Autism, Cerebral Palsy and Other Blessings

Ask any pregnant woman, what is your greatest fear? and she will say, that my child will be born unsound. She fears for her child, and she fears for herself, that she might create imperfection in the one whom she loves above all.


Mothers and fathers want their children to be strong, to have a fighting chance in a harsh world, to be spared any suffering they themselves have known. My own children were born physically healthy and whole, yet I observed a profound sensitivity in them, and I prayed that somehow the power of my love would be enough to protect them from harm. They are grown now, and while I still believe that Love is the most powerful force we know, I have also learned that every incarnating soul walks his or her own journey of awakening, which must take them into and through dark valleys of transformation. Our role as parents is to support the alignment of our children with this process of excavating the true Self, even when, especially when, our children don’t fit the mold. Nourishing the emergence of their own radical inner freedom is true Mother Love.

I was, I must admit, a hippy mom. Rudolf Steiner, John Holt and Joseph Chilton Pearce were my bedtime reading. Home birthing, home-schooling and attachment parenting were the Way. I had to search to find comrades in my thinking back in those days, but my own gut instinct was my driving force. One thing I knew for sure was that the sensibilities of my highly sensitive kids were not valued or understood by the mainstream medical and educational communities, nor even by their own friends and extended family. Conformity, external achievement and obedience were still the highest values my children encountered when they ventured outside the walls of our home.


There is a new wave of souls arriving upon our planet in recent years, and a very high percentage of these young ones are being labelled as damaged or broken. Autism, Aspergers and ADD are just a few of the labels being used to lump these high vibrational beings into categories to fit the limited awareness of a material/scientific world view. There are environmental influences such as vaccines under suspicion, as they should be. But what if we step back? What if we look at a further, larger view of the role of these souls here on our Earth, and instead of viewing them simply as lacking, recognize them as beings of expansive, highly attuned energies who have chosen to embody to uproot popular notions of the norm. What if we were to enter their worlds with respect, humility, creativity and love, rather than attempting to break their spirits to force them to fit an antiquated paradigm? What if we let them teach us what is right for them, by trusting their Divine purpose upon the planet at this time? What if we parents and teachers took less credit and less blame, and instead saw ourselves as facilitators of a process which is not ours to own?

But between parent and child
there is nothing greater to be found
than a vision of all that is true
all that is flawed and therefore perfect
in the parent
as their child walks
rich with beauty
before them..

If we plant
a bamboo seed
and one day
a forest of bamboo has grown before us
then how can we marvel
at the hardness of the stem
the narrow strength beneath such graceful leaves
when all this is merely a reflection
of the power
of the seed?

The Ted talk below is by 13 year old Jacob (Jake) Barnett, a young man diagnosed as autistic at age two. Doctors told his parents he would never speak or even tie his shoes, and he was enrolled in a special needs program that made things even worse. Today his IQ is considered to be higher than Einstein’s, and he began auditing university courses at age eight. What happened? His parents refused to accept a prognosis of limitation and instead listened to their own instincts about Jake and who he really was as a creative, inspired being. They looked for ways to allow him to focus upon what he loved instead of skills that were challenging for him at the time. Every child is unique, and there is a wide range in the way autism presents, but this family reveals much about the power of trusting the authentic nature within each one of us. This talk is entitled The Wisdom of Not Knowing, as he focuses on the benefits of letting go of the need to learn from others, in favour of time spent thinking and being with the Self.

Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 11.34.15 PM

This next Ted Talk is by the amazing Arab-American comedienne, Maysoon Zayid who shares her experience of life with cerebral palsy. “I am not drunk, but the doctor who delivered me was. He cut my mom six different times in six different directions, suffocating poor little me in the process. As a result, I have cerebral palsy which means I shake all the time. It’s exhausting. I’m like Shakira Shakira meets Muhammad Ali.” Her intelligence, fierce courage and determination to be seen for her gifts rather than her physical condition tell yet another story of a powerful soul purpose unfolding in unexpected ways.

Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 11.56.52 PM

Finally, here is a beautiful short video of the Mayan elder, AumRak, “a medicine woman and ceremonialist known for her deep understanding of the Maya Sacred Fire Ceremony.” ~ Sacred Science

“Many of us have many problems in our relations because we have expectations of other people. We think everybody should be reacting the way we think is the best way.  And many of us don’t give ourselves any chance of trial and error. We expect everybody to be perfect, even ourselves. It is possible to transform these energies into harmony, into healing. And this has been the job of the shamans throughout time, to be able to heal at this level of energy, to be able to be the breach between Heaven and Earth…”

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 8.21.41 PM

Jake, Maysoon and Aumrak are all teachers in my eyes. While I did not specifically exhibit symptoms of Autism as a child, I was profoundly, uncomfortably sensitive, and experienced overwhelming oppression in a school system that did not support my nature in any way. I was given an IQ test in grade two which revealed my differences; my parents were called into the principal’s office and told that I was exceptional but the school did not know what to do with me apart from advancing me a grade. My gifts were creative and energetic by nature, and no formal structure existed in the culture of suburban Toronto in the sixties where I could blossom, apart from a band program where I learned to play the clarinet. My parents, bless their hearts, signed me up for ballet, violin and gymnastics: every extra-curricular class they could find. But still, the shaman in me lay dormant until adulthood, and in a way I have spent a lifetime learning how to transmute the energy of “expectation” as Aumrak names it, and in the process discovered that my answer lies in the tolerance, the empowerment and the vibration of Unconditional Love.

May we learn to look beyond what we fear is missing, and instead celebrate the primal spark of life from which we are birthed, and which blesses us all.

much love, Adi

P.S. A transmission on the spiritual nature of special kids can be found here.

MOTHER LOVE Program – All You Need is Love

MOTHER LOVE Program – All You Need is Love


An experiential, vibrational and personal revolution in Unconditional Love.

Are you a daughter or a son? Then you are living the teachings of  Mother Love. Whether you are still seeking the love you never had, or running from the mother you knew, the relationship you forged with your mother in this life is a key part of your heart’s awakening to love.

We are living in a time of deep, tumultuous transition, walking on the edge of a great planetary energetic shift, and we are here to learn how to transmute our fears into love. Pushed into a cleansing process by these heightened energies, old ways of being are no longer tolerable, and many souls are waking up at a pace which is expressed in personal crisis, inertia or loss.

Those of us upon a spiritual path often make life very complicated with techniques and seminars and modalities, yet the fundamentals of change are laid out simply before us, if we look beneath all the fuss. When we understand the ways that we fear losing love, and choose to consciously open our hearts to allowing love instead, every challenge shifts and we are empowered in every aspect of our lives.


The Absence and Presence of Unconditional Love:

To be human is to have experiences of lost love, or suffering. When we carry these wounds in an unconscious way, they manifest in limitation and lack.  If you experience any of these challenges in your life, you are living a denial of Love.

– Feelings of inadequacy and shame
– Self-denial, self-judgement and guilt
– Promiscuity or sexual numbness or fear of intimacy
– Inertia and inability to access emotion
– Powerlessness and denied femininity or masculinity
– Addictions, anxiety, depression
– Blocked creativity
– Care-taking and self-sacrifice
– Parenting difficulties and postpartum depression
– Physical ailments such as back pain, weight gain, digestive or skin troubles

Alternatively, when we walk through our fears and discover the power of our own hearts to heal, we step into a balanced way of being.

– Empowered decisions and actions
– Confidence in speaking and social interactions
– Grounded energy
– Work/play/love life balance
– Compassion and tolerance
– Frequent access to joy and delight
– Generosity of spirit with others
– Free flowing passion and creativity
– Content to be alone yet fully present with a partner
– Balanced giving without depletion
– Clear desires and boundaries
– Calm, strong parenting
– Rich, divine sexual essence
– Alignment with higher purpose

Program Intent

To provide personal and individual guidance and energetic experience.
To explore sacred teachings in a loving community.
To create a collective connection where, through raising personal vibration, we raise the planetary vibration.
To support and celebrate the transformation of all.



