FINAL ACT – The Innocence of Muslims and Others


In 2012 Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, an Egyptian born U.S. citizen, writer, producer and Coptic Christian, posted a film on YouTube that came to be known as “The Innocence of Muslims”.  The bizarre, laughably unprofessional video contained Anti-Islamic content which had been added in post production by dubbing without the actors’ knowledge. On September 11 the film stirred demonstrations and violent protests in Egypt, which spread to other Arab and Muslim nations, and some western countries. The protests led to hundreds of injuries and over fifty deaths.  Fatwas were issued against the video’s participants and a Pakistani minister offered a bounty for the killing of Nakoula.  J. Christopher Stevens, an American diplomat, lawyer and ambassador to Libya was killed in an attack upon the U.S. Embassy.

The transmission which follows was in response to the many questions asked about this event. I shared it on my blog…

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