DEAR MR. FORD – A Love Letter

Dear Mr. Ford

We want you to know that we forgive you
love you
understand that you have your own pain
We want you to to know
that you are as worthy of compassion
as any man
any hungry soul who reaches
for a special walk in life
a feeling of importance
that calls out his name

We want you to see
that you have been swimming
in a political sea
where children are not safe
where tongues are forked
where truth is lost every day
as the wheel turns over and over
and men are afraid to admit the falseness of their pride
afraid to let go
and jump off
onto the dusty ground

We want you to know
that we realize you went searching
for a reason to belong
that you wanted to be someone
in the eyes of the world
You longed for acceptance
just like any child
and for awhile you felt it
even as the wheel turned

We want you to know
that we do not blame you
because blame only pushes the knife deeper
into a wound
that was long ago sustained
Blame simply spreads the pain around
too great to be held inside
the voice of fear and denial
as it lies
about the lies

In fact we want blame to be removed
from our schools
our governments
from our courts and prisons too
we want you
and all of those
who spin the wheels
to wake up to this fact
that we cannot heal
so long as blame
is king

We want you instead
to do something unheard of
and take the place you have made
in the public eye
to tell the truth
the whole truth
nothing but the truth
to cease your walk of Pretend
and admit that you know nothing
except your own fallible humanity
which is all any one of us can know
and then
in all your weakness
let go of the wheel
and jump off
jump off
before it is too late

We want you to witness

the little boy you are
and stop dressing him up
because the truth is
this emperor wears no clothes
and all the other little boys
all dressed up
to play a game that must conclude
as the world awakens
as the wheel wobbles and churns
preparing to grind
to a stop

And when you fall
and you join us
the many waiting children who wish only
for our beautiful world to rise
When we meet face to face
covered in the good dirt of the Earth
and you see us clearly for the first time
and you weep
and you beg to be loved
just the same

we will continue to forgive you
we will mend your broken toys
and teach you to begin again
in a land of modesty and compassion
in a humble awakening
for all of the many, sad little boys
their true hearts in hiding
just like you
and yours

So please
Mr. Ford
we ask you
and any other would-be emperors
who are deciding on what to wear
feel our forgiveness
feel the permission we offer
and let it empower you
to do what your soul is asking of you
and get off the spinning wheel of Pretend
because the day has come
when the children will gather
and our love
our strength
our hands joined in power
will put it all
to an end

We truly love you Mr. Ford
May the new day


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