Magical Child: Portrait of One of the New Children

Transmission for a woman regarding the soul journey of a young child…

by Bob Krist/Corbis

photo by Bob Krist/Corbis

The choosing of a soul path
is like the making of a painting
foreground and background
layers of colour
subjects that may appear real
or not
depending upon the vision of the artist
and with the stroke of a brush
it can all be changed
all made anew

Make no mistake
this one is one of the new children
and he comes with a readiness
to sweep away much that has gone before him
to take the circumstances of his birth
and paint them into beauty
even as they appear in unexpected ways
even as the outcome of the vision
is unknown

He is a child of purpose
and so he does not seek for the usual comforts
He will not lose himself
in the search for what he believes
he has never had
Instead he will take the artistry of the mother
and the free spirit of the father
and meld them
into a crafted beauty
that will be exactly what he needs
as only he knows

He is a speaker of truths
but gently
he is a teller of stories
but truly
but the one thing that must be said
is that he is in a hurry
He wants what he wants to explore
not later
and so already
the adventure has begun for this one
already he tackles
the calling
of his soul
To embark upon this journey he must find a great strength
for he is a foreigner in a strange land
and yet unlike so many star-born ones before
he does not question or fight this
He accepts it as his experience
and so quickens his readiness
to love
and love again

For one thing that will characterize his journey
will be the twists and turns
Nothing about it will be
in a straight line
and yet like the painter applying colours
layer by layer
he will gain what he needs
from each direction he takes
and dance so smoothly that others will envy
his trusting ways

At first
he will be the thirsty explorer of his world
and then once content
with what he has taught himself
he will settle into the role of guide
ready to steady others
whose legs are not so sure
There are some who will say
that he lives by his own rules
and indeed he will
but this alone is a teaching
to dare to be
whatever your heart speaks
and waste no energy on modifying the self
to fit in
to another’s view
Not only that
but to do so with grace
no battle stirred
no blame given
only a bemused openness
at once endearing
and confusing
for it may seem as if no one knows this child
not even himself

boy_with_earth-page1115But know him you will
as you watch and learn
and the sweetness there
will bring you much delight
You will be amused to see
that all you think to teach him
he already knows
and so it is best to just relax
to let go of all worry
that he is not the same as the others
and instead of limitation
see the vast possibilities
if you just trust him
to become fully
who he is

Some of what will emerge from him
may seem timeless
as if it has all been here before
and yet it is new
his presence is new
for he is one of the children promised
to bring the light back to the planet
to hold in their very vibration
what we all need to allow

They are the zen babies
the born seekers
and they flood the Earth at this time
ready to meet loss and lack
as if they held no power
for it is all just a game
it is all exactly
as it is meant to be
whether in fear or in love

Be prepared to watch this boy
live a very human life
and he will be as stubborn
in his human failings
as in his divine nature
He will be both fiercely strong
and immeasurably sensitive
He will love because it is his nature to do so
no effort
only grace
and at the same time
be as awkward
as a baby bird
Can you call a boy beautiful?
This one is.
Can you see his courage
even from his very first days?
He will go from light-infused infant
to wise youth
to complex and passionate man
He will be himself
which is all he has to be

Your role dear auntie
is to love all of it
as you are learning to do
Not to separate
what is right or wrong
no blame or shame
no need to control
Because your radiant love
will find its way to him
more freely
more abundantly
if you are living
your own truth

The child both hopes and believes
that he will be connected to you
and he wants to see
that door open wide
He knows of loss
and will know more to come
but he is at peace with the scattered nature
of his beginnings
because he finds it a small price to pay
to live in the richness of experience
that will be his world

He is a teacher
and while still a student himself
many will come
to learn from his truth
You yourself will find
that he will grow to be your teacher too
and in the years of your knowing one another
there will be much learning
to be gained


Portrait of a Magar Child by Bruno Morandi

And though he is indeed
one of the souls new to this earth
in a way he is also ancient
and will always feel connected in remembering his place
amongst his ancestors
The old ones
the creatures of simpler ways and times

As a keeper of wisdom he returns
to use his art
to awaken the memories of those who have forgotten
how once we lived in harmony and respect
for all life
for all creatures
for the loving beings of this world

Let him always take his freedom
as he finds it
as he feels it
For if he is contained
if he is asked to shut down this brilliance
which is his very own only
not only will we be kept from his gifts
but he will turn these expressive energies inward
and thus risk the imbalance
which plagued his mother
and so many other sensitive, beautiful, creative children
of the Earth

And above all
in your connection with him
be the one who always sees him as he is
be the one who respects his truth
even if he seems to stumble and fall
be the one who does not doubt or judge
when he grieves the losses he has known
be his maternal angel
one who can share in his wisdom
because she too has suffered
she too has lost those who share her blood
she too has sought to find a place
amongst those whom she loves

There is a caution
which is a reflection of the ancestral knowledge
he carries forward
in this life
And that is that while he seeks the wise teachings
of his forefathers
he will also be encumbered
by the unconscious memories of their fears
In fact at times
these patterns will surface in a magnified way
for he is an emissary
of their clearing
and it will seem as if he plays them out
like an actor taking on a role
This task is one that demands a certain courage
and yet he will embrace it
as if it were something he was born to do
and in some ways
he was


Above all remember
this child needs no one’s pity
His journey is that of the artist
an opportunity to give birth
to the greatest truth
and the greatest beauty
by simply living
allowing his life
expressing it
and through this process of sharing and defining
awaken himself and others
to the reason
this life must be lived

Every child needs love
and he will find his in ways beyond
what many of us understand
and from his searching
will come a great reward
as he gives back the love he once ached so deeply
to receive
Thus the teacher

much love, Adi

Magar child photo:

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