The other day my phone was ringing, texts were arriving and friends were dropping by all at the same time, and everyone was in a state of emotional upheaval.  I used to observe these kinds of days just before or after a full moon but recently the planetary energies are so intense, difficult days arise out of the blue and sometimes carry on for several days in a row.  We are all being asked to expand, to elevate our vibration to match the evolution of our planet and sometimes that experience can be very challenging, even deeply painful, as if raw emotions are being squeezed from our hearts like toothpaste out of a tube.

When we are blindsided by heavy energy, we may notice it as not just one difficult moment, but many, and it seems as if everywhere we go people are in grouchy moods, there are sirens going off, car accidents happen in front of us, computers freeze, we drop things, break things, and the very air hangs with a surreal quality of a Fellini film. It is so easy to get caught in this kind of experience, to find ourselves telling off a clerk at a store check out, or driving more aggressively than usual. Our fuses are short and bad news seems to just find us, until it seems impossible to carry on with our day.  What can be done to deal with a heavy energy when it washes over us like this? Here are seven steps to help you ground yourself in the midst of challenge, regain a peaceful perspective and shift your day back to a forward momentum once again.


There is only one thing that causes us pain in human form, and that is our belief in duality, that we are separate from our divine and perfect selves.  The experience can show up in many different ways, a fight with a loved one, a financial crisis, physical illness, loss, a disappointment in our dreams, but at the bottom always lies an awful feeling of un-safety, that we are unloved, unlovable, and somehow alone. Our own suffering always seems unique and therefore more unbearable; our pain seems to mark us as flawed, shameful or lost. We want to ask, why me? Why is this happening, and why must it be done to me when others seem just fine?  The truth is that when your world weighs heavily, or even comes crashing down, I promise you that there are others experiencing the same heartache, the same loss, or something much worse. Pain, loss and shadow experiences are an aspect of being alive in human form and there is no one who escapes them. You are not worse than anyone, nor is your situation more hopeless. There are others feeling exactly the same way, who understand just how much pain you are in, and however much you blame yourself, you have done no wrong. In every moment, your guides and God, Goddess, Spirit are with you, at your side, loving you, holding you, no matter what your experience, no matter how great your doubt or fear.


So many of us have been raised to think that anything other than a cheerful smile or hard work ethic has no place in a successful day. The truth is that your vulnerability is not weakness, it is a state of grace, and you show spiritual courage when you allow it. Our emotions are our teachers, telltale signs that lead us to the gold within our hearts. They are never “wrong” and we have earned them through lifetimes of challenge and loss. If we judge our grief or our anger, we only bury it in shame where it can fester and make us sick. Chances are there is a little child in you that was not allowed to express when were small, and shadow emotions make you uncomfortable as an adult. To be your most powerful, evolved self, you must clear this toxic energy, and that means learning to love every aspect of yourself. Every part of you is beautiful, even on the darkest days.


It always seems as if there is some experience, or experiences, that have brought about a difficult day.  In truth we are creators of our world, and we call to us exactly what we need to expand into heightened awareness and joy by being shown our greatest fears; then it is up to us what we do with them. A very helpful tool is to become the observer of your own life. Imagine that you are a little bird sitting on your own shoulder, watching your human self feeling down or angry or scared; or connect with your own highest spiritual self and be an observer of your physical world. Tell yourself, “Isn’t this interesting” or a similar statement that reminds you to stay out of self judgement or drama. This is a skill that may take some time to develop, but it is a powerful action to separate your higher Self from an external experience of a lower vibration.  Once you have a little distance, see if you can put a name to what you are feeling.  Is it abandonment? Failure? Guilt? Being unseen or unheard? Betrayal? Loneliness or shame? Often putting a name to what you are feeling can help the emotion move into a state of release, because consciousness is everything.

