TORONTO BLACKOUT and a Free Download of PEACE

The view out my window.

The holiday season of 2013 will be remembered as the one when the lights went out.  A massive ice storm hit Toronto, snapping limbs off huge trees and dropping power lines on roadways.  My household was among them, plunging us into total darkness as we sat down to a meal. Candles were found, but the temperature dropped rapidly. Humans and dogs put on their sweaters and we ran taps to stave off freezing pipes. The Rogers network went down, and cell phone batteries died one by one.  No internet, no light by which to read, no hot tea to warm aching bones. We gathered around a hand crank radio to hear that hydro workers were being brought in from other provinces and the US. Thankfully shops on Queen East still had power, and hot soup.  Over two days the house became colder and colder until, when our power came back on the next night, my son was combing the ‘hood searching for firewood as I huddled by the dying fire wrapped in layered coats, scarves and gloves.  As of today, almost one hundred thousand people are still without heat and light across Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick. Half a million lost power over all. 

Our icy street blocked off below a fallen hydro wire.

I have friends in Uganda who deal with loss of power frequently, but not in freezing temperatures. I recall loving the depth of the night in Uganda, where street lighting is rarely found off the main roadways, but my Ugandan friends spoke of how much they feared and disliked the night. How total was its nature.

Our taste of the cold and dark was brief and yet potent.  It was apparent how quickly we can lose the comforts we take for granted, and to what extent electricity (and electronics) rule our lives. There was an initial sense of liberation and play, like going to a cottage. It was great to put the phones away for awhile as real conversation replaced texting. Candles and firelight lent such a beauty to the dark. A dear friend dropped by some blankets. On the streets and at home we met camaraderie in the face of crisis, as we all helped one another to stay warm. 

But as physical discomfort and communication challenges increased, so did the low voice of survival fear. It felt surreal to walk through the large, shadowy, empty shell of the house, with many rooms too cold to inhabit. It was strange to navigate the treacherous icy walks without a means of contacting loved ones, to know if they were safe. At the time of the storm, we were already living without a real kitchen due to renovations, and our car was in the garage. Loved ones were frustrated, and anger and grief came up to be seen and heard. I knew my daughter was also without power a few blocks away, but with no phones, couldn’t reach her. Now it began to feel like an enforced camping trip – nowhere to go and nothing to do once the sun went down except curl into a ball and sleep. Laundry went unwashed. Facebook retreated like the distant land of Oz. 

This Christmas season heralded yet another wave of intense astrological energies, with Venus going retrograde, traveling to an Underworld of sorts. Fears have been made vivid, with lack expressing for each person in their own way. Holidays often bring up buried grief and magnify relationship issues rather than soothe them, so this, combined with having heat and light snatched away, stirred up a grand Christmas pudding of emotions for many. It’s tempting to grit our teeth and just try to make it through, or put on a forced smile. But in fact, all this turmoil beneath the surface provides us with a great opportunity to excavate past traumas and release them, a process I call “clearing”.  This was a great Christmas for clearing, all around.

And then came the moment when the lights came back on. Without warning, our house jolted back to life, her Christmas lights sparkled again, and heat surged through her heart. Surrounded by light again, dark shadows fell away into gratitude and relief.  

As we prepare for the New Year, most of us are moved to make changes in our lives, to reach for accomplishments and fulfillment of dreams. There are simple tips that can help us achieve this more successfully in the coming year, such as these guidelines for goal setting by leadership coach, Michael Hyatt.

But all the good intentions in the world will achieve little if we are still stuck in resistance to our own power, beauty, and divine nature, if we buy into the voices of our guilt and blame. When we face the dark and cold of our lives and instead turn our doubt over to be transformed by Spirit, trusting that we are worthy of love, we liberate ourselves from the tyranny of inner fear. The Wicked Witch melts in the rain of our tears, and the truth of Love comes home.


I would like to extend a seasonal gift of thanks to all of my dear friends, readers, followers and neighbours, to support your own transformation in the coming year.  For a limited time I am offering a free download of a meditation called Peace, a sound healing chant that brought so much powerful healing into my life when it was first received more than a decade ago.  This is a new version that I hope will serve you. Put on headphones, settle yourself into a voluntary blackout or light a candle, and lie or sit in a comfortable position. As the meditation begins, allow your breathing to slow down with the chant. The simple lyrics invite you to listen consciously for divine guidance and connection. What do you hear? Who is here? Love is here. Notice how the vibration moves through your body. Allow your heart to open and receive.

