If the Beatles Were Right, and Bob Marley Was Wise


Today snow is softly falling in Toronto, the air is still and so cold it stings. Intense holiday emotions and energies are softening into the reality of 2014 as we are pulled forward into a new year, still wrestling with the challenges of 2013.  We want so much to make change, to touch our joy, to become what we came here to be. But if we haven’t done it yet, will we ever? Or is this finally the year?

Facing self doubt can be a deeply humbling experience, as when we acknowledge the dark judgements within us, we are forced to admit to ourselves just how much we limit who we are. It’s no one else’s fault that we hide, or run, or freeze, and there is no one to blame for the way we hold on to our fear. We are engaged in a piece of manifested theatre, and yet we worry so much about how we are doing, where we are going, and how it ends. But why not say f-k it and do what we really want, instead of suppressing our desires beneath a panicked attempt to be loved as a deserved reward for doing the “right” thing. Why not do the very thing that seemed impossible, unthinkable, unattainable for little old me.

What if everyone enjoyed what they did each day? What if we were all with partners we truly loved, or were happy to be with ourselves? What if we looked after our own inner needs first and then gave without expectation, speaking only the truth of what was in our hearts? What if we no longer needed to pretend to be happy, because we live what we love, and love what we live? What if we knew we were loved, lovable, worthy in every way, just because we are children of Spirit, and there is no one who is ever cast away? What if the safety we find in knowing this, allows us to open our hearts and love others without judgement, knowing we are loved in the same way? What if the Beatles were right and Love really is all there is. What if Bob Marley was wise, and it is One Love, without restraint.

It’s all about perspective really, all about the way we see things, what vision we hold from inside our physical forms.  Have a look at this lovely video, as the words of Carl Sagan, remind us of our humble place, and our many illusions, as we float, specks upon a speck, in a vast universe.

much love, Adi


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