The key here is to name the story of your pain (I feel unworthy when my partner does not seem to understand or value me) so that you can recognize it as just that, a story, and nothing more. It is the illusion you are here to break through and heal in this life and is not the truth of you. It is very important to distinguish between naming your story and getting caught in it.  If you find yourself repeating expressions of victimization (he didn’t listen to me, just kept staring at his computer when I was talking, he always does that, I’m going to have an affair, that will teach him…) know there is no value in cognitive analysis or seeking solutions when you are deep in emotion.  Telling your story over and over from a victimized perspective will just embed it further. Name what you are feeling with as little attachment as possible, and prepare to set it free.


This is a controversial point. When we are angered by an experience or person, the temptation is to retort, to throw back the pain we feel. This is not the kind of expression that will help you in the long run. If you choose to share your pain with the person you think has “caused” it while you are still in the throes of your heartache, it likely won’t go well because you will be expressing from your wounded self, and a lower vibration. If you have an extraordinary friend who is very grounded and able to hold a space for you while you vent, that can be helpful, depending upon your situation and personality, and your friend’s willingness to not “fix” you. There are marvelous tools to provide this kind exploration and healing, such as psychodrama. But generally, acting upon the temptation to project your pain at anyone else will only fuel your story, rather than clear it from your own energy field. 

Having said this, authentic expression is an essential step in making use of the dark emotions you may be feeling.  Choose a medium that is as pure as possible, one that keeps you in a place of owning your experience rather than blaming others, an empowering perspective.  The list of possibilities is endless; just find what works best for you.  Go for a drive and scream in the car.  Get in a salt bath and cry. Go to the beach and pound rocks. Lock yourself in the bathroom, open your mouth as wide as you possibly can at the mirror and see what energy emerges from your jaw, throat and eyes. Paint a dozen paintings as fast as you can with red and black finger paints on newsprint and throw them all out when you are done. Ask the pain in your belly to describe itself in three words and then chant them softly (or loudly) until you cry. Sing at the top of your lungs with a “hurtin” song until the grief wells up and comes out in a roar. Create a drawing, poem or song of your own that expresses even the not so pretty aspects of what you feel. Punch something inanimate (and soft) or run up some stairs. Write in your journal, or write a raging letter or email and throw it out. (Make sure you throw it out!) Have a massage and warn your masseur that you will be weeping on the table. Do yoga, or just stretch and release the energy where it is stuck in your body. The key is to locate where the pain is lying within your heart, belly or anywhere in your physical form, and give it a chance to escape, to be set free.

There are practitioners who can teach you emotional release if it is difficult for you; it is like a muscle that needs to be developed.  Eventually you can learn to release like opening a shaken can of pop, and let toxic emotions move through and out quickly, leaving you feeling clean, clear and lighter than you have in a very long time. This is a step that not only clears up a heavy day, but can heal your body and mind in profound ways, slow down the aging process and make way for true joy in your life. There really is no substitute for finding the voice of your heart and letting it sing.


After your release, or even if you are not able to achieve a full letting go the way you would like, take five, ten, fifteen minutes to be quiet and go inward. If there is more grief or rage to come, the silence may give it space to show up.  If your release feels complete, stillness gives you a chance to reconnect with Spirit, with your guiding source, however you define it. We are surrounded by guidance at all times, in every circumstance, but we seldom let it in. Simply stopping the noise of our daily lives can grant a break to our constantly active nervous systems, and create a space for our own inner wisdom to speak.  Traditional forms of meditation can be very powerful, but there are many variations, and above all it is important not to place any expectation upon yourself when you are struggling. Nap if you prefer. Don’t make this another chance to blame yourself for not being able to sit still because of the complaining chatter in your head. Love even the noise, but keep coming back to your permission to rest.  Rest your heart, rest your mind, rest the need to do anything about anything.  Know that calming your state of Being is more important than any active step you could take, and in fact, out of stillness rises all action. Out of conscious stillness rises inspired action. So any time you have a few minutes to clear the deck in your awareness and start from a rested perspective, you give your day a chance to restart, to begin again in a whole new way.


