The answer to everything
all stresses all experiences
is found within

You are in the midst of releasing
an old habit
an old state of being
that has lived within you 
a ghost
inhabiting a cave
And so the leap into new actions
feels like asking a fish 

to breathe air
how is it done
how do we trust
and where do we go from here?

And yet all these discomforts
are only the expression
of the part of you that won’t let go
won’t fully surrender your grip
There are no half measures now
it is all
all must be given over
all faith must be found

The answer
is in the new discovery
of putting yourself first
in every moment
If we do not insist upon holding our own breath
we will surely
And as you let go the compulsion
to look past your own needs
at others
your eyes will fall upon new sights
and there will lie simple answers
to questions once so difficult
so full of pain

Waste no time
dwelling in sadness
Instead let it speak
into the processes that call your heart
only do each one from the depths
of your love
and all doors will open
all fears will fall away

You have found love
in your life
it is already in your hands
and so without doubt
you can pull it close
with the power of allowing
You can lead the way
to all plenty
in the way you treat yourself

Reach now beyond
your wildest imaginings
break free from the limitations
you know so well
There is no reason
no need for any lack
except the chains you wrap around yourself
and it all becomes easy
when you really accept
that there is no oppositional force
with which to do battle
no other who suppresses you
it is only you
who determines
your Self

So give to her
until you feel happy
and only then
pursue your dreams
Because a path walked
with a joyful heart
is a much faster road
to anywhere
than one paved with doubt

This moment is the one
where you have permission
to do whatever you want
This moment is the one
wherein the answer is yes
and you don’t have to wait
This moment is the one
where there is no one left
to stop you
and everything can be done
if you simply decide
it is meant to be

The gift of imminent death
brings a sweet picture of life
its richness
and its many choices
ripe to be picked
so it would be wise to consider
that we are all dying
and life is only worth to us
what we can find in this very moment
and what we can give 
from a true heart

Go on this journey now
to find what you love the most
what sustains you
fills you
and keeps you alive
Then just watch
as suffering and imbalance
fade away into memory
because the Now
this very moment
is too wonderful to waste