Your Last Day on Earth

Once upon a time
there was a magnificent beauty
she stood taller than her world
and in her heart was only peace and celebration
because she knew nothing was greater
than these


But before she could enact her soul’s journey
she first had to be able to see herself
and when she stepped apart from her centre
the sense of separation was so painful
she created a false face to wear
according to the desires of those whose love she sought
to fill the emptiness
of leaving herself behind


Do you know her?
Can you remember her still?

There is a source of truth erupting in you now
the way a buried flame rises through the earth
to explode in a rain of fire
You unfurl the long awaited substance
of your presence and purpose
and for this to be allowed
you must be willing to see the truth
of what has been hidden and denied


If we stand in one spot
we can never know ourselves
It is the flight of the bird
that grants her the vision
of which way is home
So here you are
in all the agony of being apart
from love
from trust
from alignment
but it is here
this very place that shows you
what you have been so afraid to see
There is nothing that keeps you
from all that you have wished
no one else holds that permission
no one else holds that key


So look now
not just at what is practical
what is expected
what is the way it used to be
Look instead
at what makes today feel
as powerful
as your last day on Earth
for it could be
indeed it easily could be
and what a teaching
that would be

It is this level of trust
artist in a blindfold
that allows the impossible
to become the essential
till there is no turning back

Do what you do
like an emergence from a cocoon
you must
it is your life and your breath
and no other way exists
Give at this level
and you will be fed
you will be held
you will be at home in this world
and any other
upon your path


because not being
cannot be borne
because a life lived in protection
is not worth the safety
because it is all that is real
Everything else is the dust
of the distractions
of our fear

love, Adi

CL-12 4x4


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