IT IS SO: We Rise, We Soar

Alfred Stevens, Man crawling, 1846-80

Alfred Stevens, Man crawling, 1846-80

Woman and man walk in three stages
First we crawl
we are low to the base energies
of need and fear
We cannot move beyond the pace
of the beast
and it hurts to lift our heads high
to view the place
where sky meets land

"Street in Venice" by John Singer Sargent
“Street in Venice” by John Singer Sargent

Then we walk
feet in the dust
head melting
into other realms
we move into liberty
to determine our path
use our bodies to carry our souls
at  times even
to run

Jerry Uelsmann, Flying Girl

And finally we fly
propelled by the death
we once feared
our substance no longer held
by the magnet of our Mother
released toward home
like so many birds
we rise
we soar
as One

Allegory of Abundance, Sandro Botticelli

Allegory of Abundance, Sandro Botticelli

I had a moment, where all that I wanted, all that made my heart warm, seemed so real it could not be undone. All doubts were so clearly mistaken, and I saw that it was so. My mind did not say maybe, or what if, or someday.. it said, IT IS SO.  And the finality of that announcement took away all my fear, and I knew true power, that which needs no display, spawns no battle, because in the absence of all denial, there is nothing else to say. It is so, it is so, it is so.

I am here as a messenger, a conduit of truth.  It is so.
My heart opens and no hunger exist for which Love cannot provide. It is so.
The mechanics of my physical world respond by necessity as I align with who I am. It is so.
All Grace conspires to surround me as I trust in what I now know that I know.  It is so.

May I always walk here, where there is nothing to fear and I am the maker of all I see, my God Self, my Mother Goddess, me. It is so.


love, Adi


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