FULL MOON MOTHER LOVE Group Healing and Beach Celebration with NAMASTWAY


The Dalai Lama is quoted as saying that the world will be saved by the Western Woman. In addressing the wounded masculine upon our Earth, we must remember to nourish the depleted feminine. The Great Mother is our source and reminder of unconditional Love, and she lives within each one of us, male and female alike.

Please join Adikanda in Toronto for a group attunement and transmission in honour of healing the Mother, followed by a moonlight walk to the beach where we will be joined by NAMASTWAY, the gifted jazz guitar and cello duo, for some gorgeous music by the water.



We will start the evening at 37 Scarborough Road, just north of Queen Street East, West of Victoria Park. Please bring your own beverage and a snack to share for the beach celebration. Wear comfortable clothing and bring a beach blanket if you like.

at 7:00pm – 10:00pm
By Donation

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love, Adi


The FEARLESS Program: Deep Mentorship with Adi

Can you imagine a life lived without fear? Experiencing daily the utter freedom of choosing your experiences and responses, unfettered by the bonds of old paradigms, frustrating patterns or toxic beliefs? Rich with the flow of unblocked creativity, passion, health, wealth and a joyful heart, within the constant embrace of divine wisdom and unconditional Love?


For 15 years I have been immersed in communications from a realm of higher wisdom, sharing the teachings and vibration of these transmissions with you, my beautiful followers, friends and clients worldwide.  I have guided you through times of great loss and challenge, by awakening the rich treasure of spiritual awareness and freedom found within all suffering.  After thousands of one-on-one readings with you, I have so often wished for a way to keep walking at your side after a reading, to be present in a consistent way to help you surrender fully to the love of your Guides, and the opening we have initiated together.


The Transformation Of Daphne, by Domen Lombergar 2006

The FEARLESS Program: Deep Mentorship with Adi

It is with great delight that I announce my new 3, 6 and 12 month FEARLESS Mentorship programs:  an opportunity to systematically address each experience of trauma or limitation in your life by applying powerful energetic processes and immersing yourself in loving follow up care that will ensure continued and lasting shifts.  Imagine having strong guidance, a loving presence and ready energetic infusions to lead you step by step into the freedom of a fearless life? I call this exchange, DEEP MENTORING, the process of diving in, being closely held, and then lifted up, knowing you are never alone.

Each level of the FEARLESS Program offers the monthly structure of an initial one-on-one reading, with weekly follow up sessions and a guided integration week to conclude the month. Every step of the way we will check in with the Guides regarding your energetic and emotional priorities in our process together, so that each month takes us deeper, and then lifts us higher.  If you wish to incorporate a Past Life Reading such as the KORE PROCESS into your FEARLESS Program, it is a perfect structure to support this profound work. My promise to you is to hold you always within the vibration of unconditional love, to always tell you the truth, and to offer every wisdom I know, in service to your transformation and empowerment.

In additional to our personal sessions, you will also receive guided energy processes by audio and video, as well as community with fellow FEARLESS travelers in our online support forum.  Through structured opportunities for reconnection with your Guides, you will learn that you are never alone, and that any fear, any pain may be transmuted.  Personalized sessions assure that every question, doubt and concern is addressed so that in these days of intensified planetary energies and turmoil, you will be walking more clearly toward your heart’s vision than ever before.


Please contact Adi for a check-in session at no cost so we can discuss your needs and dreams. I would love to chat with you about the possibility of a new future in alignment with your authentic nature. The greatest gift we can give to the Earth and all sentient beings at this time of the great Shift is our own fearless devotion to transformation and ascension.  Your power, your light and your healed heart are needed now. Please join me in leaving our fear behind!

Picture 6

Click above to watch a video of a live reading, a taste of what the FEARLESS Program has to give.

much love, Adi

Old Souls and Sensitives; from Schizophrenia and Autism to A.D.D.

You are a brave space traveler, arriving upon a strange planet. You discover beings living there, but they are primitive, sleep walking through their lives and governed by unconscious principles, driven by base emotions and awash in fear. Even though you have come as a messenger of love and consciousness, these beings are defensive and threatened by you, keeping you in captivity, alternately rejecting and tormenting you, refusing to believe who you are and naming you as deficient and broken. You are given drugs to numb you, education to suppress your individuality and creativity so you can be controlled, and you live out your life in mindless occupations to deny any voice, any expression of your reason for being.  You try to remember the place you came from. You dream of suicide, of going home…

POWDER, 1995 film by Victor Salva

This is the journey of the old souls, the sensitives, the awakening ones who have embodied here on planet Earth, stepping into form with insufficient protection, an immersion rite of passage in a foreign world. These are the ones the world loves to label: ADD, bipolar, schizophrenic, autistic, Asperger’s, addict, artist, irresponsible, fuck-up, crazy, dangerous and weird. The ones who never fit in, even in their own skin, but they come with brilliance, spiritual activation, passionate directives and great, great courage.  They are vibrating, naked babies, feeling, experiencing everything at great magnification, sometimes seeing and knowing what others cannot. Their gifts can cause them great suffering, and make them look and seem mad.

