VICTIM NO MORE: Live Transmission on Victimization and Empowerment

VICTIM NO MORE: Live Transmission on Victimization and Empowerment

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Recording of a live, channeled transmission on the subject of victimization and empowerment.

“When we stand in a place of fear we are powerfully creating.. and yet when we take the dial and we turn it down, we let go our fear and understand that we are capable of changing this, everything, everything is changed… And each one of us holds that capacity, and the more  who claim it, who stand up and say, I am a victim no more, the course of human experience on the planet will be changed..”

Talk to Adi.



There is a reason why Buddhism and so many other spiritual teachings ask us to eliminate all desire. The experience of wanting can only exist when we feel that we are separate from that which we want; this belief in our separation is considered to be the source of all our pain. And so it is thought that if we conquer these sensations, when we no longer want food, we will no longer experience the pangs of hunger. Yet is not the wish to uplift our spiritual natures also a desire in itself? Why did we choose to embody in this dense three dimensional reality where every sensory experience leads us toward desire, if there is no purpose in this feeling? Why are we given the gift of desire, if we are not asked to want for a reason, and in the discovery of this reason find the answer to our pain?


It is true that the culture of wanting, that which exists in the unconscious masses who spend their days engaged in meaningless work only to fill their empty hearts with things, as well as the more recent spiritual subculture which focuses entirely upon material manifestation – both these leave us with the idea that having something to hold is the solution, ending our separation from that which we desire.

Yet this is to suggest that we exist as a species with no higher intent than to experience a full belly, a pretty dress, or a new car. Even the idea of charitable service, that when our own bellies are full our greatest act maybe to give food to others, while being an impulse of Grace, still limits us as being defined by hunger and the act of putting an end to it once and for all.

What if instead the hunger itself was an illusion? What if we could not desire anything because we already have everything we need? What if the sensation of wanting was a spell cast upon us like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, magic whose only power lies in the fact that we believe in it at all? What if instead of our lives being a game of hide and seek they are instead a piece of theater, and the only awakening we need is to see that the great Oz is is a simple man behind a curtain and our way home to Kansas has been waiting for us all along?

If this is true, and the mechanics of our lives, all of us little hamsters running upon invisible wheels, all of this is a game played in the kindergarten of life in order to allow us to rise up into a state of trust which enables inner peace, then when we place our focus upon the elimination of desire, we have missed the point. Meditation for example, may remove the frantic questing of unconsciousness, but do we really want to meditate away all desire for intimacy, creativity, artistry, passion, and the wild experiences of taste, sensation, and the infinite longings of the human heart?

Similarly, when we spend our days chasing the fulfillment of desire, we also turn away from the truth that may set us free. If we think that having the thing we want is the only answer, then we are faced with a hundred, a thousand, a hundred thousand things in our lives in order to satiate this hunger, And so here we find the mistaken pursuit of a present material world.

But if our wanting, our longing is always purely illusion, and if we are simply blind to the fact that everything we ask for is already present within the sphere of our being, then our hunger, our wishing, our craving and our longing – these are the greatest teachers of our lives and rather than eliminating them or chasing them, we must rather seek to know them deeply, both in their origins and their natures, for as they become clear to us, only then are we ready to recognize them as the mirages that they are, and by walking into them boldly with true spiritual courage, watch them dissolve before our very eyes as we arrive in a place where nothing is missing, we are no longer separate or alone, and pain itself is set free from the patterns of attachment that have kept us in suffering, lifetime after lifetime, living in blindness until we see.


And how exactly does this concept express in our daily lives, how do we engage in this practice of awakening to the theater of our world? We begin by coming to know the illusion of our pain by entering it, facing it like the angry bear at our door, ending the running, ending the chasing, simply standing in the sensation as an observer without judgment or fear. As the truth of our personal illusions is observed in this way, when we catch ourselves being blinded by a fear-based desire, in this act alone we alleviate our pain, for consciousness is everything, and once made conscious this piece can never return to illusion ever again.

So perhaps the most important question is not how to get rid of your wanting, or even how to hold what you want in your hands, but why is it that you think you want it in the first place, and what would happen in your heart and your mind if you realized that it was there all along? What if we didn’t have to go anywhere to find it because it was never lost? What if by standing still and observing we found everything in an act of trust, and by so doing empowered the Self truly, cutting all cords to attachment by realizing there is no separation and therefore nothing to hold onto. If we are indeed One, there is no division, no possibility of being apart from what we love.