Elements of the MOTHER LOVE Program

1/ Energy Work:

We have all incarnated at this time to learn one thing: that Love is stronger than Fear. To support the integration of this profound truth, each week Adikanda will invite energies of a high vibration to clear the fear from our bodies, elevate our awareness and open our hearts. This series of six energy healing sessions offers a powerful grounding in a vibration of Unconditional Love.

2/ Personal Transmissions:

Each participant will receive a written personal transmission from their own birth mother, alive or deceased. These will be shared and discussed within the group in a gentle and loving manner.

3/ Oonah Transmissions:

Of Adikanda’s extensive collection of received poems and transmissions, these are amongst the most treasured. Teachings from Oonah, a master who walked her last life as an abducted child, offer a rare, pure and powerful view of the nature of Love. We will study several Oonah transmissions from the Mother Love Manual, read them aloud to experience their vibration and discuss the teachings contained within.

4/ Teachings:

Each week Adikanda will share a received teaching specifically for the Mother Love Study Group.
Topics will include:
1/ The Perfect Mother Within
2/ Biological, Energetic Mothers and their Children
3/ The Great Mother and Mother Archetypes
4/ Nourishing the Lost Child
5/ Skills for Transmuting Fear into Love
6/ Living Love: a Transformed Life

4/ Mother Love Manual:

A powerful collection of transmissions from Oonah and other guides. Each participant will receive a copy to take home.


Special Guests:

We are so excited to be joined by two wonderful guests in our program.

Darren Austin Hall

Darren Austin Hall is a pioneering sacred musician, sound healer and yoga teacher. His music is crafted from the infinite creative moment in spontaneous transmissions, devoted to fostering connection to divine power. His performances entail diverse, salving instrumentation (from crystal singing bowls to lyre harp and guitar) combined with his powerful free-singing. His new album, The Tantra of Truth, is his soundtrack to the evolution of consciousness in our contemporary times. Darren is also a gifted speaker and facilitator and he teaches a wide array of workshops on new paradigms of healing and well-being. Darren also authors a widely read blog called The Druid and is a renowned poet.   Darren Austin Hall





A gifted and highly skilled yoga teacher, healer, founder of Sananda Yoga and co-founder of Art of Life, Anandashakti embodies the spirit and energy of a life committed to wholeness and enlightenment. Since 1980, Ananda has devoted her life to the study, training, teaching and living of the timeless wisdoms of creation from ancient times to their new expressions in our modern psyche. She counts many of the great masters, both in India and North America as her mentors and guides.  Sananda



The MOTHER LOVE Program – $360

6 Tuesdays, April 15 to May 20, 2014 7 – 10 pm
37 Scarborough Road, Toronto



The MOTHER LOVE Personal Program – $220

  • Full length audio transmission from your birth mother and regarding your loving relationships
  • The MOTHER LOVE Manual e-book
  • One-on-one follow up  session with Adi, live or online

Please contact Adi to register.


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much love, Adi



MOTHER LOVE Vibrational Video

Screen Shot 2014-03-22 at 5.26.56 PM

MOTHER LOVE the video

Welcome to an experience of pure Love. For some time I have been called to offer a program representative of the vibration of unconditional love, which I am blessed to experience each time I receive a transmission and connect to the energies of higher realms. Details of the program are to follow shortly; this video is an introduction and expresses the power of what I wish to share.

The soundtrack is a song called SLEEP which I received for my own mother in the final weeks of her life. She was a powerful and resistant spirit, living well into her nineties but in a state of very poor health. The song guides her to surrender to trust in her passing. As you listen, be aware that you are receiving a vibrational healing. I recommend headphones or good speakers to support the process. The simple lyrics are:

“Softly she goes
under her sorrow
softly she goes
under her pain

Softly she knows
nothing of tomorrow
softly she knows
nothing is the same…”

The narration of the video is as follows:

We have all incarnated upon the Earth at this time of powerful transition to learn one thing: that Love is stronger, larger and more true than Fear. Every day that we face challenges of limitation, loss, hopelessness or self-doubt, we are given another chance to discover the power of unconditional love to heal, and    to learn how our ability to love others unconditionally must be predicated by our ability to receive this love into our own hearts.