 The practice of appreciation or gratitude is a common teaching and a powerful tool, and yet it remains challenging for most of us on a difficult day.  Our victim programming runs so deep, we can find a way to be absolutely miserable in the midst of glorious beauty, if that is what our story has been telling us to do.  Perspective is very much a force of habit, and can be turned around, even if it seems awkward at first. No matter how dire your present situation, I promise you that there are gifts to be found within it.  Do you have a bit of money in your pocket, food in the cupboard and a roof over your head?  Then you already have more than the vast majority of people on the planet. Do you have loved ones who miss you when you are away? Do you have two eyes, two legs and the strength to get up and walk out into the sunshine and watch the beauty of the natural world all around?  If tomorrow, all this was taken from you, through an accident or death, how would you have wished to spend today? These may seem like silly games when you are in despair but the fact is that turning your attention to the blessings in your life is one of the most effective tools you can find to shift your energy, rediscover a happy heart and step back into being of service to others. Perspective also holds the key to the meaning of life. No matter what is lost, no matter how much suffering we come to know, no one can take our strength of spirit from us, because it lives within and is ours only to hold.

Man’s Search for Meaning is a 1946 book by Viktor Frankl chronicling his experiences as an Auschwitz concentration camp inmate during World War II, and the thesis of the book is that even during experiences of the most severe physical and psychological torture, he found it possible to guard his own sense of self and purpose.  His ability to hold onto this aspect of himself, to keep it safe when everything else was taken away, not only saved his life but allowed him to be a leader and support others when they had lost all hope.  Don’t make gratitude something that is expected of you (say thank you to the nice man dear) but rather find that tiny flame of delight within you which acknowledges the beauty of life.  Nourish that flame and it can grow to warm your heart and light up even the darkest day.  Keep it lit, and others will be drawn to you and want to know your secret. Ironically, the act of appreciation is about getting out of our own way to see the wonder all around us. It’s the grandest act of doing nothing so you can be with anything, let everything in, for truly this is a magnificent world. 


Love is not what most of us think it is.  In our popular literature and media it is often relegated to something that happens in a relationship, between a man and a woman, a parent and child or a kitten and a pretty little girl. We think of it as something that we may stumble upon if we are lucky, earn if we work hard, or give to others if we are selfless enough. We may think of it as a warm glow that we experience a few times over the course of a life, one that fades when reality sets in.  In fact Love is a vibration, an energy, the energy that makes up our universe and it is present everywhere at all times. Often Love expresses in unlikely ways. Those who cause us the most pain in our lives are the ones who love us most deeply on a soul level, and bring us the greatest gifts as they walk with us on a path of healing together. Sometimes we let ourselves feel Love only when an object of our affection is taken away.  Often during an experience where we are “supposed” to feel love it eludes us, and we wonder where it has gone. Are we cold-hearted?  Is love a mystery that we only come to understand when we die?  

Love is an ever present force, and the only truth of our existence.  At times it expresses in what would seem its opposite, so that we may grow and expand from the experience of the contrast. But even when this is happening, this is the illusion, not the underlying truth of our soul’s journey. Have you ever cleaned a dirty pair of glasses and put them on, only to be shocked by the clarity and beauty of what you now see?  What stood before you has not changed; instead you cleared up a false cloudiness, and allowed yourself a truer vision. This is what happens when we learn to process our emotions, to release them and set them free. Then we are granted a more accurate view, and we can connect to the truth of the Love that was all around us all the time. As we develop in our ability to work with the shadow material of our lives, we start to realize that shadows only fall when a bright light is shining our way. We can learn to turn toward that light, even in the midst of our pain, and by so doing see the beauty of the entire experience, without segmenting or judging, or even wanting to change a  thing.  We can learn to recognize the presence of Love in all aspects of our lives, and in this  acceptance, feel the joy flow in.  Like tuning our radio to a frequency on the dial, we can tune in to the Love that suddenly is everywhere, in the smile of a co-worker, in a piece of unexpected
music drifting through the subway, in the permission to walk up the steps to our house, the same steps we have climbed countless times, but today, they welcome us to an indescribable beauty, today they are a gateway to Love.  It is always our right and our purpose, again and again, to choose Love. 

