Did You Know You Are Free?


You are on the verge of waking up to something so important that it will change everything in your life. You have been walking toward this time forever, even though you did not know it, even though it now feels like a surprise. You have been living in a dark dream, the state of your own denial, and as the confusion fades, lifts the way mist is burned off a still lake on a summer morning, suddenly you can see for miles and miles.

Do you remember all those times when life felt out of control and your wishes were buried beneath experiences that took away your freedom, smothered the rich breath of your creativity, accused you of harm that was not yours to claim? Do you remember feeling helpless, alone, without recognition for the flame of love which burned within your heart, aching to catch like a wildfire in a drought?

All this time as you walked, so courageous even when others turned away, your soul has never given up and the alchemy has bubbled beneath the surface, cleansing your fears, purifying your substance until you reach the Now, the place where it all begins anew.


And so here you are at the turning point, the one where you realize that the strings of the puppetry of your life have been held all this time by only one hand, and that hand is yours. You were the teacher. You were the author, the creator. All the fighting was your war, all the defending was your own inner attack. And now, with this realization, there is nothing left but to be your own change, your own choosing. To recognize that all the situations which seemed so important, where you gave your life blood willingly, all the times you worried about what other people thought, about whether you were capable, responsible, successful, loving and good enough, all these distractions found you reaching for some kind of approval that meant nothing, for your love, the great Love, did not stem from their smiles and words, it was instead born in the permission to feel it within yourself.

You need never pretend again. You need never hurry, or try, or strive. Instead you are now ready to Allow the way a mother’s body  allows her baby to be born. She needs no validation to be the creator of new life; the spirit of her child found her, chose her, trusted her. Nothing can stop this consensual union once it is agreed in spirit, once it has begun.

The gestation is complete. The waiting is over. There is nothing to do but trust the life force which rises in you now. You have always had the right to be happy, to be rich with all that is your purpose, your largest, most sacred dream. Your doubt crumbles before this surrender like dry sand. Your new world is begun.


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