All that we have named as God, Goddess, Creator, Spirit, Universal Consciousness, all this is Love. And all Love is a vibration, an energy that exists equally and abundantly for all beings. Love makes no distinction, bears no with-holding, holds no judgement or denial. We have embodied in this life to awaken to our own relationship with this energy, because Love is the truth of who we are. It is our being, the very air we breathe when we are not afraid.

Fear is the reflection, the polarity, the inverse of our own surrender and opening to love. As such it is illusion for there is no truth in fear. Even in our darkest, most painful experiences, the absolute truth that exists above, beneath, around and beyond our fear is that of Love. Just because you can’t see it in the moment, doesn’t mean it isn’t so.


We have chosen to embody to experience our own fear, our own suffering, our own resistance. We in fact came here seeking this experience so that we might have the opportunity of cleansing the dense vibration of pain, to allow ourselves to surrender more deeply and ultimately completely to a whole and unconditional love. We understand this through our primary human connection: the love a mother holds for her child, and of course, the relationship we all hold with the Great Mother, the planet which carries us upon her back, throughout our human days .


We may have spent our lives seeking the mother we never had, or running away from the one we did, but if you are born of a woman, you are living a human expression of Mother Love. Our birth mothers are the women who invited our soul essence to share a physical form with them, to enter their wombs, to share their blood, to sleep to the sound of their beating hearts, and then eventually to dare to leave the safety of this greatest bliss on Earth and from there to be carried forward in their arms. Against the warmth of their breasts, drinking the nourishment of the milk made from their bodies.. we engage with these women to enact the vibration of unconditional love to the degree that they are able to surrender to offering, and we are able to surrender to receiving. Our connection to them carries a depth beyond words. We emerge from them, we are them, and we learn more from them than from any other human relationship in our lives. Beyond these women comes the experience of mother love in many other forms.


We have many mothers in our lives, those of us who have embodied in the feminine form may become mothers ourselves. We may choose to mother others who are not our biological children.  And above all we are, each one of us male or female, learning how to mother our own hearts, our own spirits as we grow. With the imbalance of the wounded masculine nature that has over-run our gentle planet, there is a deep, deep hunger for the love of the mother. A hunger so vast, it is too large, for most of us to see.

And so when we heal, when we expand our personal, intimate hearts, and engage with this vibration of love, we participate in the field of energy that is being drawn forth and invited by our great mother. We prepare ourselves to participate in a birth she is offering us now, as a species. One where some will live and some will die, but all will be reclaimed into this vibration, into her womb. All will be born again, in their own way.  And the unfolding of this is up to us. It is our power of voice.


There lives a child within each one of us, a child who has never fully left the mothers of our birth. She/he is still seeking a completion, a return to the bliss of the womb. That child is still looking for understanding and a resolution to the illusion of the suffering, so that the truth of the vibration of a universal, unconditional mother love may be found.


This is the work of our lives. This is the purpose of our births, the understanding which may bring us to an elevation beyond anything we have known before. When we find the essence of her in a tangible form and learn how to align ourselves with this vibration, then every challenge we have faced, every loss we have known softens and melts, so warm is her embodiment. There is no fear, no defiance that will not bow to the force of such Love. And it is ours to claim. Our endurance, our capacity for purpose and joy, our proud strength. Our insistence upon seeing the beauty in everything, our faith, our passion, the very wisdom that makes complete sense of life..  all these are Mother Love.