The next time everything seems to go wrong in your day, or you get up to face familiar troubles and just can’t find the strength to do it again, try these seven steps to shift your energy and begin creating the kind of moment, day, or life you would prefer. Mastery is found, not in an end to suffering, but in a quick readiness to transmute it when it arises, and a graceful appreciation for even our darkest hours.  You can do this, and when you do, be sure to share your success with others. We all need encouragement and to hear the good news in people’s lives. Do you have a story about turning around a hard day?  Please share it in the comments below.  

much love,
“Was angry” by a-alshehhi

Man jumping from Visto by Lovis Ostenrik

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MILEY CYRUS And the Lost Little Girls

Absolute power corrupts absolutely
Absolute hollowness of spirit
dissolves the inner world

When we take a child and scoop her out
like a pumpkin with a spoon
carving a smiley face
on a pretend little girl
for a pretend world
the pleasure of profit
in every mince and grin
As we tell her she must be sweet
because that is
what girls are made of
in the sugar of her eyes
and the honey of her skin

Not just one or two
but thousands upon thousands
think they possess her love
and now she no longer knows
the boundaries of her body
the limitations of her ego
she no longer understands
that she is not
what we have made her
she is not what she seems
to be

You can be certain
the moment she buds
into the world of the woman
she will use the only power
she has been taught 
that which feeds the lust of the hungry
and denies the humility of the self

Fearing that she is truly hollow
empty of substance
of any real worth
she will sell her blossom
She will dance
as the puppeteer guides her
while the world
looks on and laughs
or cries
For she is sick of sweet
she has eaten cake
till she vomits at night
so now she wants sour
and bitter and spice
she wants to be anything other
than nice
to beat her master
at his own cruel game
but she is killing herself
slowly killing her Self
as the emptiness
consumes her inside

She has lost
her senses
from a light too bright
a heat too strong
a scream too muffled to hear
She cannot find
any truth at all
for it has been taken from her
for so very long
so terribly far
so horribly, utterly wide

And as she falls
as little girls do
when she goes down
she goes down hard
and so do the many who watch her burn
all the ones who have called her name
and wished
and waited
to be just like her
As the hollowness spreads
and eats up her form
in the eyes of the cameras
in the teeth of the media
in the poison of the blame
of those who envied
what she now
has forever

Like an actor trapped
in a terrible play
wearing makeup that never
quite washes away
The one she was
before this began
wanders alone
in that empty place
her only home
where the egg cracked
so long ago
and a baby girl
a perfect soul
a sweet, sweet chick
was born

So we ask whose choice
is this tragedy?
Where does it stop?
When can she leave?
Is it managers
producers or fans?
Is is those who enjoy
or those who condemn?
Those who buy
and buy
and buy
to hide from their own

It is all
every one of us
every song she sings
every body she sells
each thin pleasure
she weaves
for so long as we are willing
to soak up her lies
she is right
she is right
there is no truth to be found

The day must return
when a child
can be a child
her innocence sacred
her power
the purity
of an unscathed life
Until that day
we await the waking up
of the hungry souls
and the empty hearts
all of them seekers
of they know not what

Can we love their confusion
their bravado
their defense?
Can we love what has been done to them
what they then do to her?
Can we love the pain
we all hold dear
and love it
love it
to death again?

With every winter
we hide and sleep
with every spring
comes a naked birth
The new little girls
lie waiting till then
curled inside their mother’s hearts
Let us leave them floating
as long as they may
for soon enough
their turn will come
Until the fight to love and be loved
until the walk from unseen to seen
the day the dance begins anew
the little girls
have earned their rest

Readings by Cynthia available worldwide

What do you feel about the lost girls? How would you help them, what would you say?


In a world
where the line between child and man
has become lost
does it surprise us
that the child acts
as the man acts
and all innocence is lost?

