The FEARLESS Program: Deep Mentorship with Adi

Can you imagine a life lived without fear? Experiencing daily the utter freedom of choosing your experiences and responses, unfettered by the bonds of old paradigms, frustrating patterns or toxic beliefs? Rich with the flow of unblocked creativity, passion, health, wealth and a joyful heart, within the constant embrace of divine wisdom and unconditional Love?


For 15 years I have been immersed in communications from a realm of higher wisdom, sharing the teachings and vibration of these transmissions with you, my beautiful followers, friends and clients worldwide.  I have guided you through times of great loss and challenge, by awakening the rich treasure of spiritual awareness and freedom found within all suffering.  After thousands of one-on-one readings with you, I have so often wished for a way to keep walking at your side after a reading, to be present in a consistent way to help you surrender fully to the love of your Guides, and the opening we have initiated together.


The Transformation Of Daphne, by Domen Lombergar 2006

The FEARLESS Program: Deep Mentorship with Adi

It is with great delight that I announce my new 3, 6 and 12 month FEARLESS Mentorship programs:  an opportunity to systematically address each experience of trauma or limitation in your life by applying powerful energetic processes and immersing yourself in loving follow up care that will ensure continued and lasting shifts.  Imagine having strong guidance, a loving presence and ready energetic infusions to lead you step by step into the freedom of a fearless life? I call this exchange, DEEP MENTORING, the process of diving in, being closely held, and then lifted up, knowing you are never alone.

Each level of the FEARLESS Program offers the monthly structure of an initial one-on-one reading, with weekly follow up sessions and a guided integration week to conclude the month. Every step of the way we will check in with the Guides regarding your energetic and emotional priorities in our process together, so that each month takes us deeper, and then lifts us higher.  If you wish to incorporate a Past Life Reading such as the KORE PROCESS into your FEARLESS Program, it is a perfect structure to support this profound work. My promise to you is to hold you always within the vibration of unconditional love, to always tell you the truth, and to offer every wisdom I know, in service to your transformation and empowerment.

In additional to our personal sessions, you will also receive guided energy processes by audio and video, as well as community with fellow FEARLESS travelers in our online support forum.  Through structured opportunities for reconnection with your Guides, you will learn that you are never alone, and that any fear, any pain may be transmuted.  Personalized sessions assure that every question, doubt and concern is addressed so that in these days of intensified planetary energies and turmoil, you will be walking more clearly toward your heart’s vision than ever before.


Please contact Adi for a check-in session at no cost so we can discuss your needs and dreams. I would love to chat with you about the possibility of a new future in alignment with your authentic nature. The greatest gift we can give to the Earth and all sentient beings at this time of the great Shift is our own fearless devotion to transformation and ascension.  Your power, your light and your healed heart are needed now. Please join me in leaving our fear behind!

Picture 6

Click above to watch a video of a live reading, a taste of what the FEARLESS Program has to give.

much love, Adi


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