Searching for the Lost Self, With a Smile

Sometimes real life creates stories that are too perfect to be imitated.


Lisa’s Search for Self By R.C.Bailey

An Icelandic tour bus stopped near a volcanic canyon when one of the women on the bus left to change and freshen her make up.  It seems no one knew where she had gone, and in her absence word went round about a missing passenger. When she returned, not only did her fellow travelers not recognize her, but she didn’t recognize the description of herself, so they all headed out to look for her. Fifty people set out on foot and in vehicles, and the coast guard was readying a helicopter when, at 3 am, they somehow determined that she was in fact, looking for her own lost self.

Isn’t it interesting how easily we seem to get lost, how much of a fuss is made about the wrong things, how little others know us, and how little we know of ourselves. The good news is that we have people around us who care if we disappear, and on a rough day, a quick make up job can work wonders.

Missing woman searches for herself.

love, Adi


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