Nothing Other Than God..

 “..Your sexuality

is so much more

than you have ever dreamt
It is so much more
than your appearance
your taste
your scent
It is so much more
than a function
an offering
a receptacle
so much more
than a severed element
of the other parts of you that breathe
and feel
For if we are
nothing but energy
and all energy
is one
then how is it possible
to disconnect a piece of your Self
Is this not like trying to sever
a fraction
of the Sun?
Your heat
lies in your toes
your ankles
behind your knees
in the fold of a wrist
Your being lies
in a link of your spine
in the kidneys
upon the tongue
Your energy lies
in your blood
in your urine
in your unshed tears
It lies in the waves
that radiate from your being
at all times 
into the ground beneath your feet

and far above the hair
on the top of your head
What part of this
of you
can be anything other
than god?..”