We are learning to return to our true nature, for the lost mother, the lost home and safety we all seek, is the inspiration to release the Love that is our own inner essence. We can find it. We can experience it again. The love of the mother is both infinite and eternal, so she is willing to wait, as we wander toward home.”


much love, Adi

Of Steve Jobs, John Lennon and Imagining the Rebel

Of Steve Jobs, John Lennon and Imagining the Rebel

You probably know that Steve Jobs dropped out of college, but did you know that the average net worth of billionaires who dropped out of college, $9.4 billion, is approximately triple that of billionaires with Ph.D.s, $3.2 billion? “Even if one removes Bill Gates, who left Harvard University and is now worth $66.0 billion, college dropouts are worth $5.3 billion on average, compared to those who finished only bachelor’s degrees, who are worth $2.9 billion. According to a recent report from Cambridge-based Forrester Research, 20% of America’s millionaires never attended college.”  – Wikipedia

Now I probably should mention that achieving billionaire status is not necessarily a path to consciousness and inner peace, but these stats offer an interesting reflection of an educational system predicated on spending as many years as possible inside the walls of an institution, in order to achieve material success.

Steve Jobs: I’m Glad I Dropped Out of College Commencement Address

List of college dropout billionaires

Below is the iconic Apple video, The Crazy Ones, narrated by Steve Jobs. This is the original version. Richard Dreyfuss narrated another version that was actually released when Jobs changed his mind the morning of the first air date, stating the ad was about Apple, not about himself. The ad features Albert Einstein, Bob Dylan, Martin Luther King, Jr., Richard Branson, John Lennon (with Yoko Ono), Buckminster Fuller, Thomas Edison, Muhammad Ali, Ted Turner, Maria Callas, Mahatma Gandhi, Amelia Earhart, Alfred Hitchcock, Martha Graham, Jim Henson (with Kermit the Frog), Frank Lloyd Wright and Pablo Picasso.

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 6.52.54 AM

Steve Jobs narrates The Crazy Ones

What have you done with the rebel in you?  When was the last time you listened to that truth telling voice, or thought of how you could make change happen, if you actually stepped out of the old ways into something completely new?

Most of us have only experienced rebellion within the context that created the oppression in the first place. It begins with young rebels running for student council. When elected, they enjoy their new social status, but are powerless within an educational system based on control and fear. On the news we watch political rebels fighting to unseat an oppressive regime, knowing the new government will be just as corrupt as the old one. We cheer on gay rights activists fighting for the right to marry, while divorce rates sky-rocket and the institution of marriage crumbles. We witness a wonderful, rebellious Pope working to allow women to become cardinals, so they can be part of the same religion that once burned them at the stake, the same religious system which has virtually ignored the rampant sexual abuse of their children.  We read of anti-technology pundits putting away their cell phones and computers for a week and then returning to blog about their abstinence online.  It’s enough to make any rebel curl up in an arm chair with cookies and the remote.

What if those of us born with a rebellious instinct, dared to let it go all the way? What if, instead of reworking the system, we tossed the system out all together, took down the old paradigms to make way for the new? What if we stood so far back from the drawing board, we could see not just the algorithm, not just the room we are standing in, but the street, the country, the continent, the planet and beyond?

Here is a video that details the changing whims of Mankind, about who owns the chunk of land they are standing on, and who has the biggest guns to keep it. It’s hard to imagine a more fruitless waste of human lives and energy than this.  Children in a sand box fighting over toys, nothing more.

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 6.20.52 AM

1000 years of borders

Here is a different world view, the original Powers of Ten video, made by Charles and Ray Eames for IBM. It takes you from a picnic in Chicago to the outskirts of the universe, by increasing increments of the power of ten. This definitely offers a little perspective.

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 9.10.41 AM

The Powers of Ten

 And here is another, very beautiful look at that same chunk of land. A view taken from outside of a political, nationalistic, materialistic paradigm. I don’t see any borders. Do you?

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 7.01.38 AM

The Earth. Time lapse view from space, NASA

It’s as good a time as any to be a rebel, a real rebel, ready to shake down our most fundamental and cherished beliefs. What if we were to live by our hearts, fully?  To act upon what feels true, just, joyful and kind, no matter what the rule-makers say? What if the house of cards came tumbling down, and we discovered we didn’t need a roof anymore, because Heaven was finally found.  Wouldn’t that make John smile.

