Are We There Yet?

Pain That Doesn’t Hurt

The idea that we will one day wake up to a world without struggle, without suffering, without loss, seems a haunting mirage. When am I done? When is it over? When will I learn enough, grow enough, heal enough, forgive and love enough to taste the peace that seems to hover just out of reach, no matter how hard I try?


But what if this very discomfort is caused by the reaching? What if we were to pull back in our scattered, disruptive energy and be present here and now instead? What if we are safe, even in the midst of danger, loved even when conflict boils, beautiful even when all we can see in the mirror is the stain of all the times and ways we think we have failed. What if our willingness to be present and without judgement toward the experience which lies before us, is the very key to releasing the pressures we place upon ourselves. Perhaps, as a powerful guide once told me, pain doesn’t hurt, only fear does.




You struggle with trust
and yet the battle itself
is a symptom of resistance
Do not fight the fear
but let it speak
Do not chase peace
but let it come to you
Do not dread failure
but know that it is a misconception
and that while you will experience challenge
in the work that you face every day
the same event that may land as a blow one day
can soften into a warm wind the next
as you allow it to come without fear
of the fear itself

Accept your task
by accepting your humanity
Love yourself
by loving even your fear
and in this way see past it
to the greater truth of who you are

Stand tall
taller and taller still
upon the mountain
as you look down
upon the trials of your day
and they will grow small
in your sight
like the games of a child
who dares to run
who dares to fall
who dares to let herself

Assume your fragility
and yet
step forward anyway
Assume your fallibility
and yet
take action anyway
Above all
assume your love
the one that comes to you
from every universal principle
and the one that lives
in your own heart
ready to join
through the simplicity
of knowing that every child
is beautiful
every child
is deserving
of trust

Give to yourself
only what you know
to be right
for the world


Are you working so very hard and yet living in sadness, separate from your aligned self, your joy?  I offer readings and counseling sessions in person or online worldwide, accessing a gentle, loving wisdom to support any challenge. I’d love to talk with you to answer any questions. Send me a voice mail or email: Chat With Adi here . 🙂

much love! Adi


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