Please click here to access your free download.

 I am deeply grateful for all of you, for your presence in my life, and your company upon our shared journey. I feel a non-physical electric current running through this transition to 2014, buzzing with possibility, actualization, creativity and truth. May this be the year that you find joy in unexpected places, and trust in every aspect of your experience in this incarnation. May Peace be yours, in 2014. Happy Holidays and a Blessed New Year to all. 

much love,







We are about to enter the darkest, longest night of the year, here in the North.  Be kind to yourself and others, let go of expectation and love what you are, where you are, and those you are with. In just a few hours, Spring is on its way,…

An excerpt from a transmission from a deceased child, entitled Denial of Light.
..We live our lives
upon the earth
in constant denial
of the light
that surrounds us
at all times
We choose
in fact
to turn out
our own lights
and then wonder
why the fear
is so great
why every touch
is experienced as pain
and why fear envelopes us
at every turn …

I will tell you this truth:
I was a child
my soul walked
in the form of a soft one
who had tasted
only love Then all in a moment
was revealed to me
in its fullness
and it swallowed me
taking me to a place
I had never

In this darkness lived
the greatest fear
a physical fear
that gripped my belly
and tightened my throat
so that I could not speak
and my eyes wept
without control
for my body felt only loss

I was
for a time
separated from my great love
separated from my trusted safety
and this spoke to me only
of one thing:
that I was taken
from my God
that I was cast out
of the heaven
that was mine

I tell you
that each one of you
have known this experience
Each one of you
have borne
such a separation
for if we are not held
in God ’s love
then we are held
in fear

And this is part of the purpose
of our time
in the body
for the soul to travel
this way
and live
this exploration
of its search
for its place
of birth

When we feel ourselves lost
when we feel
utterly alone
in whatever faces us
we cannot find
and so we cannot find
the home we once knew
for Oneness
is the only home
the only house built
that cannot fall
and cannot be penetrated
by any fear

I too
knew this place
I too
doubted every belief
every joy
I had felt
until the moment came
when I knew I had a choice
between the darkness
that tried to swallow me
and the light
that I had always loved
that I had thought
I had left behind

I determined
that this was indeed
a choice
and in that choosing
I discovered my light again
I dared
to open my eyes
and it was everywhere
all around me
all around my resting place
everywhere I could see
there was nothing but light
and it lifted me
taking my fear
and allowing me
to forget
what I had so recently felt
as pain

It was a choice
of all or nothing
It was a place
of no return
for when the dark
becomes so great
it feels as if
one will never rise
and yet
this utter blindness
is the place we must know
for it allows us to touch
what we most fear
and discover
that in the deepest dark
there is nothing there

On the other side
of every night
is sunrise
On the other side
of every death
is birth
On the other side
of the most heartless winter
spring lies waiting
and we cannot touch it
we cannot discover its power
until we first live
the dying
and see
that death
is no more

Travel into
the same light
that guided me home
and you may join me
in the freedom of knowing
that when we face
what we fear the most
we discover
that even this
cannot dispel the light
and so all anticipation of loss
is wasted breath
and fear may come
to an end

My light
my love
my mother and father
never left me
I was
when I dared to look closely
at home…

much love, Adi

Offering half hour sessions for $60 over the holiday season.


Did you hear about the explosion? No, it wasn’t in the news, and there were no casualties. I’m talking about the explosion of self awareness, actualization, creativity and independence that is going on all over the world. It’s been brewing for awhile, but as 2013 draws to a close, I’m watching folks all around me lighting up like Christmas trees, and it feels as if the lid is about to blow.

Full moons and solar flares play their part, and a powerful Solstice is about to unfold, that longest night of the year here in Toronto. The nights are dark and cold, and during the day, our shadows are longer than any other time of year.  Try stepping out into the snow to check yours at noon, when it will be at its peak.