Imagine there’s no heaven
It’s easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today…

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace…

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 7.15.58 AM

John sings Imagine

Perhaps above all it is time to realize that thinking differently, being an outsider, is a gift not a curse. We can choose to trust ourselves, instead of the voices of fear. If there is one earmark of the current shifting planetary energies, in the way they touch each one of us personally, it would be the call to rise up and speak the truth of who we are. You may have noticed that when you step out of alignment with your authentic nature, it doesn’t work so well anymore, does it? There’s no satisfaction to be found there, my dear rebels, for our days of hiding, denying, pretending are done.

From the final issue of The Whole Earth Catalog, and from Steve Jobs: “Stay hungry. Stay foolish.” Truth and dare. And just imagine what a world full of real rebels can do.

love, Adi

Kore Reading Excerpt: Emotional and Sexual Slavery

Kore Reading Excerpt: Emotional and Sexual Slavery


The KORE PROCESS is a modality which offers courageous seekers a window into the primary fear-based energetic wound we are here to heal in this lifetime. The Law of Attraction tells us that we create our own reality, and this is indeed true. But if we are driven by unconscious patterns of fear, it is not enough to visualize, chant mantras and think positively. We must first clear the fear from our cellular memories, otherwise what lives unseen in our energy field will do the manifesting for us, in the negative, and we’ll find ourselves repeatedly blocked from achieving our dreams. This is why we call these embedded fears” patterns”.

What follows is an excerpt transcribed from the audio of one woman’s live Kore Reading. The past life story given her in the reading details a lifetime in an ancient culture as a very young woman wherein she is given away in marriage by an ambitious father to an older man whom she cannot bear, and denied marriage to the young man of her choice. The story culminates in a scene where she is asked to dance before her suitors, and violence erupts which eventually results in the death of her beloved, and then her own death as she attempts to escape captivity and a lifetime of emotional and sexual slavery…


Illustration by Martyna Machnica

...She died with this spirit erupting from within her in two directions. One was this unquenchable power, it was as if she could not turn it off and it said, ‘No, I would rather die than live half-dead’. And the other part of her was setting free any hope of life because this was how great was her despair, how great was her fear, how great was her grief about the loss of any potential for happiness and love. Her choices were so black and white that, forced to follow what had been given to her, she knew she had nothing left to lose. And so she risked all to fight; even until the last moment, she would not back off.

Yet as she died, there was this deep hopelessness. It was as if she found herself alone in the world, alone in a world that completely did not understand her in any way. There was no one around her who would stand for her. No one who would protect her except that young man, who was now gone. Even her own mother… as much as she knew her mother loved her, she let her go. She had to. So the powerlessness of everyone around her was like a disease. And she just did not want to catch this disease, she would do anything to escape it. So this last explosion of violence was both a reach toward allowing her true Self to speak, and an act of desperation that she knew would end in her own death, almost a suicide. At that moment of death these two sensations became united and so on a soul level, as her soul departed her body there was this melding, this confusion between the beauty of her power, particularly her creative power and this ultimate despair and this ultimate loss of love. She could not see the distinction between the two.  And so they became one.

This is a pattern of denial of passion, denial of the beauty of the Self. It is a pattern of powerlessness and of rebellion. It is a pattern of great loss countered by sheer determination. There is both tremendous pain and great beauty present here. There is an unstoppable creative force, there is unstoppable drive toward love and honesty, and truth. These blessings have been brought forward, they cannot die. But melded to this beauty is this tremendous fear of the danger of that true Self, for she was the dangerous one. She caused her own suffering and she caused the suffering of countless people around her. And above all she caused the death of the one she wanted the most. She saw herself as the reason, really the underlying reason for the end of all possibilities for her, all the possibilities of where her creativity and her power would take her. It would seem to come down to being her own fault, over and over again. So this is a pattern of self-judgment, not guilt so much, but the kind of self-judgment that leads into a sense of powerlessness. Powerlessness that feels explosive, because the power that is being denied is so pure and so true.

