Honouring the Masculine – for Men Only

 That’s right. Men need unconditional love too. In fact, given what most men have been through in one lifetime alone, not to mention their cellular and genetic history, they may need it even more than women. But where do they find it? How do they achieve it? And how does softening into the receiving of love affect a man’s masculine power?

When fundamental needs go unmet from birth or in early childhood, as they so often do, our first lesson is that we are unworthy of unconditional love, and we separate from our divine inner nature and focus upon survival, control, and finding a way to medicate our pain. This is particularly true in cultures where little boys are expected to be tough, strong and unfeeling, or to meet the expectations of a demanding father or needy mother, which is the experience of many little boys in most countries on our planet today. 

For men, it is through an awakening to the nature of this wound that their authentic strength is found, allowing them to stand up in true masculine power to meet the demands of daily challenges, and fully claim the attention of the women in their lives.

There are two powerful aspects that can support men upon this journey.  One is a connection in brotherhood with other men. Men’s groups are springing up locally and on a large scale, offering opportunities for men to connect with other men in a rediscovery of what it means to be masculine in today’s world.  There is no substitute for what men can give to one another in this way.

The second element is sourced from the feminine. The vast majority of men are searching helplessly through their intimate relationships to heal and fulfill what has gone missing for them their whole lives. Some do the dance of avoiding real intimacy and feeding off sex instead, others bounce through sequential torturous relationships, and some shut down their hearts and focus on work or other addictions, or settle into a low frequency relationship of compromise.  Gay men have their own challenges in finding love within a dynamic of cultural censure and exclusion. And romantic relationships are not the only life experience affected by pervasive masculine wounding. Generations of men continue to perpetuate pain from father to son, and their daughters too. Despite feminism, despite a powerfully rising global consciousness, we are still seeking a solution to the masculine rage which feeds the ethic of war that overshadows our planet.  

Do men need and deserve special care, profound healing and a new path to unconditional self love? You bet your biceps they do.

If you are a man who has experienced a lack of feminine love or masculine approval, if you are intrigued by a completely new approach to empowerment, if you are looking for a new balance between your outer masculine authority and inner feminine creativity, then I welcome you to explore these concepts in the presence of a non-sexualized, healing, feminine counselor and guide.  If you are a woman who loves such a man, please share this invitation. 


On the eve of the full moon, Friday, May 24th, I welcome you to a Full Moon gathering for men only, prior to my women only gathering on Saturday, May 25th. Through stories, teachings, music, meditation and energy work I will offer a space for us to explore together the old habits of protection and resistance that may stand in the way of a free, pure masculine energy, and share insights into the feminine responses of the women in your life. 

$30 (or pwyc)
37 Scarborough Road, just north of Queen Street East, Toronto, Ontario.
7 – 10 PM


Until May 24th, I am offering a 2 for 1 introductory special for men; two one hour personal sessions for $100, for yourself or to share with a friend. These sessions offer a combination of reflection, listening, energy work, and received guidance to support you in your transformation. Specific concerns may be addressed such as relationship, health or spiritual issues.

Absolute Love for men only. Since the days of Delphi, warriors have been seeking guidance and a safe place to heal in the presence of feminine spiritual energy. You deserve nothing less. Absolutely.

For more information  please write info@cynthialong.ca or call Cynthia at 416 898-6191.


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