Old Souls and Sensitives; from Schizophrenia and Autism to A.D.D.

You are a brave space traveler, arriving upon a strange planet. You discover beings living there, but they are primitive, sleep walking through their lives and governed by unconscious principles, driven by base emotions and awash in fear. Even though you have come as a messenger of love and consciousness, these beings are defensive and threatened by you, keeping you in captivity, alternately rejecting and tormenting you, refusing to believe who you are and naming you as deficient and broken. You are given drugs to numb you, education to suppress your individuality and creativity so you can be controlled, and you live out your life in mindless occupations to deny any voice, any expression of your reason for being.  You try to remember the place you came from. You dream of suicide, of going home…

POWDER, 1995 film by Victor Salva

This is the journey of the old souls, the sensitives, the awakening ones who have embodied here on planet Earth, stepping into form with insufficient protection, an immersion rite of passage in a foreign world. These are the ones the world loves to label: ADD, bipolar, schizophrenic, autistic, Asperger’s, addict, artist, irresponsible, fuck-up, crazy, dangerous and weird. The ones who never fit in, even in their own skin, but they come with brilliance, spiritual activation, passionate directives and great, great courage.  They are vibrating, naked babies, feeling, experiencing everything at great magnification, sometimes seeing and knowing what others cannot. Their gifts can cause them great suffering, and make them look and seem mad.

For some in the West, it is the powerful thrust of a spiritual explosion which sends them reeling into altered realities, only to be scorned and feared by loved ones and professionals alike. These courageous souls often walk for a time with one foot in body, and the other stepping up into the etheric realms.  They may speak profound wisdom one moment and seeming nonsense the next, yet their process is the shaman’s journey into new ways of seeing that can only arise in the wake of personal deconstruction and alienation from everyday life. Anyone who has looked deeply into their eyes, sat with them and listened with respect and openness, cannot deny their astonishing gifts. We know they have traveled from a vastly different dimension, daring to join us, to wade in the muck of our base material realm.  Isn’t it time to let down our defensive need for “normalcy” and welcome them with a graceful embrace so they can be who they really are?

Photo by Fabrice Monteiro.

Photo by Fabrice Monteiro.

What if “mental illness” is a spiritual awakening misunderstood, or derailed by a climate of fear? What if the drugs we are giving our “mental patients” are a toxic suppression of their true self, the discovering of which is their only healing? What if we are filling special ed programs, hospitals, institutions, prisons and morgues with beautiful beings who need expansion, support and love, not alienation, pharmaceuticals, imprisonment and soul death?  What if, by denying the multi-dimensional truths of our existence we are forcing a narrow paradigm which keeps the masses unconscious, lowers their vibration and lulls them into thinking they are safe?  What if these crazy, highly sensitive rebels have come to shake loose the old belief systems, and as such, are our angels, our teachers and beloved brothers and sisters of Spirit? What if changing this way of thinking would utterly change the world?

Picture 4

CRAZYWISE Trailer – ” challenging a mental health system in crisis.”

Picture 3

Gabor Mate on the Myth of Normal.




An important part of my work is to offer support and healing to the old souls and sensitives of our world. I would love to hear your thoughts about this post. Please leave a comment below or write me here and let me know if you would like to chat by phone.

You cannot learn what is in your heart; it must instead be found.

much love, Adi


25 thoughts on “Old Souls and Sensitives; from Schizophrenia and Autism to A.D.D.

    • Thank you Elliscia! I just replied to you on Facebook lol.. I plan to include this video in a follow up article on this subject. Thank you so much for sharing it! Would you like to be on my list to receive future posts of this kind?

    • Thank you Aluna! It is exactly my desire to give hope and comfort to these beautiful souls. Would you like to be on my list to receive future posts? Much love!

  1. Thank you for your article. This hits so close to home on a personal level. I’m the old soul who has been given drugs, suppressed and almost self destructed so many times from the hindering of the modern world. I’m elated to see many come through with this same perspective and sharing. I would love to talk with you more about all of this. 🙂

  2. I’m An Old-Soul I’ve Been Ridiculed All My Life For Being Accused Different I Had To Wake Up And really Realize This Is Not An Dream And I Have An Important Role From The Creator That I Will Fulfill Thank You For This Article

  3. I felt the need to comment as this was so beautiful and so well said.
    It feels really good to hear someone say this, I wish everyone thought this way – even sometimes I can forget. 🙂

  4. ADHD …… Sensitive … Empath… A healer I am told. Lost in a world of overpowering emotions. I can feel you. Finding reason to ignore my insides yet yearning to do something that will help me and help others. Been called a train wreck, old soul, powerful. Wish I could figure me out

    • Dear Robbie.. First know that you are not alone. You are here for a reason, and your sensitivity is a big part of that. I know it is not easy – but your very presence in physical form exemplifies great courage. Be well – and get in touch if you would like to chat. Much love…

  5. Any thought to the voices heard by those diagnosed with schizophrenia are the voices of recycled souls? With evidence that we may have lived past lives, could it be possible those who hear voices lost the ability to block the conscious thoughts of all those past people?

    • Dear Ikaika .. I confess this would not be my interpretation of what we have named schizophrenia. My sense is that for some, it is an experience of opening to other dimensions, other realms, often magnified by trauma that creates an impulse to leave the body in this three dimensional plane. It is a worthy question though, and would be interesting to hear more from the guides about this… Thank you for your thoughts! Love, Adi

  6. Beautifully comforting thank you for your courage. Parallels much of my checkered unyet colourful life experiences. “Disorders” are the only way the great mother can challenge enforced, unnatural cultural ordering and liberate expressions of true will.
    Love and logos P

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