Chatting with Animals

There is no more clear example of our limited awareness as a species than the perspective that we are somehow of greater value and have greater gifts than our four legged and winged earthling companions. In my experience of receiving communications from animals, I have been moved over and over by their willingness to suspend attachment, to trust in an instinctive response to universal will, even in the experience of death. Their capacity to forgive truly after the darkest of experiences, elevates them beyond our narrow human ambitions as we cling to the dubious power of being the most destructive animal on Earth. This beautiful video demonstrates the graceful art of animal communication, the shattering of paradigms that takes place when we acknowledge the soul of an animal, and how humbling it can be to know and be known by them.

Watch here to see how the brilliant inter-species communicator Anna Brevtenbach works with a troubled panther.

My own communications with other species have taken various forms over the years. Here are a few examples of transmissions requested by humans, to better understand the non-humans in their lives.

Cat Communication Excerpt


…There is an energy field around her that generates heat, it is like slow, soft fire.. and the light of it shines through her eyes the way it would through a stained glass window. There is a very unusual light in her eyes that is not commonly seen in many cats. And it is a sign of grace, of a healer energy, a familiar, a companion that is present on the level of spirit, activating a deep healing for all three of you.

I see her seated between the two of you, very balanced in her energy and greatly at peace. This is what she wants you to know above all..  She feels your fear that she is in some way troubled, or that her passing caused a trauma that has touched her in her heart, on a soul level, and she wants very very clearly to express that this is not true, that she is very centred and very aware of the purpose of her passage, that it was not a conscious knowing, she did not consciously walk forward into her transition, but once released, then the knowing came and then the rightness and the readiness of it came and now she is in a state of great lightness as in weightlessness, freedom, and yet very connected to both of you still in a way that she knows she will not always need to be…

Crow Communication Excerpt


..As a creature of wing
I am eternally attached to air
it is the means and the medium
of my joy
but next to that
I would take a shoulder
or a hand
all the same
to connect me to a higher place
for I was never meant to be
so long
upon the ground

You must know however
that my limitations in this life
were no trouble for me really
I was ever focused
on what could be and should be
and so I found you
like an answer
I found you

There was of course
no mistake in our union
I simply wandered into your energy
and fell into the hole of it
that place of great emptiness in you which called me
like a moth to a flame
I felt your loneliness
and your love
I felt your friendship
and protection
fierce like a mother
proud like a mother
fearful like a mother
and I did not question for a minute
that you and all your kin
would be anything other than kind
to a wanderer
like me…

I came as part
of an integration that is taking place
in small ways and big ways
and you’ll see it happening
all over the place now
non people animals who once saw only danger
are now walking
with the ability to see the truth
We too
are letting go of our genetic code
that insists we mistrust
especially when we meet
brothers and sisters
in rebellion
ready to share
new and loud and happy times

And I don’t mean that this is
such a big deal
because it is really not
It’s the easiest thing in the world
for crows
if they choose
to step out of their old ways
of making a racket and flying away
shouting at what they don’t like
and pecking angrily at their food
Any one of them could do it
if they wanted
but most don’t
most are too afraid
too busy being self important
and they never get the view I had
high up on a human
pretending they are a warm
and happy tree

And just like most crows
don’t bother
most humans don’t either
Most of them
are happy to be afraid
and good to be afraid of
and yet it would be so easy
All they have to do
is extend an arm
make a smiley face
and get ready for a hello
an answer to what
has never been asked with words
but wished for all the time:
someone who sees with love
breathes with love
and hasn’t forgotten how to play..

And while you spoke crow
better than most
you may not know
what the word “crow” means
in our language
It’s just Truth
the brazen
no more beating around the bush
with two birds in it
The can’t even try to pretend
which is where I lived all the time
but for you humans
it’s a tough dance
toward and away from it
never quite able to say what the heck
and dive right in…

but it’s that simple
if you talk crow
And you do…

Animal Awareness


One of the most common requests I receive from humans who want to hear from their animal companions is for support in coming to terms with their loss.  Some may have had the experience of connecting more deeply to their non-human family members than the human ones. Many find themselves experiencing more grief, more conflicted emotions than when human loved ones pass away. This can happen with dogs for example, because they often have a capacity for unconditional love, forgiveness and understanding that no human can match, and so if we allow ourselves, we may discover a depth of trust in their love that surpasses that of our human relationships. In this way, our pets are truly healers in our lives. While domestic felines are usually very different in their expressions than canines, they too have the capacity to just Be in our presence, to see through our egoic dance and recognize the truth of who we are. Their calmness in the face of our inner conflict grants them a wisdom that can seem to outstrip our own.