There is but one impulse
upon this Earth
and it is the search
for Love and meaning
It is what compels the infant
to utter a first cry
and it is what the aged reach for
when remaining moments are few

But when the ego roars
and separation comes
as it must to many
When illusion reigns
and the fight for significance
that desperate grasp
pushes up through the limitation
of a misguided mind
The fully grown  man enacts the small child
becomes one whose need
surpasses his sense
and from this place he builds
towers and borders
prisons and hospitals
kingdoms and schools
governments and poisons
weapons and lies
and lies
and lies

And in the midst of this world
he fathers a son
mothers a daughter
teaches a student
passes a law
buys what he is told
kills for an army
prays for a priest
and day after day
forgets that he is a soul

And the children eat
of the food they are served
they swim in the dark water
they sleep
with the songs and images
of corruption in their beds
And still they love
and still they have hope
and still they reach
for what they may never understand

It is a promise
that the child
who held the gun
was in need of a holy love
It is a promise
that this would have been true
of the man
he would have grown to become
It is a promise
that had he lived
to father a child
that child too
would have fought and begged
wept and wondered
searching always and only
for Love

We are confused by the toys
of men and their boys
we become lost in our wanderings
through a material land
when all truth is found
not in self righteous control
but in limitless compassion
for the child
in every man

As we remember
our own child within
it empowers us to extend a hand
to the babe in our arms
the sister
the brother
before us
As we look to the suffering
and confusions of the world
we begin again with the children
the hungry, wishful children
who deserve nothing less
than the purity of their birth

So when we seek to blame
when we judge and rage
remember we are One soul
one purpose
cut from the same divine cloth
Every child who holds a weapon
is our kin, our child, our daughter or son
And while we must be strong
we must stand and speak true
there is nothing
beyond Love
that will do

© Cynthia Long 2013

Please leave a comment below and I will respond.  
I’d love to hear your thoughts on this very moving subject.  

love, Cynthia


“You have feared death
more than anything else
and this fear lies beneath
so many lesser ones
as you watch death
and you think you know death
but you have not looked at it
you have not been able
to look past
your fear…”

Whether we realize it or not, death is our constant companion.  From our first breath we draw ever nearer to dying, and each autumn we watch death come to the trees with the glory of a ship going down in flames. With every illness, every sign of age, every loss, we are reminded of the sureness of our eventual transition, one way or another, and yet we run from it as if there is somewhere we can go to escape. He who appears to hold the magic of immortality, the younger lover, the plastic surgeon, the raw foods guru, to him we pay homage and hard earned wages, for he teases us with the possibility that perhaps everyone else may die but somehow we alone will live on.

Have you ever daydreamed of your own funeral? Have you ever watched while your loved ones weep, as in your imagining they express your own grief, your own fear that your beloved self may lose this tentative, earthly consciousness and enter a great unknown?  Have you ever faced an immense loneliness at this thought? And if you have, do you then scold yourself and turn your attention away from the seeming arrogance and morbidity, cutting short a voice of pain that rises to push denial out of the way and say yes, yes, one day I too shall die?

Of course we shall, and of course death is itself the ultimate illusion.  We will trade our human sight for a limitless one, and if there is one task set to us in the time we spend in material form, would it not be to clear our fear of all experiences of separation? To walk fiercely into every challenge, and by so doing, watch the illusion fall?

There is a beautiful children’s story called We’re Going on a Bear Hunt and it should be required reading for every adult on a spiritual path. Retold by Michael Rosen with gorgeous illustrations by Helen Oxenbury, the book is based on a traditional rhyme, following a family with young children as they pursue an elusive bear through tall grass, a cold river, dark forest, raging snowstorm and more, finally daring to track him directly into his narrow, gloomy cave.  Each obstacle is met with the chant, “we can’t go under it, we can’t go over it, we’ve go to go through it…” and never has there been a more perfect description of how we must learn to face our fears.

In the cave, the bear confronts his inquisitive pursuers and chases them right back through every obstacle they have already traversed in reverse order.  Many a naturopath has noted that when, as adults we cleanse toxins from our physical bodies, often we experience recurring echoes of ailments, reflecting an earlier stage in our lives when the toxins were taken on. And these cleansing experiences do take place in reverse order, from the most recent until finally we approach ailments that may have begun in early childhood or infancy.  Similarly, as adults we cleanse energetic and emotional wounds from the cellular memory, peeling back the layers, going deeper and deeper until we arrive at the primary trauma, the core. Beneath all of it, of course, lie our fears of death, the biggest, baddest bear of all.

