MOTHER LOVE Vibrational Video

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MOTHER LOVE the video

Welcome to an experience of pure Love. For some time I have been called to offer a program representative of the vibration of unconditional love, which I am blessed to experience each time I receive a transmission and connect to the energies of higher realms. Details of the program are to follow shortly; this video is an introduction and expresses the power of what I wish to share.

The soundtrack is a song called SLEEP which I received for my own mother in the final weeks of her life. She was a powerful and resistant spirit, living well into her nineties but in a state of very poor health. The song guides her to surrender to trust in her passing. As you listen, be aware that you are receiving a vibrational healing. I recommend headphones or good speakers to support the process. The simple lyrics are:

“Softly she goes
under her sorrow
softly she goes
under her pain

Softly she knows
nothing of tomorrow
softly she knows
nothing is the same…”

The narration of the video is as follows:

We have all incarnated upon the Earth at this time of powerful transition to learn one thing: that Love is stronger, larger and more true than Fear. Every day that we face challenges of limitation, loss, hopelessness or self-doubt, we are given another chance to discover the power of unconditional love to heal, and    to learn how our ability to love others unconditionally must be predicated by our ability to receive this love into our own hearts.


All that we have named as God, Goddess, Creator, Spirit, Universal Consciousness, all this is Love. And all Love is a vibration, an energy that exists equally and abundantly for all beings. Love makes no distinction, bears no with-holding, holds no judgement or denial. We have embodied in this life to awaken to our own relationship with this energy, because Love is the truth of who we are. It is our being, the very air we breathe when we are not afraid.

Fear is the reflection, the polarity, the inverse of our own surrender and opening to love. As such it is illusion for there is no truth in fear. Even in our darkest, most painful experiences, the absolute truth that exists above, beneath, around and beyond our fear is that of Love. Just because you can’t see it in the moment, doesn’t mean it isn’t so.


We have chosen to embody to experience our own fear, our own suffering, our own resistance. We in fact came here seeking this experience so that we might have the opportunity of cleansing the dense vibration of pain, to allow ourselves to surrender more deeply and ultimately completely to a whole and unconditional love. We understand this through our primary human connection: the love a mother holds for her child, and of course, the relationship we all hold with the Great Mother, the planet which carries us upon her back, throughout our human days .


We may have spent our lives seeking the mother we never had, or running away from the one we did, but if you are born of a woman, you are living a human expression of Mother Love. Our birth mothers are the women who invited our soul essence to share a physical form with them, to enter their wombs, to share their blood, to sleep to the sound of their beating hearts, and then eventually to dare to leave the safety of this greatest bliss on Earth and from there to be carried forward in their arms. Against the warmth of their breasts, drinking the nourishment of the milk made from their bodies.. we engage with these women to enact the vibration of unconditional love to the degree that they are able to surrender to offering, and we are able to surrender to receiving. Our connection to them carries a depth beyond words. We emerge from them, we are them, and we learn more from them than from any other human relationship in our lives. Beyond these women comes the experience of mother love in many other forms.


We have many mothers in our lives, those of us who have embodied in the feminine form may become mothers ourselves. We may choose to mother others who are not our biological children.  And above all we are, each one of us male or female, learning how to mother our own hearts, our own spirits as we grow. With the imbalance of the wounded masculine nature that has over-run our gentle planet, there is a deep, deep hunger for the love of the mother. A hunger so vast, it is too large, for most of us to see.

And so when we heal, when we expand our personal, intimate hearts, and engage with this vibration of love, we participate in the field of energy that is being drawn forth and invited by our great mother. We prepare ourselves to participate in a birth she is offering us now, as a species. One where some will live and some will die, but all will be reclaimed into this vibration, into her womb. All will be born again, in their own way.  And the unfolding of this is up to us. It is our power of voice.


There lives a child within each one of us, a child who has never fully left the mothers of our birth. She/he is still seeking a completion, a return to the bliss of the womb. That child is still looking for understanding and a resolution to the illusion of the suffering, so that the truth of the vibration of a universal, unconditional mother love may be found.


This is the work of our lives. This is the purpose of our births, the understanding which may bring us to an elevation beyond anything we have known before. When we find the essence of her in a tangible form and learn how to align ourselves with this vibration, then every challenge we have faced, every loss we have known softens and melts, so warm is her embodiment. There is no fear, no defiance that will not bow to the force of such Love. And it is ours to claim. Our endurance, our capacity for purpose and joy, our proud strength. Our insistence upon seeing the beauty in everything, our faith, our passion, the very wisdom that makes complete sense of life..  all these are Mother Love.


We are learning to return to our true nature, for the lost mother, the lost home and safety we all seek, is the inspiration to release the Love that is our own inner essence. We can find it. We can experience it again. The love of the mother is both infinite and eternal, so she is willing to wait, as we wander toward home.”


much love, Adi


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