Shadow and Light

On the Nature of Evil


How is it possible to feel despair when there is such exquisite beauty to be found?

How is it possible to feel joy when there is such unspeakable suffering going on?

How often is our world created by what we dare to see?

How deeply are we created by what we let ourselves feel?

How do we raise beauty out of the darkest of times?

How is light infinitely born?

photo 1


Please join us to celebrate the dance of shadow and light in this powerful Full Moon/eclipse energy tonight.

We will be warmed by the vibration of Darren Austin Hall’s amazing crystal bowls, Adi’s live transmissions and a beach bonfire under the moon, weather permitting. The evening will take place at Prana Fitness and Yoga and we will walk to the beach from there. Bring a warm jacket in case the weather does allow us to do the fire!

These are the days to cleanse and clear dense energies and raise the vibration of Self and All. Come and be soothed, aligned and recharged by beautiful sounds in wonderful company.

$20 at the door
7:30 PM
Prana Fitness

2245 Queen St E, Toronto, Ontario






And once the cold really gets here, wouldn’t you rather be in Kauai?


Lots more news to come about our amazing retreat scheduled for February 2015.

much love,




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