All non-humans have a different awareness of birth and death than we do, and there is much we can learn from their ability to live in the moment and surrender when death is imminent. They willingly live with the burden of our neuroses, and then let go with much more grace than we are able to muster. Non-attachment comes naturally to them when asked to surrender to a final sleep. They would never ask us to spend huge amounts of money on vet bills to keep them alive for a few more months. What is much  more important to them is the authentic quality of our presence during the days we have to share.

Click below to listen to a podcast episode, a reading of a transmission from a cat approaching that time of transition, regarding concerns from human family members about the best course of action to take. When listening remember that I am “translating” an energetic communication, and while the words may seem to have a surprising sophistication, the level of awareness and wisdom held by this sweet feline is very real.

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 1.54.35 PM

Podcast: Transmission from a Dying Cat

I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences with animal communication in the comment box below. And please let me know if I can serve you in your relationships with the four-legged teachers in your life and world.

much love, Adi


HEALING SEXUAL SHAME Meditation and Transmission

“… it is universal law that it is impossible to actualize, to stand in your power, to embrace your bliss and your joy if you are walking the role of one who is or has been a victim. If this is still in your heart, you cannot be who you are. And even more, you cannot give to others. Any attempts to give to others will come out of your own place of need. So this must be addressed, and so when a woman welcomes the energies of the moon, when she feels this electricity entering her body, again it is a permission and surrender to receiving. She is enough. She is enough. She is beautiful in her essence, in her core. She does not have to look after anyone, she does not have to give anything to anyone, she does not have to wear something, she does not have to get down on her hands and knees. She does not have to cover herself up, she does not have to strip her clothes of. She does not have to do anything, because it is in her inner stillness that she will discover, that she will find a permission to receive. And when she lights that fire, everything around her will respond. She will be radiant and in her radiance there is no man that can resist her, and no woman either. There is no experience that will be turned away…”

Click here to read the Transcript of the Transmission.

much love, Adi

DEAR JOSH: On Drugging Children and the Death of Creativity in Schools

A friend introduced me to this remarkable video and I was so moved, I had to write to the young filmmaker in reply.

Dear Josh;

When my teenaged son was diagnosed with ADD I said, if you’re going to medicate him you have to medicate me, because I am as ADD as he is, if there is such a thing. So I was tested and sure enough, over the top adult ADD. The doctor told me that both of us would be doomed to lives of failure if we did not follow his prescription. In the interests of a fair trial we took the drugs for a week. Both of us hated it and threw the meds away. My son was, and is, a sensitive, spiritually awake soul caught in a system that didn’t understand him. The answer is not to force a child or youth to be something false, but rather change the system and wake up to what is going on in our world.

ADD is a name invented within a limited medical model to describe what happens to bright, creative people when they are forced into a rigid paradigm where creativity is not valued and individuality is denied. These drugs are designed by a powerful and deeply corrupt pharmaceutical industry that is fundamentally flawed and dangerous. There are exceptions in education – rare schools and teachers who see through what is being done to the children. My solution, after trying various alternatives, was to take my kids out of school altogether and let them learn in their own way. One of my sons was admitted this past year into Berklee College of Music on a scholarship. He is doing well in a very rigorous program, and has been recommended for further scholarships. He attended no more than three years of elementary school throughout his whole life, and no high school at all. He is, of course, an artist by nature, as you are Josh, evidenced by this wonderful film.

In this writing I won’t go into detail about the habits of a culture that does not know how to trust children, joyfully mine their potential or invite a healthy self love. The roots of these challenges run deep, and in my passion for the subject I could easily write a book, not just a blog post. But Josh, in our video you touch upon a very clear manifestation of the demand for conformity and control that is at the heart of what we presently call education, and it is time for this way of thinking to end.

The qualities that make it hard for you to sit at a desk while someone talks at the front of the room about a subject determined by a curriculum committee, are the same characteristics that make you an expansive, creative thinker. The part of you that has trouble reading text books or memorizing meaningless information, is the part of you that wants a visceral experience in life: to touch, to feel, to explore and to play. Einstein said that the true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. You don’t see any indication of this understanding in most classrooms today.

The majority of those who graduate from our modern school system do indeed live lives of “quiet desperation”. Most are focused upon survival and ego-driven competition, and have long forgotten what brings true joy. In their numbness they perpetuate their own experience upon those who have the least power in our world, the children. But Josh, nothing can stop you once you accept yourself, love yourself, and commit to living the truth of yourself in the world. Even if no one else gets it, if you do, that is all that matters. Grades are not only irrelevant, they are damaging to everyone in the long run, including the kids who excel. The challenges you face in terms of concentration and grades are because your learning style is not understood. You are not meant to cram your head full of meaningless “facts” that will be out of date tomorrow. You are not meant to memorize information by reading about others doing things. You are meant to get up and start doing things yourself.

