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Excerpt from a transmission to a dying woman..
“Think of a caterpillar’s transformation from the cocoon
of duckling’s release into the swan
of a blossom that unfurls
from a seed dropped between the stones
And know this to be
your journey
one indeed
of the sweetest surrender
as you pass through the doorway
from a generous human love
to a profound light
that is simply
beyond this world
This process
is not one you walk through alone
for each of your loved ones
is instrumental in this allowing
everyone you have ever loved
is giving back to you at this time
saying yes
open your arms now
to receive
what has been rightfully yours
all along
And while it may feel
as if you are losing love
in fact the field of love
in which you now lie
grows ever wider
and as you embrace this larger Self
so far beyond the physical
your own awakening
ripples outward to touch
the children of your being
launching them upon their own journeys
of exploration
and faith
Far from being alone
they feel you now
with a vibrancy that cannot be lost
and when the veil of grief
is ready to lift
will find their own power
for your love has fed them
has made them strong and pure
in ways that you do not even know
There is no easy way through
the narrow passages of birth and death
and yet life lies waiting
at each completion
like the smooth sound of your voice
on a summer wind..”
Transmissions from the guides, from the highest self, from the deceased and from animal companions.