At the end of Going on a Bear Hunt, the family makes it home, slams the door on the bear and jumps into a big, cozy bed, announcing they will never go on another bear hunt again. I loved reading this story to my children, and I imagine that delightful reprieve satisfied them and made it a safe story to reread many times. But for the seeker, we know that after a short while under warm covers, we will kick them off and dare again, knowing that we can’t deny our true thirst for spiritual adventure. 

In the modern version of the tale, it is a father who leads his children on a quest, the courageous masculine in all of us that strikes out to hunt down what we fear. And the truth is, one day we will walk into that narrow, gloomy cave and the big black bear is going to catch us and gobble us up. But like all of the shadowy places we are so afraid to enter, once we realize that we can’t go under it and we can’t go over it, the going through it may just show us that our dark imaginings dissolve into mist, that we are safe, no matter where we walk.  The truth is, we are all authors of every moment,  and life is just a story after all.

Watch Going on a Bear Hunt here. 





The Red Pill

..”And so

there is no peace
that was left behind
in order to taste
the hardships
of the earthly plane
instead there is peace
embedded in every moment
awaiting our discovery
as we step back
and back
from the limitations of our fear
until the wholeness
the Oneness
of experience
is found

That which we name
as danger
is the locus
of collective fear
and it will become
according to the rhythms
of the expressions
of our fear
the truth of existence
is Love
and truth
is never lost
only hidden
for a time

So when we choose
know that choice is powerful
is an expression
of whatever aspect of god
we may allow
in that particular breath
but also know
that even
the most horrific darkness found
in the imaginations of men
will be brought into balance
must be brought into balance
beyond the boundaries
of our perceptions
of space and time”

If you could sit down to hear a story painted with every detail of  the primary truth of your life, would you listen? If you could 

open your heart to a higher power, allow your energetic armor to be removed so you are empowered to walk free and light in the world again, would you choose the red pill?

The KORE PROCESS is a system of soul development, vibrational alignment and energetic detoxification which gives us access to a level of awareness that once took lifetimes to achieve. All that we desire, all that we need is held in the ability to bring the unconscious into consciousness. It is the choice between the blue pill and the red one, the chance to live out our experiences awake, rather than drugged by denial and shame.

It is said that a KORE Reading is “the end of karma”, as the attunement cleanses lifetimes of fear-based patterning from the cellular memory.  The reading brings through layer upon layer of information about the deepest recesses of consciousness, and for this reason may take many weeks, months, even years to fully absorb as that which has seemed beyond your control is given back to you to own, and the reasons for your experiences of loss, powerlessness, betrayal or fear are explained. 




(All readings and sessions are offered worldwide via Skype.)

KORE Attunement and Reading – $150

The core of the process. An energetic attunement defines and liberates the central fear based pattern that stands in the way of your alignment with your highest self. A past life experience is brought through with the attunement, a reading which profoundly illustrates how you are working with the story of your “pattern” in this lifetime. This attunement initiates a deep cleansing of primary shadow material and thus is best suited to the serious soul traveler who is foolish and creative enough to understand the practice of self responsibility, and who wishes to remove all barriers to the truth of what we are here to heal in this lifetime.

(Note, due to the depth of the process and benefits of ongoing support, the initial KORE Attunement and Reading is booked with one subsequent KORE Coaching Session @ $200 for the package.)

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Those who have worked with their a KORE Reading for at least one year may request a Follow Up Reading. This session takes the same format as the original reading, but adds another layer of depth, appropriate to the present moment. Nothing replaces your original, primary reading, but follow ups can be profoundly illuminating and supportive, often adding expansive and concrete information to facilitate your process.

