The Red Pill

..”And so

there is no peace
that was left behind
in order to taste
the hardships
of the earthly plane
instead there is peace
embedded in every moment
awaiting our discovery
as we step back
and back
from the limitations of our fear
until the wholeness
the Oneness
of experience
is found

That which we name
as danger
is the locus
of collective fear
and it will become
according to the rhythms
of the expressions
of our fear
the truth of existence
is Love
and truth
is never lost
only hidden
for a time

So when we choose
know that choice is powerful
is an expression
of whatever aspect of god
we may allow
in that particular breath
but also know
that even
the most horrific darkness found
in the imaginations of men
will be brought into balance
must be brought into balance
beyond the boundaries
of our perceptions
of space and time”

If you could sit down to hear a story painted with every detail of  the primary truth of your life, would you listen? If you could 

open your heart to a higher power, allow your energetic armor to be removed so you are empowered to walk free and light in the world again, would you choose the red pill?

The KORE PROCESS is a system of soul development, vibrational alignment and energetic detoxification which gives us access to a level of awareness that once took lifetimes to achieve. All that we desire, all that we need is held in the ability to bring the unconscious into consciousness. It is the choice between the blue pill and the red one, the chance to live out our experiences awake, rather than drugged by denial and shame.

It is said that a KORE Reading is “the end of karma”, as the attunement cleanses lifetimes of fear-based patterning from the cellular memory.  The reading brings through layer upon layer of information about the deepest recesses of consciousness, and for this reason may take many weeks, months, even years to fully absorb as that which has seemed beyond your control is given back to you to own, and the reasons for your experiences of loss, powerlessness, betrayal or fear are explained. 




(All readings and sessions are offered worldwide via Skype.)

KORE Attunement and Reading – $150

The core of the process. An energetic attunement defines and liberates the central fear based pattern that stands in the way of your alignment with your highest self. A past life experience is brought through with the attunement, a reading which profoundly illustrates how you are working with the story of your “pattern” in this lifetime. This attunement initiates a deep cleansing of primary shadow material and thus is best suited to the serious soul traveler who is foolish and creative enough to understand the practice of self responsibility, and who wishes to remove all barriers to the truth of what we are here to heal in this lifetime.

(Note, due to the depth of the process and benefits of ongoing support, the initial KORE Attunement and Reading is booked with one subsequent KORE Coaching Session @ $200 for the package.)

KORE Follow Up Attunement and Reading – $150

Those who have worked with their a KORE Reading for at least one year may request a Follow Up Reading. This session takes the same format as the original reading, but adds another layer of depth, appropriate to the present moment. Nothing replaces your original, primary reading, but follow ups can be profoundly illuminating and supportive, often adding expansive and concrete information to facilitate your process.

KORE Release Reading – $100

An energetic attunement and reading to clarify and support the release of resistance related to the story of your KORE Reading. For those who have worked with their reading for some time, who may feel blocked or overwhelmed by their process, or who need help in integrating the material offered. Everyone can benefit from support in releasing resistance; it is the primary expression of what hinders us from surrender to full actualization and transformation. It is the lock we keep putting on the door. We think the wounds of life cause us pain, when in fact it is our resistance that hurts. An extension of your KORE Reading, this session helps you understand more deeply what it is that stops you from surrendering to your own healing and growth. There is no more important awareness.

KORE Blessing Session – $100

May be received six months or later from the date of your KORE Reading, after a check-in with the guides to confirm readiness. An energetic attunement and infusion of light energy to align you with your soul purpose, giving a vivid portrait of your highest self, free from your patterning, fully actualized and without fear.  An energizing and joyful experience, the reading includes a visualization and received mantra to assist you in returning more easily to your aligned state. As a powerful antidote to the hard work of processing shadow material, this session is especially useful for those whose patterns tend to pull them toward attachment to suffering, depression or guilt.

KORE Coaching $60 – 40 minutes, $80 – 60 minutes

Uninterrupted, nourishing, compassionate listening and support as you navigate the powerful subtleties of the KORE PROCESS. This work is not meant to be done alone! Even the wisest of souls benefit from an objective ear and loving reflection. Cynthia has studied and taught this process for fifteen years, guiding clients worldwide, witnessing the deepest of challenges and most powerful illuminations. Whatever your present state, her desire is to hold you in an energy of unconditional love. Coaching sessions are recommended on a bi-weekly or monthly basis during times of intense clearing and processing.



  KORE Advanced Intensive – $240

Saturday, November 16, 2013
Early Bird price $200 by Monday, November 11
9 am – 4 pm
The Healing House, 37 Scarborough Road

Pre-requisite: KORE Reading and check-in with the guides re readiness.  A full day of intense, live, one-on-one readings, exercises and group support.  This day offers advanced material and is suitable for those who have been working with their KORE Reading for some time and are ready to go to another level in a deeply loving and truthful environment. At this degree of  investigation, the channeled guidance offered is clear and strong, and the opportunity to connect with the energies in a group context creates a powerful experience in the company of other awakening souls.  Delicious lunch provided. 


KORE Support Seminars – $40

October 29, November 21, December 12, 2013
The Healing House, 37 Scarborough Road, Toronto

Pre requisite: KORE Reading. A three hour evening session including a group attunement, live group reading, teachings, sharing and Q and A. These seminars will be held monthly and a topic for each evening will be announced. The power of the KORE work is such that it is easy to feel adrift without connection and affirmation from those who understand what you are experiencing. These groups are highly recommended for those who wish to experience maximum benefit from their readings. Connecting with others on a similar path and receiving energy from the guides on a monthly basis can make a huge difference in the unfolding of your daily life. Pre-registration required



AWAKENING Party – $240

November 23/2013
Early Bird price $200 by Friday, November 15
Registration closes Thursday, October 24
9 am – 4 pm
The Healing House, 37 Scarborough Road, Toronto

For those who wish to step softly into the experience of Cynthia’s transmissions, this workshop is a gentler experience than the KORE Process and will match the readiness of each participant.  A full day including personal received guidance, play and group support in a deeply nurturing and truthful environment. Your channeled transmission holds a subtle yet powerful vibrational effect and will lovingly address whatever is uppermost for you on your path right now. The guidance is presented in written form for you to take home and keep for years to come, as the layers of wisdom unfold. Delicious lunch provided. 

Full Moon Gatherings – Sexual Nature Events for Women and Men – $20

These events are held monthly on the full moon, and include guided meditation and live group transmissions on issues related to the primary wounding of our sexual and creative natures in a safe, gentle environment.  Each month a different focus is addressed in the transmission. This month’s topic will be, how does our sexual energy reflect and respond to our soul’s journey?  Questions of a universal nature related to the topic are welcome prior to the event. 

Please get in touch with any questions or to register for events. 
416 898-6191


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