Every faith
seeks to end human pain
for are we not born
to rise up and live in joy?

But what if
we were to love our pain 
just as it speaks
so truly 
that it no longer hurts
and we are guided to a heaven
upon this Earth

The work of freeing ourselves from toxic patterning is the yoga of a spiritual path. Just as physical yoga stretches a contracted muscle, releasing blocked energy and opening our hearts, so must we respond to the contractions of our emotional pain by expanding energetically and stretching through the discomfort. 

It is our fear that hurts, not so much the wound itself, and so our surrender to trust can and does create miracles.  Through the process of cellular level healing we are guided both to know our pain deeply and to let it go completely. Time is Now. 

Please join me:
Naming Your Story Intensive June/ 2013
416 898-6191


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