There is a massive, global shift going on on our planet, energetically, spiritually, politically, culturally.. and the current education system is failing on all levels – it is coming down. Our present model was originally designed in Prussia to crush independence and create obedient soldiers who would sustain a controlling elite. Don’t wait for this thinking to change Josh, change it for yourself. Read, research, learn about the many choices and alternatives that are available to you and act on them. Be the creative insurgent that you are, keep making great films and know that the suffering and challenges you face now are what will define your emergence in the future.

This is one of my favourite Ted talks of all time, full of wit and wisdom about the educational system as seen from the inside. If you have not heard Sir Kenneth speak, you must see this.

And this is another wonderful talk by a young man like you Josh, who dares to suggest that we deserve to be happy above all. He shows us some of the amazing options available to inquiring families who choose to set their children free.

Josh, your creative nature is a treasured gift. Honour it, hold it close to your heart and seek others like yourself who will understand you. It is the artists, activists, rebels, outsiders and non-conformists that are the future of our transforming world. I wish you continued courage on your journey. You are not alone.

much love, Adi

P.S. A transmission on the spiritual nature of special kids can be found here.



I lost faith in the Christian church at a very young age.  My family attended a small, pretty, middle Anglican church in our neighbourhood. It smelled musty and was full of adults in Sunday clothes, and wonderful old books of hymns. At my confirmation, the coming of age ceremony where one became a member of the church and gained the right to attend services instead of Sunday school in the basement, all the children went up in pairs to have the blessing of the man wearing the fancy robes. He put his right hand on the head of one, and his left hand on tvirgin-mary-and-baby-jesus-stained-glass-munir-alawi-1he head of the other, and the deed was done. I was, of course, the last and the shy one, so I walked up alone, knelt, and felt the weight of two blessed hands upon my head at once. They were large hands and almost encompassed me; I did not like their touch but felt paralyzed by it, there on my knees. To distract myself I gazed up at the berry red, moss green and sapphire blue of the windows, pieces of glass stitched together into Mary holding baby Jesus. There was such beauty in the windows of that church, but all the faces inside it seemed dry and fearful to me. When I turned thirteen I refused to wear a hat to church on Sundays, knowing that I would soon be told to stay home as a result. It worked, and I never returned.

In those days I was slightly abhorrent of the idea that worship was asked of us, and indeed there is a part of me that rebels against it still. I rejected the thought that Divine nature cares whether we like them or not. Why would the Creator require evidence of our love, already knowing that Love is all we are? I did not want to bow down before any Being that wanted me to bow down to them. I wanted above all to be free.

I believe still that my response was a true one, in that time and that place. But I have since come to a different understanding of the idea of simple adoration. the act of surrendering in response to blinding love. I came to understand that love blesses the lover, even more than the loved.

In my work, in my readings and transmissions, I am drawn to touch the essence of many energies and souls, and in the place I meet them they always shine in their essential purity.  But sometimes I am graced with a much deeper experience, and on one occasion in particular was shown an aspect of Divinity that held such beauty, had I been standing, I would have dropped to the floor, prostrate before the intense vibration of radiant light. It was a visceral response, and there was no time for my ego to speak or even assess the situation. I did not care whether worship was being asked of me, I could not help what I felt. I experienced such love that it melted me like a stick of butter before a blow torch, and so what was there to do but bow low and weep with joy. I was not a Christian, yet I was in the presence of Christ’s essence. Love as boiling waves of hot energy. Love as a radiant, permeating presence. Love that knocked me to the ground. Buddha was brilliance, a thinker, an activist, but Christ was unconditional Love, a lover of women and men.

And isn’t it interesting that in our human lives we think we want this, to adore and be adored by a perfect mate, and yet, the sensation that shatters the heart wide open is so far beyond personal, it is Love as sound wave, Love as light bath, Love as energetic communion. One is loved, not because of any personal attraction, one is loved because one is in the presence of Love, which encompasses All. And one loves in return because there is no choice. This love is deeper than life itself. It is worship, it is adoration. It is absolute surrender. This is what I have felt, and what I now believe we are meant to feel, in every moment we allow.

