PENN STATE: The Processes of Unconscious Shame

Dear Adi
Please tell me about the meaning of the tragic news that has been unfolding regarding the Penn State allegations of child abuse..

Upon hearing the story

of an injured child
of blame and denial
of anger and dismissal
we cannot help but ask 
how did this happen
and why?
And yet first 
please turn your attention
to the perspective
that what we are witnessing is 
the surfacing of a truth
like a boil that rises into expression upon the skin
and this is never painless
and this is never pretty
but it is a cleansing
which brings into a new balance that which once festered  
It is worth noting
how the very response we observe
and feel in our own hearts
and the childish panic displayed
by those who wish it would all go away
this revulsion is the very reason
such stories are kept in the dark
and so just as the breath catches 
in our throats
just as the crowds rise up 
in blindness
we are shown the old ways melting
the decomposition of hidden shame
and the stench it creates
as we scrape it clean
and dare to wash it away     
At the heart of this
is yet another tale of mistaken sexual energy
where a powerful, pure and innate hunger
has become darkened by ancient Shame
passed on through generations of religious 
and societal dictates
so that it must self-perpetuate..
Where an impulse toward joy
connection and celebration of union
has become buried within a culture
that takes the terror of powerlessness
and masks it in false empowerment
until its true origins are as far from the experience of the act
as a pearl that lies beneath the sands of a seemingly 
bottomless sea..  
Where expressions of self destruction
such as inflicting dominance and pain
in the guise of pleasure
upon the child such as the one within the man
will bring suffering full circle
in the harming of the very thing
we believe we have forever lost
Every soul upon this earth
is a child of the divine.
Every harm enacted upon the other
is an action against the Self.
The further we sink into cycles of blame and retribution
the further we distance ourselves from the possibility
of personal honesty
of daring to acknowledge the horrors
that have lived within the hearts 
of every One alive    
We are all expressions of darkness   
and light
We are all creatures
of indescribable beauty
and what is unimaginably horrible 
to our sight
But we cannot attain authentic residence
in our birthright of purity
until we find the courage to admit to it all
to end denial
and throw every shadow under the glare
of an excruciating light  
If we lack the courage to do so individually
the power of the collective will gather
and this is what we witness now in this unveiling
and all over our world
And as the old towers of falseness rock and sway
there will be fear
there will be disbelief
there will be sadness in our hearts
But with every rebirth
with every awakening
it takes only the turning 
of our attention
to what is being healed
and then even 
the most piercing pain 
may transform into purpose
as a blanket of forgiveness floats ready
to settle on what was never the crime of  one person
one place
or one time 
in our experience of this life  
Let the players play
and let the spectators observe
what used to be the unconscious rules that governed 
our lives
Even sacrifice such as that of this child
of the many children such as this
is simply the revelation of what has been confused
for a very, very long time
and must now, finally
be made right
Our only enemy here
is the shame embedded 
into the unconscious
of Man and Womankind
It is our greatest wound
and thus our greatest teacher
May it continue
to be set free.

in love,

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