For some in the West, it is the powerful thrust of a spiritual explosion which sends them reeling into altered realities, only to be scorned and feared by loved ones and professionals alike. These courageous souls often walk for a time with one foot in body, and the other stepping up into the etheric realms.  They may speak profound wisdom one moment and seeming nonsense the next, yet their process is the shaman’s journey into new ways of seeing that can only arise in the wake of personal deconstruction and alienation from everyday life. Anyone who has looked deeply into their eyes, sat with them and listened with respect and openness, cannot deny their astonishing gifts. We know they have traveled from a vastly different dimension, daring to join us, to wade in the muck of our base material realm.  Isn’t it time to let down our defensive need for “normalcy” and welcome them with a graceful embrace so they can be who they really are?

Photo by Fabrice Monteiro.

Photo by Fabrice Monteiro.

What if “mental illness” is a spiritual awakening misunderstood, or derailed by a climate of fear? What if the drugs we are giving our “mental patients” are a toxic suppression of their true self, the discovering of which is their only healing? What if we are filling special ed programs, hospitals, institutions, prisons and morgues with beautiful beings who need expansion, support and love, not alienation, pharmaceuticals, imprisonment and soul death?  What if, by denying the multi-dimensional truths of our existence we are forcing a narrow paradigm which keeps the masses unconscious, lowers their vibration and lulls them into thinking they are safe?  What if these crazy, highly sensitive rebels have come to shake loose the old belief systems, and as such, are our angels, our teachers and beloved brothers and sisters of Spirit? What if changing this way of thinking would utterly change the world?

Picture 4

CRAZYWISE Trailer – ” challenging a mental health system in crisis.”

Picture 3

Gabor Mate on the Myth of Normal.




An important part of my work is to offer support and healing to the old souls and sensitives of our world. I would love to hear your thoughts about this post. Please leave a comment below or write me here and let me know if you would like to chat by phone.

You cannot learn what is in your heart; it must instead be found.

much love, Adi




Oh that the old bounds
of love
would break
and I would find
that my heart space
could be allowed to grow
until all light
that fills my chest
would be strong enough
to escape
to spill over
into everything
that I touch
and soon
there will be no more
and I will become
the Love
that I have dreamed

I did not know
it lived
as a force unto itself
I did not know
that in its shattering brilliance
it makes all else
and so my purpose
upon the earth
is discovered
For if I can
allow this acceptance
of the process
of my birth
like a fairytale coming true
the happy ending is real
not because
the pain is over
but because the joy
has just begun

It is a new idea
to me
that I need never give in
to self-judgement again
It is a choice
and I can choose
another way
So let
the other way
happen now
and now and now
for in the ending
of blame
lives my trust
that I am
in my soul
nothing but goodness
and so whatever clothing I wear
in whichever lifetime
inside my heart
I am incapable
of wrong


In this absolution
I am joined
by my mother
and my mother’s mother
and all
of their kin
and my father’s father
and all the men
before them
For each of these
also walked
in their chosen clothes
and they reached out their hands
to me
and they gave me
what they knew

Through the new heart
that grows inside me
I touch them easily
and I see my face
in every form they have taken
in every pain
they have received
and in every answer
they have spoken
both light
and dark

When I was a child
was something expected
and so I learned
the words
But now
as a woman
for the first time I truly feel
that the largeness of love
must be filled
with thankfulness
for there is no more
holding on
no more claiming
no more fear
that I can lose
what I have never
really owned


The light
the light of unnamed joy
moves me
to sing
what has not yet
been heard
and I am ready
to be joined
in this song
I am ready
to be matched
in this flight

is the way
of such love
It welcomes
the world
in all her aspects
It guides us
to all her delights
But if you have not yet
felt this
do not wonder
if it will come
simply follow the light
next time you see it
inside your chest
inside you
and you will have found the place
where Love lives
where it all

from Oonah


much love, Adi