as a meditation, teaching or personal resource on a challenging day. It is often enough simply to ask “what is it I need to know right now.”

As planetary energies intensify and personal and global fears rise, at times it is very easy to lose a sense of just how loved we are. Yet if we feel the power of what is moving through us, we will see that we are a part of something much larger than our personalities, and our impulse to be free need not wait. There is no remaining reason to stay mired in old stories, inertia and doubt. It is instead a time to allow our inner divinity to step up and walk beside us, ever-present, a ceaseless, grace-full whispering in our ears.  

Recorded in studio quality audio, these conversations offer a means to return to faith and trust in a practical manner. As an energetic transmission, your recording will hold vibrational frequencies that activate the heart to release fear and resistance, and awaken the Self to your authentic nature. The more you listen, the more deeply your personal guidance may enter. Word Songs may or may not include some toning, melody and/or rhythm, depending upon what your guides have to say.

Clients tell me that these sessions not only illuminate their own awareness, they also create tangible shifts in their lives as deep pathways are opened to change. Clarity is revealed, relationships are healed or released, and powerful tools are discovered for the navigation of further cellular renewal. 

What challenges do you face right now? What question would you like to discuss with the loving presence that surrounds you? This is an opportunity to receive important truths, as we all must welcome shared wisdom, in these days of our global rebirth.  

A Word Song, or personal conversation with your guides or your highest Self, is available for an introductory price of $120 before November 1st, $150 after. 

These most personal recordings make a wonderful gift for an inquiring soul with a courageous heart. Place a Christmas order before November 15 and receive a gift Word Song for the introductory price. If you’d like more information about these or any other readings and services, please be in touch. 

with love,

416 898-6191


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