There is a winged creature
inside my chest
She bats her feathers against my inner walls
like a trapped thing
begging to be set free

Too long denied
we carry permission
locked away
in our own cage of ribs
and then wonder why our feet
do not  touch the floor

But the truth is
to taste her nectar
we must want to be here
in the garden
in the dark garden
that gave us birth
We cannot lie
about love

So let us 
let our hearts fill the space
where the bird once crashed and fought
toward the light
and dare to say yes
to the scent
to every flower

I open
the door


2 thoughts on “HUMMINGBIRD

  1. Dearest Cynthia!!Your words are sweet nectar for my soul!! Just last night, two hummingbirds hovered in my garden. I have never seen a humminbirdin my garden, ever, in the 20 years I've lived here. I had just spoken the words aloud to a friend 'these times of deep contraction are birthing a new joy…a flight into the dark, sweet tenderness of naked love exposedto the light'…and there were the hummingbirds…hovering in my view to my joy and delight and delicious wonder. How perfect is your post…I too open the door…xoxo Pamelove

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