Healing Sexual Shame – Audio

Healing Sexual Shame – Audio

To hear audio of a fascinating, live, full moon meditation and transmission on sexuality, with Q and A, click here:

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“In a way it is so much more simple than so many understand, and in a way, it is so much more vast than any of our teachings have touched upon until now. We live in a day of dawning, the beginning of a new time. And those of you who have chosen to incarnate at this time are so blessed, you are honoured to be present, brave to be present. And you are welcomed, and there is great gratitude for your courage.

For those who are experiencing an inability to allow their beauty and their joy, if there is an expression of emotional pain this must be expressed, this must be set free, because it is through the potency of the release of the closed heart that the numbness can begin to lift. First numbness rises, then pain is revealed, then pain lifts, then pleasure is allowed. Delight is allowed. Bliss is allowed. And so as we begin to correct the immense levels of suffering that exist in the betrayal of our sexuality, women must realize that they hold their own power, their own joy, and that it is in this awakening that those men who run from them in fear will stop and turn and see another way. The women must not wait for the men. The women must not be afraid of the men, and the feminine must be given voice by both those in female body and those in male body.  It is a wave of impulse that is  moving across the planet right now. It is present in everyone.


When we receive we do not push, we do not force, we do not command and we do not control. We allow, gratefully, joyfully allow, and this is the most powerful form of creation that exists.. Really in the truth of it, it is the only form of creation that exits. A woman does not force a baby out of the womb. She surrenders to a process that is much greater than her conscious mind. This is the energy that is sweeping our planet and it is in each one of us.

We often associate the word “surrender” with sexuality and this is because to achieve our divine sexual connection we must surrender, we do not manipulate and we do not apply divine sexual energy, we surrender to it, it comes through us. It moves us in ways that we know nothing about until it happens to us. This aspect of the feminine is what lives in every woman and man… The truth of the matter is that when a profound feminine energy enters a man he becomes more masculine, if he is in masculine body now. It is his willingness to surrender to his true nature and receptivity which allows him to rise up,  allows his phallus to rise up, his heart to open, allows him to stand with both feet planted firmly upon the ground..


Virtually every woman who has embodied in feminine form is walking with a history of victimization.. And yes, she has earned this, she has lived it, known it, and it has been real. but we are in a time now of liberation, and it is impossible to actualize, to stand in your power and embrace your bliss and your joy if you are walking the role of one who is, or has been a victim. If this is still in your heart you cannot be who you are. And even more, you cannot give to others, and any attempts to give to others will come out of your own place of need…  It is permission and surrender to receiving. She is enough. She is enough.. She is beautiful in her essence, in her core. She does not have to look after anyone… she does not have to cover herself up, she does not have to strip her clothes off. She does not have to do anything, because it is in her inner stillness that she will discover, that she will find, the permission to receive. When she lights that fire, everything around her will respond. She will be radiant, and in her radiance there will be no man who can resist her, and no woman either, and there is no experience that will be turned away..”



Saturday, November 1, 2014 1 – 4 pm

Join Adi at Prana Fitness and Yoga to share live transmissions, energy work and discussion regarding the issue of sexual wounding for women, and be held in an energy of unconditional love. Each participant will receive personal guidance if desired. Pre-registration is required and space is limited.  $60.

To register: (416) 937-5158
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2245 Queen St E, Toronto, Ontario M4E1G1

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Shadow and Light

On the Nature of Evil


How is it possible to feel despair when there is such exquisite beauty to be found?

How is it possible to feel joy when there is such unspeakable suffering going on?

How often is our world created by what we dare to see?

How deeply are we created by what we let ourselves feel?

How do we raise beauty out of the darkest of times?

How is light infinitely born?

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Please join us to celebrate the dance of shadow and light in this powerful Full Moon/eclipse energy tonight.

We will be warmed by the vibration of Darren Austin Hall’s amazing crystal bowls, Adi’s live transmissions and a beach bonfire under the moon, weather permitting. The evening will take place at Prana Fitness and Yoga and we will walk to the beach from there. Bring a warm jacket in case the weather does allow us to do the fire!

These are the days to cleanse and clear dense energies and raise the vibration of Self and All. Come and be soothed, aligned and recharged by beautiful sounds in wonderful company.

$20 at the door
7:30 PM
Prana Fitness

2245 Queen St E, Toronto, Ontario






And once the cold really gets here, wouldn’t you rather be in Kauai?


Lots more news to come about our amazing retreat scheduled for February 2015.

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