KORE Release Reading – $100

An energetic attunement and reading to clarify and support the release of resistance related to the story of your KORE Reading. For those who have worked with their reading for some time, who may feel blocked or overwhelmed by their process, or who need help in integrating the material offered. Everyone can benefit from support in releasing resistance; it is the primary expression of what hinders us from surrender to full actualization and transformation. It is the lock we keep putting on the door. We think the wounds of life cause us pain, when in fact it is our resistance that hurts. An extension of your KORE Reading, this session helps you understand more deeply what it is that stops you from surrendering to your own healing and growth. There is no more important awareness.

KORE Blessing Session – $100

May be received six months or later from the date of your KORE Reading, after a check-in with the guides to confirm readiness. An energetic attunement and infusion of light energy to align you with your soul purpose, giving a vivid portrait of your highest self, free from your patterning, fully actualized and without fear.  An energizing and joyful experience, the reading includes a visualization and received mantra to assist you in returning more easily to your aligned state. As a powerful antidote to the hard work of processing shadow material, this session is especially useful for those whose patterns tend to pull them toward attachment to suffering, depression or guilt.

KORE Coaching $60 – 40 minutes, $80 – 60 minutes

Uninterrupted, nourishing, compassionate listening and support as you navigate the powerful subtleties of the KORE PROCESS. This work is not meant to be done alone! Even the wisest of souls benefit from an objective ear and loving reflection. Cynthia has studied and taught this process for fifteen years, guiding clients worldwide, witnessing the deepest of challenges and most powerful illuminations. Whatever your present state, her desire is to hold you in an energy of unconditional love. Coaching sessions are recommended on a bi-weekly or monthly basis during times of intense clearing and processing.



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Saturday, November 16, 2013
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The Healing House, 37 Scarborough Road

Pre-requisite: KORE Reading and check-in with the guides re readiness.  A full day of intense, live, one-on-one readings, exercises and group support.  This day offers advanced material and is suitable for those who have been working with their KORE Reading for some time and are ready to go to another level in a deeply loving and truthful environment. At this degree of  investigation, the channeled guidance offered is clear and strong, and the opportunity to connect with the energies in a group context creates a powerful experience in the company of other awakening souls.  Delicious lunch provided. 


KORE Support Seminars – $40

October 29, November 21, December 12, 2013
The Healing House, 37 Scarborough Road, Toronto

Pre requisite: KORE Reading. A three hour evening session including a group attunement, live group reading, teachings, sharing and Q and A. These seminars will be held monthly and a topic for each evening will be announced. The power of the KORE work is such that it is easy to feel adrift without connection and affirmation from those who understand what you are experiencing. These groups are highly recommended for those who wish to experience maximum benefit from their readings. Connecting with others on a similar path and receiving energy from the guides on a monthly basis can make a huge difference in the unfolding of your daily life. Pre-registration required



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November 23/2013
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Registration closes Thursday, October 24
9 am – 4 pm
The Healing House, 37 Scarborough Road, Toronto

For those who wish to step softly into the experience of Cynthia’s transmissions, this workshop is a gentler experience than the KORE Process and will match the readiness of each participant.  A full day including personal received guidance, play and group support in a deeply nurturing and truthful environment. Your channeled transmission holds a subtle yet powerful vibrational effect and will lovingly address whatever is uppermost for you on your path right now. The guidance is presented in written form for you to take home and keep for years to come, as the layers of wisdom unfold. Delicious lunch provided. 

Full Moon Gatherings – Sexual Nature Events for Women and Men – $20

These events are held monthly on the full moon, and include guided meditation and live group transmissions on issues related to the primary wounding of our sexual and creative natures in a safe, gentle environment.  Each month a different focus is addressed in the transmission. This month’s topic will be, how does our sexual energy reflect and respond to our soul’s journey?  Questions of a universal nature related to the topic are welcome prior to the event. 

Please get in touch with any questions or to register for events. 
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Thanksgiving: Is Gratitude Enough?