You are being asked to understand the immense value that creative work has in your life. That this is not simply a hobby or a tool for you, it is who you are. And this work, this sense of Self is much larger than you personally, it is something that you envision. On a soul level you are a leader, you are envisioning your place in the world to break through, to shatter these old ways of seeing how women must be contained and how their beauty has been bought and sold.

You are the one who carries the light ahead of others in this area. You are both a leader and also a  fore-teller of the truths that are yet to come. And you are asked to begin by acknowledging your own power and awakening to dare to achieve what you have been so afraid of. To observe that fear and to begin to work with the release of that fear by allowing yourself to step up and into situations that are uncomfortable, when you’re letting that light show, when you’re letting that power emerge. And be prepared for the sensation that seems as if it’s misdirected, as if it goes wrong, as if you cannot be seen or heard. And if you are heard, that you create damage and more harm rather than the liberation that you seek. This is the illusion, this is the pattern that you are here to heal.

There is a great love in your heart. This love has kept you alive, not just physically, but it has kept you in a place of light. This knowing of love will be your salvation; return to it over and over when challenges arise. Learn to trust the source of love that is within you, and not to look for it outside of yourself. Learn that in fact this power within you, as you trust it, will enable you to share it with others. It must first be acknowledged and owned, and lived within you… And then the sharing and then the empowerment of others will come.

Love is your true nature, beauty is your true physical expression and creativity is your true voice. Never forget and never walk away from these elements of your authentic Self.

Please watch for upcoming offerings in the Kore Process series to be announced shortly. Readings are available worldwide online, and in person in the Toronto area.

love, Adi

SEASON OF LOVE Singles Dinner Party in Toronto

SEASON OF LOVE Singles Dinner Party in Toronto

Belly Dancer Screen Shot

Singles Event at the SULTAN’S TENT

Welcome the Season of Love by joining us for a lavish, three course meal in our own private tent at one of Toronto’s premier dining spots, including a belly dancing performance.

Join other singles to celebrate romance in the spring and receive a personal written reading about your own journey with Love. Hosted by Adikanda and Sharon Chiasson, our evening includes group guidance, one-on-one time with Adi and a chance to share and open your heart through joy and celebration with other awakening souls. Not your average singles event!

You will receive:

  • A beautiful, written personal transmission about your journey with Love
  • Personal in-the-moment guidance with Adi
  • Group guidance and blessing
  • A sacred gift to take home, chosen for you by your guides
  • A playful, nourishing and loving evening with other beautiful, awakening souls of spirit and substance

And of course.. A sumptuous, three course gourmet Moroccan meal with a glass of wine and gratuities included, and a fabulous half hour belly-dancing performance!

Thursday, May 1, 2014 7 – 10 PM

THE SULTAN’S TENT site and directions

$180 – only 16 seats available

Please note this is a special price as an introductory offering in our Dinner Party series.

Advance reservation with payment required. While we delight equally in both men and women attending, we cannot guarantee the mix. We know that you will find wonderful company and receive deep guidance about your own journey with Love.

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Searching for the Lost Self, With a Smile

Sometimes real life creates stories that are too perfect to be imitated.


Lisa’s Search for Self By R.C.Bailey

An Icelandic tour bus stopped near a volcanic canyon when one of the women on the bus left to change and freshen her make up.  It seems no one knew where she had gone, and in her absence word went round about a missing passenger. When she returned, not only did her fellow travelers not recognize her, but she didn’t recognize the description of herself, so they all headed out to look for her. Fifty people set out on foot and in vehicles, and the coast guard was readying a helicopter when, at 3 am, they somehow determined that she was in fact, looking for her own lost self.

Isn’t it interesting how easily we seem to get lost, how much of a fuss is made about the wrong things, how little others know us, and how little we know of ourselves. The good news is that we have people around us who care if we disappear, and on a rough day, a quick make up job can work wonders.

Missing woman searches for herself.

love, Adi