Try this: the next time you experience desire and wish to move toward it, first take the time to be absolutely still and drop down into any fear that suggests you cannot find or achieve what you desire. Come to know that fear as deeply as possible and recognize that as fear it is always illusion, because the truth of all existence is Love.  From that state of love, now ask to witness your wish, ask to be shown where it lies waiting for you, and from the same place of stillness, invite it to come to you. This is the act of receiving, the vibration of a divine feminine, the true meaning of the word trust, and the portal through which we access our own personal power. We are not strong because we can do battle, we are powerful beyond measure because we know how to surrender without defeat.

If you think you have lost something, the truth is it has not gone away, you simply have closed your eyes to the sight of it for now. All vision returns with trust, all satiation arrives with willingness. All true service must stem from fulfillment of the God/goddess Self, never from denial. In human form, we must recognize that we want and therefore we are. We ask and therefore we exist. We trust and therefore we are safe and whole. This is liberation. This is freedom through desire.

much love, Adi


Talk to Adi.

No Shame in Shame: Transmission excerpt

No Shame in Shame: Transmission excerpt

Naked-Bodies-Optical-Illusions-4“..Sweet child
you have known an experience
that is a denial of your true nature
a growing up
that left you without true comradeship
without anyone really seeing you
and acknowledging who you are
And now the time has come
to claim her
to gather up that little one
and allow her to grow again within you
in a realm of safety and acceptance
so that she may prepare to claim the joy
that is rightfully hers

You have continued to live out
an unspoken punishment
that no longer has a place
You have been shown a shadow
but now it is time to claim
the light that is its source
And as you do
the experience of joy that lies ahead
will be so powerful
so unfamiliar
that you will be astonished
by the limitations of your life’s vision
up until now
It will be
as if someone threw open the curtains
took off your dark glasses
pulled up the shade

As this process moves forward
there will come waves
like the rising of a tide
that will engulf you with the old blindness
the familiar pain
And while you will experience discomfort
know that there is a part of you
that actually clings to this experience
because it is what you know
and so while it may feel as if you are victimized
by this dark energy
in fact
it returns to you like a lost puppy
because it knows that here
it will find a home

Your job
is to prepare yourself with each rising wave
for the development of the clarity and wisdom
to turn your pain away
to look closely at the part of you
that actually fears joy
as something stolen
something that will always eventually
lead to further loss
When you feel yourself sinking
observe the sensation as you would
if you were learning to swim
All new swimmers are taught
how to float
as a means of survival when fatigue
becomes too great
and there will be days
when all you can expect of yourself
is to float
to know that you will not drown
that you may in that moment
not be able to see the shore in sight
but you will not sink
no matter how tired you are
nor how much cold is in your heart

you are being shown the old
so that the new may grow in strength
and the key is
do not fight
do not push or struggle
for this is the source of exhaustion
and further resistance to the light
Instead know that
you are developing the muscle
of surrender
the one that will allow you to fall
an then rise again
each time rejuvenated
beyond where you began

Each dark night
is an opportunity to witness the illusion
of the experience
as it arrives and then leaves
and the more comfortable you become
with allowing and naming it as illusory
the more pure will be
the nature of your release

Practice teaching yourself
that there is no shame in shame
no danger in fear
and no failure in inertia
Honour each moment as you experience it
and by so doing
liberate it from its cage of judgement
for it is only fear that attaches
love always sets us free
Know that there is no grand destination
for you have arrived already
you are simply engaged in a process
of opening those dusty windows
to let yourself see

And allow that while you may not feel pretty
while all this is going on
even your understanding of beauty
is about to change
Our beauty is not put on
or acquired
or even developed
it is innate
it lives ceaselessly
and its source is the truth within us
the light of truth that as it shines
transforms every cell of our outer being
Our perfection is released
a cloud of birds
in glorious, heavenly ascent
stirred up from a bush
where they were hiding
all along

You are so beautiful
that you have no idea of it
for your light is blinding
where it has been denied
and you have so bravely taken on
the willingness to liberate it
not just on your own behalf
but as an act of love
for the many who have walked before you
the ancestral
as well as those who travel in step
upon an illuminating path

The darkness rises
only because it leaves
The sadness comes
to show you just how much joy
you have waiting
and the weariness is the call of healing
the demand of the Self
to be cared for
nurtured patiently
in unfettered love

Soon enough
you will discover that joy can be experienced
for its own sake
it does not wait
for permission or penance
in fact
it lives in every thing
every soul
every experience
As you learn to discover this
you will take on the power
of a thousand suns
and join the liberation
of our time

Your identification with suffering
is over
Your empowerment
is begun”







All photos by Olivier Valsecchi.


Talk to Adi.


MIND, BODY and HEART: The Emotions of Consciousness

MIND, BODY and HEART: The Emotions of Consciousness


A transcript from a received transmission for an individual regarding the role of the emotions in the transformation of consciousness.

