As a planet, as a species, as one Soul, we are walking through a door of extraordinary opportunity and challenge.  Many of our old ways, old mores and habits must be released, as we step into a new awareness, a profound new vibration. Even the pain of this transition can be beautiful, if we are prepared to surrender and celebrate the ride.

These are the 22 Wise Ways for right now:

Deep relaxation at all times.

Total surrender to all experiences.

Relinquish to Joy in every moment.

Expect nothing, and yet everything.

Take no action without love for self and others.

Throw out every plan for the future and do it now instead.

Honour the many faces of truth above all, without judgement.

Attempt to change only yourself.

Remember that you are ultimately safe in the face of every danger.

Let go of the need to know how, where, why or when.

Give yourself permission beyond your wildest dreams.

Waste nothing, especially moments of joy, for they are everywhere.

Sleep,eat and work with honesty and pleasure, above discipline.

Open your heart and welcome contrast.

 Be playful.

Never do anything you don’t really want to do.

 When you take action, let it be with your whole heart.

Begin and end each day in gratitude for the blessings of an abundant world.

Trust, Trust and Trust. Commit yourself utterly to living without fear.

Be brazen in the face of all odds.

Fall in love with your Self.


Get happy.  It’s up to you.