Excerpts from a transmission for a healer who asks about his path…

There are days
there are times
when we turn and look behind
we wonder about the path
we have walked
how we chose it
where it began
and especially
where it may lead us
This now
is your way
dear one
this now
is your habit
gentle soul
that you are
you have hidden passion
that rises in these times
like the little child
who lifts his dark eyes
and says
why not
why not
why not me?
The artist is not simply
one who paints
who sculpts
who uses his hands
He is something much deeper
much more complete
for he is expressed
by his daily actions
by every moment
of his waking world
in the choices he makes
as he lives
and loves
and learns
in acceptance
and trust…
Hear this
sweet creator
the next thing you touch
is an expression of your art
and each time
you approach a task
an opportunity
a relationship
with joy instead of dread
you will be transformed
and doors will fall open
and the sun will break through
the clouds of wondering
that have with-held the light
for so very long
Stop fearing your own strength
and find ways
to shock yourself
with what you can uncover within
Stand back from the canvas
and dabble no more
Instead throw handfuls of paint
brilliant colours all
and let go of worrying
about the mess you might make
Stop listening when you sing
and instead let your body
your belly make the sound
Stop editing your writing
as it emerges
Let your pen run wild
and do not read your own words
until you have filled pages
and pages
and only then
be amazed at what
you can let yourself do
End your questioning
about love
your analysis
and your focus on
what is missing
what you believe you lack
throw open your window
and let the world in
watch how love awaits you
literally at every corner
how there is no need to categorize
and limit love
for if you allow it
Love can fill up your life
in every aspect
until you wonder where it has hidden
all this time…
Images by Spencer Tunick