We are about to enter the darkest, longest night of the year, here in the North.  Be kind to yourself and others, let go of expectation and love what you are, where you are, and those you are with. In just a few hours, Spring is on its way,…

An excerpt from a transmission from a deceased child, entitled Denial of Light.
..We live our lives
upon the earth
in constant denial
of the light
that surrounds us
at all times
We choose
in fact
to turn out
our own lights
and then wonder
why the fear
is so great
why every touch
is experienced as pain
and why fear envelopes us
at every turn …

I will tell you this truth:
I was a child
my soul walked
in the form of a soft one
who had tasted
only love Then all in a moment
was revealed to me
in its fullness
and it swallowed me
taking me to a place
I had never

In this darkness lived
the greatest fear
a physical fear
that gripped my belly
and tightened my throat
so that I could not speak
and my eyes wept
without control
for my body felt only loss

I was
for a time
separated from my great love
separated from my trusted safety
and this spoke to me only
of one thing:
that I was taken
from my God
that I was cast out
of the heaven
that was mine

I tell you
that each one of you
have known this experience
Each one of you
have borne
such a separation
for if we are not held
in God ’s love
then we are held
in fear

And this is part of the purpose
of our time
in the body
for the soul to travel
this way
and live
this exploration
of its search
for its place
of birth

When we feel ourselves lost
when we feel
utterly alone
in whatever faces us
we cannot find
and so we cannot find
the home we once knew
for Oneness
is the only home
the only house built
that cannot fall
and cannot be penetrated
by any fear

I too
knew this place
I too
doubted every belief
every joy
I had felt
until the moment came
when I knew I had a choice
between the darkness
that tried to swallow me
and the light
that I had always loved
that I had thought
I had left behind

I determined
that this was indeed
a choice
and in that choosing
I discovered my light again
I dared
to open my eyes
and it was everywhere
all around me
all around my resting place
everywhere I could see
there was nothing but light
and it lifted me
taking my fear
and allowing me
to forget
what I had so recently felt
as pain

It was a choice
of all or nothing
It was a place
of no return
for when the dark
becomes so great
it feels as if
one will never rise
and yet
this utter blindness
is the place we must know
for it allows us to touch
what we most fear
and discover
that in the deepest dark
there is nothing there

On the other side
of every night
is sunrise
On the other side
of every death
is birth
On the other side
of the most heartless winter
spring lies waiting
and we cannot touch it
we cannot discover its power
until we first live
the dying
and see
that death
is no more

Travel into
the same light
that guided me home
and you may join me
in the freedom of knowing
that when we face
what we fear the most
we discover
that even this
cannot dispel the light
and so all anticipation of loss
is wasted breath
and fear may come
to an end

My light
my love
my mother and father
never left me
I was
when I dared to look closely
at home…

much love, Adi

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