LOVE EVERY MOMENT: The Art of Transforming Pain


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LOVE EVERY MOMENT: The Art of Transforming Pain

Online or Phone-In Teleseminar


  • The Law of Attraction seems to say I should ignore my pain. What if it hurts too much, won’t go away or keeps coming back?

  • When things seem darkest, how do I shift my energy?

  • I’m sick and my life is full of problems, but I can’t let myself feel or express what is really going on. How do I heal what I can’t allow?

  • What does energetic or emotional release look like? Can I do harm by reawakening old wounds, or can I get stuck in old stories?

Join ADI as she discusses this powerful subject and takes questions from callers.

Date & Time: Friday, July 11th at 6:00pm Eastern
Guest pin code: 320924#
Primary dial in number: (425) 440-5100
Secondary dial in number: (315) 401-3279
Full list of dial in Numbers:
Attend by Web:

Phone Number: (425) 440-5100
Pin Code: 320924#

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Excerpt from a transmission..

Savage Beauty

Our grief is huge
when we witness loss
when the planet seems to rise up
and take back her own
like the lick of tongue
what once was alive
what once
was free

In a moment
such power is unleashed
with seeming anger
that we are nothing
of no consequence
as our buildings and our homes
our communities and our children
are made ready sacrifice
to the whims
of the vengeful god
of old

We weep
at this destruction
because it could be ours
we cry for the pain of others
because we already feel
our own deaths
close by
and we lose faith
in the wisdom
of our planet
for it is our comfort
that seems fragile
our mortality
in question now

And so when we cry out
against disaster
should we not also
cry out against
our own blindness
against our determined ways
of pursuing what is useless
what is hurtful
and what has so long denied
the health of the planet
upon whose skin
we have built our world?

Grieve, yes
yet grieve not for yourselves
but for the collective pain
that asks to be cleansed
through this
and all expulsions
to come

but do so with surrender
to the power of love
not with fear of its loss
for it is love
that will guide us through
these times of inner war
and outer chaos
these times of response
to the assault
of ego confusion
that has dominated
our planet
our countries
our thoughts

There is no enemy here
no more
than there has ever been
in any death
There is nothing to fix
nothing to repay
to amend
There is no better world
that can be made
through restitution
no answer to be found
to the wars that burn
like an underground fire
always ready to appear
the soil is broken
air feeds it back again
to new and deadly flame

There is no separation here
between those swept away
and those alive
There is no distance here
across this ocean
where the waves came
with powerful beauty
staking their claim
to touch the land

The Earth
and her inhabitants
are One
and this is the only lesson
she wishes us to learn
at this time
or any other


much love, Adi


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