LIFT ME UP: Reaching Toward Love

Until the cloud weeps, how can the garden flourish? Until the baby cries, how can the milk flow? ~ Rumi


Here in Toronto the last few days have brought waves of energy, heavy like a fog, disturbing like smoke, painful like fever. Sirens rise up around the city, and outside the window a little girl crashes off her scooter on the steep hill and screams, bringing her father running.

My dog shivers in the corner, feeling an oncoming storm. Conflicts arise between loved ones. Emotion stirs deep in the belly, old, old fears surface to be witnessed and healed.

Why do we have such days? Why do these times often come with a change of weather, a foreboding sky? Why do we experience moments when we lose sight of joy and direction, when old wounds seem to rise raging, even the ones we thought we had dealt with, even the ones we thought were small and held no power over us anymore? How do we respond when it is not just one challenging conversation, annoying driver or unpleasant sales clerk, but suddenly every friend turns to foe, and we find ourselves feeling utterly alone?


All life is breath. We vibrate just the way our lungs feed us air. We expand and fill ourselves with nourishment, then we contract and expel what is not needed, what is toxic, what is in contradiction to our true nature. And then we begin the cycle all over, expanding and contracting, being born and dying, each time a chance to release more and more darkness, each time, reaching closer and closer to the light we truly are.

We live in a universe of polarities. For every shiver of cold there is heat waiting. For every cruelty there is a kindness ready to offered. For every night, day will come. We have spent centuries at war with the polarities of our desires, and yet war brings us always back to more war.

Now, at the dawning of a new time, we are asked to consider that there is no separation between the dark and the light, no Us and Them, no enemy, no I. We are instead one pulsating, breathing vital force, all children of God, Goddess, Creator, Spirit. And as such it is up to us to awaken to Love, to shift from alienation to inclusion, to see that we are the ones who create every suffering and joy, not because we are subject to some punitive karma, but because we ARE the experience itself.

And so when we face our own darkness seeking expression, when the vibration of our Mother Earth rises to squeeze breath out of us, saying enough, cleanse your heart, clear your fear.. we have three choices: denial, projection or surrender. We can turn on the television and pretend. Pick up a weapon and project. Or soften into an energetic perspective, listen to our hearts and weep until there are tears no more and the sun shines again. I have heard that Rumi said the clouds celebrate by leaving. We are the clouds, we are the sun, we are the All.


Picture 1

I AM official trailer

Click above to see the trailer for a wonderful documentary called I AM.  Not just recommended, but required viewing. Here in Canada you can find it on Netflix. It is the story of a very successful Hollywood director who crashes off his bike on a steep hill and there are no human parents there to pick him up, only a powerful mystery which awaits. He suffers from Post Concussion Syndrome and his whole life falls apart, but out of this deconstruction, something very, very beautiful is born. If you are feeling heavy energies and want to shift them, try engaging in a high vibration activity, like watching a film such as this one. I dare you not to feel better.

much love, Adi


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