MOTHER LOVE Program – All You Need is Love


An experiential, vibrational and personal revolution in Unconditional Love.

Are you a daughter or a son? Then you are living the teachings of  Mother Love. Whether you are still seeking the love you never had, or running from the mother you knew, the relationship you forged with your mother in this life is a key part of your heart’s awakening to love.

We are living in a time of deep, tumultuous transition, walking on the edge of a great planetary energetic shift, and we are here to learn how to transmute our fears into love. Pushed into a cleansing process by these heightened energies, old ways of being are no longer tolerable, and many souls are waking up at a pace which is expressed in personal crisis, inertia or loss.

Those of us upon a spiritual path often make life very complicated with techniques and seminars and modalities, yet the fundamentals of change are laid out simply before us, if we look beneath all the fuss. When we understand the ways that we fear losing love, and choose to consciously open our hearts to allowing love instead, every challenge shifts and we are empowered in every aspect of our lives.


The Absence and Presence of Unconditional Love:

To be human is to have experiences of lost love, or suffering. When we carry these wounds in an unconscious way, they manifest in limitation and lack.  If you experience any of these challenges in your life, you are living a denial of Love.

– Feelings of inadequacy and shame
– Self-denial, self-judgement and guilt
– Promiscuity or sexual numbness or fear of intimacy
– Inertia and inability to access emotion
– Powerlessness and denied femininity or masculinity
– Addictions, anxiety, depression
– Blocked creativity
– Care-taking and self-sacrifice
– Parenting difficulties and postpartum depression
– Physical ailments such as back pain, weight gain, digestive or skin troubles

Alternatively, when we walk through our fears and discover the power of our own hearts to heal, we step into a balanced way of being.

– Empowered decisions and actions
– Confidence in speaking and social interactions
– Grounded energy
– Work/play/love life balance
– Compassion and tolerance
– Frequent access to joy and delight
– Generosity of spirit with others
– Free flowing passion and creativity
– Content to be alone yet fully present with a partner
– Balanced giving without depletion
– Clear desires and boundaries
– Calm, strong parenting
– Rich, divine sexual essence
– Alignment with higher purpose

Program Intent

To provide personal and individual guidance and energetic experience.
To explore sacred teachings in a loving community.
To create a collective connection where, through raising personal vibration, we raise the planetary vibration.
To support and celebrate the transformation of all.



Elements of the MOTHER LOVE Program

1/ Energy Work:

We have all incarnated at this time to learn one thing: that Love is stronger than Fear. To support the integration of this profound truth, each week Adikanda will invite energies of a high vibration to clear the fear from our bodies, elevate our awareness and open our hearts. This series of six energy healing sessions offers a powerful grounding in a vibration of Unconditional Love.

2/ Personal Transmissions:

Each participant will receive a written personal transmission from their own birth mother, alive or deceased. These will be shared and discussed within the group in a gentle and loving manner.

3/ Oonah Transmissions:

Of Adikanda’s extensive collection of received poems and transmissions, these are amongst the most treasured. Teachings from Oonah, a master who walked her last life as an abducted child, offer a rare, pure and powerful view of the nature of Love. We will study several Oonah transmissions from the Mother Love Manual, read them aloud to experience their vibration and discuss the teachings contained within.

4/ Teachings:

Each week Adikanda will share a received teaching specifically for the Mother Love Study Group.
Topics will include:
1/ The Perfect Mother Within
2/ Biological, Energetic Mothers and their Children
3/ The Great Mother and Mother Archetypes
4/ Nourishing the Lost Child
5/ Skills for Transmuting Fear into Love
6/ Living Love: a Transformed Life

4/ Mother Love Manual:

A powerful collection of transmissions from Oonah and other guides. Each participant will receive a copy to take home.


Special Guests:

We are so excited to be joined by two wonderful guests in our program.

Darren Austin Hall

Darren Austin Hall is a pioneering sacred musician, sound healer and yoga teacher. His music is crafted from the infinite creative moment in spontaneous transmissions, devoted to fostering connection to divine power. His performances entail diverse, salving instrumentation (from crystal singing bowls to lyre harp and guitar) combined with his powerful free-singing. His new album, The Tantra of Truth, is his soundtrack to the evolution of consciousness in our contemporary times. Darren is also a gifted speaker and facilitator and he teaches a wide array of workshops on new paradigms of healing and well-being. Darren also authors a widely read blog called The Druid and is a renowned poet.   Darren Austin Hall





A gifted and highly skilled yoga teacher, healer, founder of Sananda Yoga and co-founder of Art of Life, Anandashakti embodies the spirit and energy of a life committed to wholeness and enlightenment. Since 1980, Ananda has devoted her life to the study, training, teaching and living of the timeless wisdoms of creation from ancient times to their new expressions in our modern psyche. She counts many of the great masters, both in India and North America as her mentors and guides.  Sananda



The MOTHER LOVE Program – $360

6 Tuesdays, April 15 to May 20, 2014 7 – 10 pm
37 Scarborough Road, Toronto



The MOTHER LOVE Personal Program – $220

  • Full length audio transmission from your birth mother and regarding your loving relationships
  • The MOTHER LOVE Manual e-book
  • One-on-one follow up  session with Adi, live or online

Please contact Adi to register.


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much love, Adi




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