Here is a video of the Peace 2014 meditation. The lyrics of the chant are: What do you hear? / Who is here? / Love is here. When we listen, truly listen, no matter who is speaking, we hear God. When we look to see who is speaking, we see God. When we look to understand what God is, we discover only Love.

much love, Adi

Be Still


In these days of haste and challenge, we must more and more make time for quiet retreat. We must take whatever moments we have to be still, let the noise of the day lift off our shoulders and touch an emptiness within where nothing matters, where our hearts expand. It is not possible to remember this place too often. It is not possible to stay in it too long.  Soon we will be asked to walk at all times, our arms linked with our guides, no longer any separation between divine connection and daily life. It is time to trust ourselves now, let our spiritual inhibitions go. It is time for listening, as we have never listened before…

The Gathering: Remembering Ildiko

Have you ever had someone in your life who knew you better than you knew yourself? Someone who believed in you, even when you were too afraid to admit who you really are?

Master Alignment

In 1998 I was introduced to a body of channeled teachings known as Master Alignment; deep, transformative energy work, unlike anything I had experienced before.  At the time I was a mother of three young children, adrift in a marriage where I had buried my dreams and fears.

C and G JPG - Version 2

My then-husband and I both had readings and the accompanying attunements in this modality, seeking an answer to our questions, and my world was blown wide open over night.  On every level I woke up; physically, emotionally, energetically, catapulted into a healing process that took me down deeply, until I learned how to ride the waves and come up for air.  I attended Master Alignment intensives and workshops in Toronto and the US, uncovering more and more truths, recognizing myself for the first time as protective layers were stripped away.

I shared the journey with a small group of friends who were also drawn into their own spiritual revolutions. Marriages ended, including mine, and I found myself facing the greatest gaping chasm of my life as a single mother with no money, three highly sensitive children and a writing career that had been put on hold when I happened to birth my first child and first novel at the same time. The baby had won me heart and soul, pulling me firmly into full time motherhood, and now here I was a dozen years later, just beginning to discover who I really was.

An immense loneliness surfaced in a flood of creative searching, and I learned to study my powerful dreams.  Night after night of childhood trauma began to surface, and I kept a journal by my pillow to capture the details before they escaped at dawn.  Then one day I awakened to find pages of the most beautiful poetry scrawled in my own hand in the dark, a communication I had written down like taking dictation in my sleep. I had no memory of the message beyond a faint echo, like a reverse Deja Vu.  I was shocked and afraid, yet in awe of the primal beauty of these strange words.

Intuitive Awakening

There was only one person I could tell about my experience, a friend with whom I had become very close, as we shared the same passion for spiritual inquiry.  Ildiko w drumHer name was Ildiko, another single mother whose marriage had ended as a result of awakening energies. I called her right away and read her what had appeared in my journal.  She listened, she accepted, she understood. She immediately felt the vibration of the poetry, and she begged me to transcribe it and email it to her.  Like the well trained English Lit major that I was, for days I struggled to “edit” the pages of words scrawled over top of one another in the dark.  Then on the third day it dawned on me that this was a gift from beyond me, and that my role was to accept it whole, exactly as it was, without any attempt to correct what could not be understood.  Within minutes the words began to make sense in a new way, and I transcribed them for Ildiko.  That first “poem” was called The Gathering, and it remains very powerful to this day.

I continued to keep my dream journal by my pillow, and the transmissions kept on coming, often two or three a night. Then Ildi wanted to know if I could ask a question on her behalf. I agreed to try, and read over her questions before I went to sleep.  Sure enough, an answer was there for her when the sun rose.  I called her and began to read what I had received, phrased in delicate, obscure references that held no distinct meaning to me. I finished and waited for her response. There was silence, and then sobbing into the phone. How did they do it? she asked, these “guides?” They spoke about things I haven’t told you about. They said things you couldn’t possibly know.

Those very early days of experiencing an intuitive awakening, opening to communication from a divine source, were both magical and strange. I knew that I had turned a corner, never to look back. I was a published novelist and playwright at the time, and a part of me grieved, knowing that my own writing was forever changed. My dreams of a mainstream literary career seemed to dissolve into a mist like that of the waters surrounding Avalon. My life would never be the same again.

An experience of receiving “channeled” writings was not something I could share easily with most of my family and friends. Ildiko however, was not only receptive, but quickly became my greatest fan. Her immediate recognition of the power within the words was so much more clear than mine, as I struggled with self doubt. I would hesitate, and she would push.  I would question, and she would shove. I would fall silent, and she would demand that these voices be heard. Now that I think of it, she was my Jerry Hicks.

