Chatting with Animals

There is no more clear example of our limited awareness as a species than the perspective that we are somehow of greater value and have greater gifts than our four legged and winged earthling companions. In my experience of receiving communications from animals, I have been moved over and over by their willingness to suspend attachment, to trust in an instinctive response to universal will, even in the experience of death. Their capacity to forgive truly after the darkest of experiences, elevates them beyond our narrow human ambitions as we cling to the dubious power of being the most destructive animal on Earth. This beautiful video demonstrates the graceful art of animal communication, the shattering of paradigms that takes place when we acknowledge the soul of an animal, and how humbling it can be to know and be known by them.

Watch here to see how the brilliant inter-species communicator Anna Brevtenbach works with a troubled panther.

My own communications with other species have taken various forms over the years. Here are a few examples of transmissions requested by humans, to better understand the non-humans in their lives.

Cat Communication Excerpt


…There is an energy field around her that generates heat, it is like slow, soft fire.. and the light of it shines through her eyes the way it would through a stained glass window. There is a very unusual light in her eyes that is not commonly seen in many cats. And it is a sign of grace, of a healer energy, a familiar, a companion that is present on the level of spirit, activating a deep healing for all three of you.

I see her seated between the two of you, very balanced in her energy and greatly at peace. This is what she wants you to know above all..  She feels your fear that she is in some way troubled, or that her passing caused a trauma that has touched her in her heart, on a soul level, and she wants very very clearly to express that this is not true, that she is very centred and very aware of the purpose of her passage, that it was not a conscious knowing, she did not consciously walk forward into her transition, but once released, then the knowing came and then the rightness and the readiness of it came and now she is in a state of great lightness as in weightlessness, freedom, and yet very connected to both of you still in a way that she knows she will not always need to be…

Crow Communication Excerpt


..As a creature of wing
I am eternally attached to air
it is the means and the medium
of my joy
but next to that
I would take a shoulder
or a hand
all the same
to connect me to a higher place
for I was never meant to be
so long
upon the ground

You must know however
that my limitations in this life
were no trouble for me really
I was ever focused
on what could be and should be
and so I found you
like an answer
I found you

There was of course
no mistake in our union
I simply wandered into your energy
and fell into the hole of it
that place of great emptiness in you which called me
like a moth to a flame
I felt your loneliness
and your love
I felt your friendship
and protection
fierce like a mother
proud like a mother
fearful like a mother
and I did not question for a minute
that you and all your kin
would be anything other than kind
to a wanderer
like me…

I came as part
of an integration that is taking place
in small ways and big ways
and you’ll see it happening
all over the place now
non people animals who once saw only danger
are now walking
with the ability to see the truth
We too
are letting go of our genetic code
that insists we mistrust
especially when we meet
brothers and sisters
in rebellion
ready to share
new and loud and happy times

And I don’t mean that this is
such a big deal
because it is really not
It’s the easiest thing in the world
for crows
if they choose
to step out of their old ways
of making a racket and flying away
shouting at what they don’t like
and pecking angrily at their food
Any one of them could do it
if they wanted
but most don’t
most are too afraid
too busy being self important
and they never get the view I had
high up on a human
pretending they are a warm
and happy tree

And just like most crows
don’t bother
most humans don’t either
Most of them
are happy to be afraid
and good to be afraid of
and yet it would be so easy
All they have to do
is extend an arm
make a smiley face
and get ready for a hello
an answer to what
has never been asked with words
but wished for all the time:
someone who sees with love
breathes with love
and hasn’t forgotten how to play..

And while you spoke crow
better than most
you may not know
what the word “crow” means
in our language
It’s just Truth
the brazen
no more beating around the bush
with two birds in it
The can’t even try to pretend
which is where I lived all the time
but for you humans
it’s a tough dance
toward and away from it
never quite able to say what the heck
and dive right in…

but it’s that simple
if you talk crow
And you do…

Animal Awareness


One of the most common requests I receive from humans who want to hear from their animal companions is for support in coming to terms with their loss.  Some may have had the experience of connecting more deeply to their non-human family members than the human ones. Many find themselves experiencing more grief, more conflicted emotions than when human loved ones pass away. This can happen with dogs for example, because they often have a capacity for unconditional love, forgiveness and understanding that no human can match, and so if we allow ourselves, we may discover a depth of trust in their love that surpasses that of our human relationships. In this way, our pets are truly healers in our lives. While domestic felines are usually very different in their expressions than canines, they too have the capacity to just Be in our presence, to see through our egoic dance and recognize the truth of who we are. Their calmness in the face of our inner conflict grants them a wisdom that can seem to outstrip our own.

All non-humans have a different awareness of birth and death than we do, and there is much we can learn from their ability to live in the moment and surrender when death is imminent. They willingly live with the burden of our neuroses, and then let go with much more grace than we are able to muster. Non-attachment comes naturally to them when asked to surrender to a final sleep. They would never ask us to spend huge amounts of money on vet bills to keep them alive for a few more months. What is much  more important to them is the authentic quality of our presence during the days we have to share.

Click below to listen to a podcast episode, a reading of a transmission from a cat approaching that time of transition, regarding concerns from human family members about the best course of action to take. When listening remember that I am “translating” an energetic communication, and while the words may seem to have a surprising sophistication, the level of awareness and wisdom held by this sweet feline is very real.

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 1.54.35 PM

Podcast: Transmission from a Dying Cat

I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences with animal communication in the comment box below. And please let me know if I can serve you in your relationships with the four-legged teachers in your life and world.

much love, Adi


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