MIND, BODY AND HEART      Oct 23/05

What you ask
is for a description of the nature
of the process
of transformation
as it is sought
in the human experience
and this is a valuable understanding
to hold

The human body
is often seen
as the container
of the divine soul
but rather the opposite is true
that the soul chooses and supports
the form of the body
and as such
the body may be seen
as a tool
for the development
of a growing soul

The body is itself
simply an aspect
of the energy field
of the spirit
bound to matter
for the duration
of the soul’s experience
upon this plane
and in this way
it facilitates
the sensory
and thought process
that represent the
creation of matter
in the eyes
of the soul

Each of these elements
are of value
each is a tool
in its own way
but above all
emotional perception
is the most powerful
for it is our constant link
to a place of union
between the body
and the spirit
that gives it home

We speak of the heart
as both an organ
and a source of love
and in a sense
this is true
for the energy of the heart presence
in the body
is what gives life
holds life
and represents the link of willingness
to choose life
and all the means
to a soul
upon its path


The heart as an organ
is thus enlivened
by the core
of the energetic body
and while in a place
of choosing life
upon this plane
it beats
and while in a place
of passage to the
divine state
it ceases
and so
its immortality
is born

This locus
is also
the centre of the emotions
for though we think
that we think
of emotions
in fact
they live much more deeply in the body
than the brain
and they resonate
throughout the core of the whole form
living within the various systems
and cellular structure
as vibrations of Joy
or fear
and as such health
or illness
is found

Here then
lies the value
of healing processes
that focus upon the emotions
for they are
beyond thought
beyond sensation
and they are our language
of truth
when all else fails
and yet
even here
illusion can prevail
and so we suggest the following
to address your questions
about modalities
involving emotional release

The common confusion here
is in connecting to emotion
that lives in a level of consciousness
which allows it to be whole
can be fractured
like thought
as in
“I think this is fact
therefore it is true”
it can be:
“I feel this feeling
therefore it is real”


Both perceptions
can be clouded by the illusions
and memories
of fear and defense
and while it may be true
in that moment
it is only a portion
of the whole
one colour
shining through the window
does not illumine
the entire image
of the stained glass

And so
when a soul
who has come to the Earth
to process great grief
sits before a counsellor
and weeps repeatedly
this does not suggest
that the grief necessarily
leaves the body
for the expression
may well be
a repeated triggering
of the imbalance
that has allowed the grief
to live so long
at all
held in place
as a defense itself
as a comfort
in its familiarity
and its resistance
to uncomfortable change

And yet
this same soul
cannot heal her pain
without adequate expression
of what lives within
therefore further consciousness
must be achieved

There are indeed
varied tools that exist
to assist in this
and each one amounts
to an awakening
of the whole of human form
in a synchronous fashion
This means
that if the heart is awakened
then so too
must the body be joined
and if the mind is awakened
then so too
must the heart be aware
and if the body is awakened
then so too
must the mind and the heart
be alert
to the process that has begun
and any assists
that allow the balance to occur
will lead the seeker forward
upon his path

And so
the successes you observe
in various modalities
can be ascribed
to a particular soul
being drawn to a method
that addresses their particular imbalances
and that allows their elements
to be brought forward
into parallel awakening
of body, mind and heart
to join the soul
where she lives


In varying cultures
there are emphases found
for example
in recent Western practice
the mind was held as superior
and in control of all else
hence mind centred therapies
were popular
and yet achieved little
for those whose bodies
were rife with fear
and whose hearts
were deeply closed

In Eastern practice
a much more balanced approach
is often found
however here
fear still lives deep
in the heart centre
and so while the body
may be honoured
and the mind cultivated
only in rare souls
does the heart open in its fullness
beyond the protection
of intellectualized teachings
that express heart-centred

These are simply aspects
of what it means to be human
to travel in a body
that pulls and tugs
in so many ways
to protect itself
from the courageous acts necessary
to open on all levels
to understand
to physically express
and to feel
And while the answer you seek
is actually much simpler
than the world has believed
it is also
the greatest treasure
buried deep
beneath the resistance
that is the hallmark
of a human birth

And so
to the woman who cries
and yet cannot see
the end of her tears
we tell her
do not cry from the head
but cry
from the heart
Do not think
from the body
but think
from the clarity
of a clear
and meditative mind
Do not contain
your grief
within a broken heart
but rather
practice tools
that allow the heart itself
to crack open
and in this way
flood the body
and the mind
with heart essence
until the soul is allowed full expression
beyond control
beyond measurement
but as an active embodiment
of the spirit’s choice
to free itself
from the grief
of the past


In addition to emotional release
a journey may be honoured
through the body as it walks each day
by recognition
of the containment
that limits access
to the Heart