We were complimentary friends, my more delicate, etheric energy matched by her vibrant, earthy power. I have come to think of her as a midwife to the poems, and in truth they would not have been born without her. Over the years she was the one who suggested that if I could receive in a semi-sleep Alpha state, I could do so in a fully awake Alpha state, and she was right.  Then she suggested that I try using a computer keyboard, to see if my hands would receive via a technology that would end the tedium of transcription. She was right – it worked just fine. Every transmission was immediately emailed to Ildiko as she was the one with a working printer, and she carried them around in her bag, reading, studying and sharing them with everyone she knew. They were the words of her angels, and now she was never without them.

One day as we sat in the car and she struggled with a personal decision about something, she turned to me and said, please ask them and just say it, just tune in and speak the words.  I need to know.  I recall being irritated in the moment, feeling that there was never a break with this gift that had been given to me, and felt the now familiar fear of stepping into something unknown and dangerous. What if I could not be a pure channel?  What if my own human weaknesses crept in and I caused hurt, where I had wanted only to invite love?

But of course Ildi was right again, and after fourteen years of receiving guidance, I now work primarily with recorded, spoken readings. Opening to the guides is gentler than ever, and my own relationship to their teachings continues to evolve. I have been asked, and given answer to, almost any question one could imagine over the years, and received communications from the guides, the highest selves of the living, those who cannot speak for themselves, and from the deceased.


Kanda and Kokoro

On this date, seven years ago, Ildiko quite suddenly left this world to join her angels. Her death was a great shock as she was midwife to more than just me; she mothered and counseled an entire community, including her four beautiful children. She was, as I have discovered, irreplaceable.  When her bedroom was cleared out, some eight or nine boxes filled with printed transmissions were packed up for me to take home. Many contain her scribbled notes and underlines. Some were specifically for her, and one gave both she and I our spiritual names, Kokoro and Kanda.

I had not researched the names at the time, as I was used to the transmissions sometimes containing words that were unintelligible to me.  After her passing I found that particular poem lying right on top of one of the boxes, realized these words must have meaning and looked them up. She was Kokoro, a unique Japanese word that means heart, but also conveys spirit and mind all in one, and I was Kanda, meaning magical power in Native American traditions, or centre of the astral body in subtle energy systems. She never had the chance to embrace her name, but I have come to love mine, with the addition of Adi, brought through by a respected yogini friend. And so dear readers, I turn now to Adi Kanda as my evolving self, and you will find my writings, music and teachings under this name, with my business called Kanda Kokoro or Kanda K for short.  It’s one of my ways of keeping her near.

20-29 (31)

The Gathering

The very first oracular poem that I shared with Ildiko on the phone that day was called The Gathering.  When I look back now, thousands of transmissions later, I see that what I was given that day was in many ways a summation of all the teachings that would follow. I still find it to be one of the most beautiful of them all. And so I share it with you via this video today, in memory of my fierce and tender friend. May she always guide me and give me new strength to step closer and closer to who I really am. And may her voice always join those of my many guides, the angels who are forever at my side.

much love,

Adi Kanda

If the Beatles Were Right, and Bob Marley Was Wise


Today snow is softly falling in Toronto, the air is still and so cold it stings. Intense holiday emotions and energies are softening into the reality of 2014 as we are pulled forward into a new year, still wrestling with the challenges of 2013.  We want so much to make change, to touch our joy, to become what we came here to be. But if we haven’t done it yet, will we ever? Or is this finally the year?

Facing self doubt can be a deeply humbling experience, as when we acknowledge the dark judgements within us, we are forced to admit to ourselves just how much we limit who we are. It’s no one else’s fault that we hide, or run, or freeze, and there is no one to blame for the way we hold on to our fear. We are engaged in a piece of manifested theatre, and yet we worry so much about how we are doing, where we are going, and how it ends. But why not say f-k it and do what we really want, instead of suppressing our desires beneath a panicked attempt to be loved as a deserved reward for doing the “right” thing. Why not do the very thing that seemed impossible, unthinkable, unattainable for little old me.

What if everyone enjoyed what they did each day? What if we were all with partners we truly loved, or were happy to be with ourselves? What if we looked after our own inner needs first and then gave without expectation, speaking only the truth of what was in our hearts? What if we no longer needed to pretend to be happy, because we live what we love, and love what we live? What if we knew we were loved, lovable, worthy in every way, just because we are children of Spirit, and there is no one who is ever cast away? What if the safety we find in knowing this, allows us to open our hearts and love others without judgement, knowing we are loved in the same way? What if the Beatles were right and Love really is all there is. What if Bob Marley was wise, and it is One Love, without restraint.

It’s all about perspective really, all about the way we see things, what vision we hold from inside our physical forms.  Have a look at this lovely video, as the words of Carl Sagan, remind us of our humble place, and our many illusions, as we float, specks upon a speck, in a vast universe.

much love, Adi