 This weekend we Canadians have an early excuse to overindulge with family and friends. Our American neighbours to the south have to wait until November to sup on roasted flesh or the tofu equivalent, but we have a chance to wade through the damp leaves even before the pumpkins come out in full force, and follow what was originally a European tradition of giving thanks. We apparently moved our weekend of celebration to October so as not to conflict with Remembrance Day, and perhaps because our harvest season arrives a bit earlier in the north. But whenever we choose to gather, the theme of gratitude remains the same, and it’s easy to imagine our ancestors delighting in the edible riches of nature before the dark months of winter descend. 

Gratitude is ancient, and it is new. In recent years, the expression of gratitude has been elevated from simple good manners to a self development practice, although many of us remember being told to “count our blessings” as a child. 
At the time this counsel was generally offered as more of a threat than a prescription for warm-heartedness, with the implication that if you didn’t count whatever blessings you could muster, dark forces would know the truth, and any meager delights you did have would be removed forthwith. This was especially so if you had foolishly appeared ungrateful for some act of adult kindness such as being served brussel sprouts, or the putting on of wool pants over bare legs. 

Was genuine gratitude a part of your life growing up? Perhaps in some households where bedtime prayers were specific to the good things experienced in life or longed for in dreams, children may have felt a warmth creeping into their bellies as they considered the lovely moments of their day. But children don’t really need gratitude do they?  They already live in the moment, either appreciating it or loudly resisting it, but not needing to be reminded of its value. Perhaps we forget how to be grateful when we age. 

When you experienced a gift of pure joy as a child, was there an instinct to stand in awe and appreciation, or like a dog with a forbidden bone, did you run to hide it in your bed? It would seem that for most of us, to truly witness that beautiful pain in the heart, to acknowledge it, savor it, and open ourselves in humble thanks is an act of risk, a softening into deserving that makes us feel vulnerable. Sometimes to get there we have to dig through scatterings of guilt about what we feel we have with-held from others, and fear that appreciation will somehow seep into full blown complacency until, lulled by a warm pool of beauty, we forget to tread water and sink like a stone. 

And yet if we dare, if we truly dare to slow down long enough to look at what lies all around us, if we pause in our rush to the finish line to notice it’s a lovely day for a walk in the rain, is there anything more we need to transform that moment, that day, that vision of a life well lived? 

If there is one thing that a sense of appreciation can transform it is despair or grief. When we lose, or seem to lose someone we love,  we lose our sense of self in relation to them, and then see only what is missing, rather than all that has been brought to us in the knowing of them. And while focusing upon their beautiful presence – rather than their absence – may also bring soft tears, it is a wise way to open a heart that could otherwise threaten to close in fear. 

Some years ago a very dear friend of mine passed suddenly, leaving her children, family and a whole community in shock. She was a powerful, much loved soul. I brought through a transmission to be shared at her memorial, and in the wake of her loss, it spoke of thanks. Thanks as I believe we are meant to understand the experience.

“…There are so many brilliant photographs
inside of us

and they live on if we let them
they grow
when we least expect it
and transform themselves
into the moving images
of Now
and every Now
after this

There is nothing but love
inside of us
and the love we find there
is nothing less than All Love
no distinction between
the love we feel for her
and the love she feels for us
nothing to leave
nothing to end
nothing we can ever lose
If we know only this
then we will feel the warmth
of our beloved
and she will
be always near

And so
for her birth
for her being
for her remarkable presence
in every one of our lives

And thanks above all
for the faith she taught so well
the same faith
that now leads us toward the acceptance
of how her gifts to us
have only just begun

In this way
she grows ever clearer
in every image
we hold within
In this way
her love becomes us
and we have not lost
but won…”      

On a holiday weekend when we may be parted from some of those whom we love, we may feel pressured to celebrate, or serve, even while fatigued or sorrowful, and our own sense of delight may seem dampened under a dark sky rather than illuminated by the true wealth of our lives. So let us appreciate with honesty only, let us weep first if we must, and then eat only what tastes sweet and pure upon the tongue.  For yes, gratitude is more than enough, it is everything, but it comes always with the price of surrender. To live with genuine knowing that even in the face of loss, we deserve love, a Love which never dies.  

I give thanks, for you, for me, for my beloveds, for this moment and the next, and for sweet potato pie.