Why Does Kindness Make Us Weep?

“From the moment you were born
you began to die
From the day you left heaven
you agreed to cry
From the minute you decided
to learn about Love
you lost it and found it
and lost it and found it
till your child grew tall
and your heart grew wide
and the fear rolled into love again
the fear rolled into Love

From the moment your memories
were given away
From the instant your body
embodied to stay
From the way you released
your angel’s hand
you lost it and found it
and lost it and found it
till your legs got strong
and your words came wise
and the fear rolled into love again
the fear rolled into Love..”

from the song Into Love


We often think of this life as a search for solutions, a fixing of what went wrong. We think the heads of our children are empty and we need to fill them. We think Nature is not enough and we have to control it. We think we are insufficient and we need to please others to be worthy of love. We think our gods judge us and we are rife with sin.

What if instead we were to end our dance with polarities, and begin to see the rich beauty in all forms of existence, all experiences of this physical plane? To love even our suffering, and know it is no punishment but rather a gift? What if we witnessed even our pain as a beautiful expression? What if we gave ourselves permission to feel everything, no matter what, no matter when? For if we can just let the powerful waves of Source energy take us on a journey, neither good nor bad, right nor wrong, but ours, only ours to own, we cut loose our attachment to fixing things, and the presence of Love in all its forms is free to flow again.

The truth is, Love is everywhere. She wears a million faces, a billion cloaks, a trillion crowns. Love even dresses up as fear, to help us see her better after the fear is gone. And this, this is why we cry when when our hearts are moved, why our own compassion and joy can make us weep. When we witness joy we are reminded of the sweet, sweet presence of Love, even as we feel the fear that it will once again be taken away.  Our tears are the expression of an opening heart, a blessing to remind us of how we are meant to walk, every moment, of every day.

This video of a homeless man’s response to an act of kindness plays out in an what is, perhaps, an unnecessary exercise, yet the outcome provides enough beauty to touch any soul. I dare you to watch and let your heart speak.

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 2.28.59 PM

The sensation you may have felt watching this loving moment is the energetic movement  in your body of unconditional love.  Learn how to allow and invite this profound force to stay flowing in your life through our Mother Love Program.

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much love, Adi



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