Everything You Need to Know About December Solstice

There is a grace that lives in the darkness of December, even in the midst of holiday preparations, and if you too are experiencing an inner push to explode into your authentic nature, why not soften into December’s darkness and let it guide you.  Even on a cloudy night when the stars close their eyes, there is power as we go inward to listen to the whispers of Spirit, where all truth lies.
We live in awakening times, and the force of this global energy fueled by the unprecedented availability of technological tools means that more than ever before we can learn from others from all walks of life and corners of the Earth, and in return, share our wisdom with them.  For me, 2013 was a year of deep inner and outer transition, and I can feel a rumbling in my heart that 2014 will lift me up into a place I have been seeking for a long time.

Despite the fact that I am a writer, songwriter, counselor and intuitive, I have always thought of myself as a rather introverted person. I love people, I love all beings and I love our world, but my privacy has always been important to me. In the past months I have been studying the worldwide phenomenon of the democratization of information and intellectual property, and coming to see that social media is not just a catalyst of this movement, but a symptom of a much larger opening in our human hearts. We are reaching out for one another in a way we have not been able to do since we lived in small villages and knew everyone by their first names. We are watching institutions crumble as power is returned to the hands of individuals, and thought and art move toward the universal, no longer owned by anyone. 

It’s a dilemma that has controversies raging, now that anyone can record music, write and publish books, and make films and post them for the world to see. Downloading has changed the foundation of the music industry, and self published and ebooks have revolutionized the publishing world. Some of what is out there is terrible, but much of it is astonishing and beautiful, and the good rises, for those who have the eyes to see.

And so one of my promises for 2014 is to reach more deeply than ever before into the well of my own creative authenticity. To make use of the tools around me, and offer my love from the gut, from the core, peeling away hesitations about what others may think or say. In a world where there is no longer any hiding, we have the chance to be our own custodians of self worth, self forgiveness, and tolerance, always perfect in the eyes of the divine Creator, how ever you speak her/his name.

Over the coming months I will be sharing my own process, and telling the story of how I came to the work I do. How my life changed so deeply fourteen years ago, when the words that appeared at the end of my pen were larger than me, not simply my own.  And how I plan to move forward in the coming year, with teachings, transmissions and my received music that is such a joy to sing.

For the last few days I have been at work on a seasonal gift for my friends and followers, a new “sound bath” or sonic meditation born a decade ago. It’s a  reworking of a healing chant that I received years ago, when I was a struggling single mother, ill with a fever. I sat on my bed and sang the soothing tones I heard in my head into a digital eight track recorder. After singing one track, I went back and sang another overtop, and then another, as I felt the layers weaving together like a tapestry.  Then I lay back on the bed with my headphones on and felt the vibration of the chords I had created wash over my body. I can still recall the physical sensation of that moment, how I wept and how when I sat up afterward, my fever was gone. I called the song Peace.

It is my greatest delight to create with words, images and sound. There is nothing that makes me happier in the world, and brings me closer to my center.  When I have lived with this recording of Peace 2014 for a few days I will share it with you all as a free download to welcome the holidays this year.  It is an 11 minute meditation, and I wish for you the feeling and healing I experience when I lie down and listen to it in a darkened or candle lit room.

This Saturday, on the eve of Winter Solstice, I invite any of you who live in Toronto to join me to experience the full Peace 2014 meditation.  I will offer a guided meditation and live transmission as well, and you will have a chance to lie in the sound bath and take in the power of its vibration.  My place is intimate and warm, and it feels like the perfect way to honour the longest night of the year.  It is out of the greatest dark that our light is truly shown, as one cannot be without the other.  Please RSVP if you plan to attend.

7:30 – 9 PM
37 Scarborough Road,
Just north of Queen East, west of Victoria Park
by donation

While you are patiently waiting for Peace 2014, I wanted to share a truly delightful video I came across for the season, my new favourite version of Little Drummer Boy, “featuring doggies”.  May it get you singing along and smiling dog ear, to dog ear.

much love,
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Dear Heart

The elevation, the rising up into who you really are is, each step of the way, an experience of both bliss and terror.  Bliss because it is a coming home, and terror because you are carried out of what has become familiar.  The loneliness you feel is because you observe just how apart you are from yourself; this has always seemed so. And yet you need only open your heart to where you really are, who you really are, to access the divine love that is ever present for you. Home is here because home is everywhere. You are perfect because you are everything you need to be right now without changing a thing.

You have only to see it. See you.
Stop trying.
You are already here…

Ode to Joy
Click here to see what happens when you spread a little gorgeous joy around…

with love,