We ask
that you proceed with your own
by recognizing
how you do hold awareness
in the mind
but then hesitate
before placing it into action
in the body
for you doubt
what your heart
already holds
to be true

For you
can be taken to a larger level
expanding your self-perception
to that of a giant
to think large
to act large
and then
from this place
let yourself feel large
For the expressions of release
you have experienced to date
have been limited
by your physical containment
that is a result
of a containment
of the mind

So your route
would begin with the mind
enacted upon the body
and then felt in the heart
and by so doing
achieve a more heart-centred response
to any work
you undertake
Your balance
is already in a loving place
but fear holds you
like a hand
upon a bird
and as you dare to expand
your actions
to match your thoughts
you will rise
and freedom
will be found

In summary
the heart
is the home
of our body’s connection
to the soul
and when fully accessible
our whole emotions
are our greatest teachers
about the truth
of what our heart
has to say

That is why
all therapies
must address the allowing of the heart
to speak
through our thoughts
through our bodies
in their very cellular structure
and through our voices
from a place of wholeness
in every colour
through every pane of glass


No emotion is to be denied
or judged
but rather perceived and assessed
as to whether it represents
the whole
or if broken pieces
still lie waiting
for its empowerment to be fully
The woman
who seems to grieve an endless
will find the fullness of her
if she is also willing
to give voice to her rage
her betrayal
her self-blame
her terror
and finally
her moments
of Joy
No emotion is exclusive
All emotions live entwined
and in a constant flux as they seek balance
to negate
the overpowering of one in need
And as they achieve equal voice
equal acceptance and vision
they meld into complete release
that will lend their absence
to the creation of the inner
that is the purpose
of our seeking
upon this Earth

Like colours that fade
into absolute white
then only our Light
our Divine essence remains
and we have spoken
and our soul
has heard


All photos from

Talk to Adi.

Sexual Shame, as Inspired by Jian Ghomeshi

Sexual Shame, as Inspired by Jian Ghomeshi

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HEALING SEXUAL SHAME Live Transmission Audio

As an intuitive artist, channel and counselor, over the past fifteen years I have been given a divine window into the psyches, dreams and fears of many hundreds of people. Each of these souls have been enacting their healing process in various life aspects: finance, health, career, relationship.. and always, sexuality. There is no such thing as healthy sexuality.. sexual energy is a realm too vast and powerful to ever be completely uncomplicated in human form.  We are all carrying something between our legs.

Very often our sexual wounds are so deeply encased in shame, we put our attention on blaming, spying upon, judging and being addicted to the sexual practices of others. And all the while, we are terrified to look at what goes on in our own bedrooms, our own relationships, our own unspoken desires. There is nothing much that approaches the profound beauty of human sexual nature.. and therefore nothing that makes us more vulnerable. We all hurt. We are all confused. We are all shut down or hyped up or in fear. And the healing of the All can only come when we dare to turn our attention within.. to face our own stunning worth, and the horrific abuses we perpetuate upon ourselves by not living in our truth.

Watching the fairytale play out.. good and evil, dark and light.. we get caught in the details and forget to stand back far enough to witness the whole. It is time to stop vilifying men, and instead give women all they need to stand in their power.  Educate young girls and women, not to memorize the history and names of the men who stole land from other men, and how many thousands they killed to get it, but rather teach them about their own innate wisdom, strength and value. Teach them that a man who dares to offer them anything less then utter respect and adoration is not worthy of their time or trust. Let them stand so tall and strong that unhappy, unhealthy men will not be drawn to them, because they will not smell the prey there, they will not be called to lay an old, unconscious trap.

Yes, brutality has no place in a loving world, and yes we must speak. We must tell our sufferings and admit to our failings, and bow our heads to ask for understanding. But when we chase a felon like a terrified and hunted fox, when we make him the icon, the siphon, the figurehead for all that we fear, we lose a precious chance to lift ourselves up, into the recognition of yet another wounded child.

Simply put, men like Jian Ghomeshi are hurtful because women have not stopped them.  Women like those hurt by Jian Ghomeshi are entrapped because they have long denied their own power. And here is the kicker – this could be any woman, because the numbers who have experienced some kind of sexual victimization are staggering. My own personal survey would indicate that not one woman is immune. The fact is, the power to hurt and be hurt lives in us all, but it’s time to cleanse this from within us, by dropping the charge of blame. It is time to simply tell the truth, and claim each experience as our own.

What follows is an excerpt from the transcript of a transmission regarding sexual shame. These teachings have a great deal to say about what is rising in our consciousness these days. Perhaps it is the moment for this issue to be revealed and addressed.


The experience of being in human form and discovering divine sexual union with another is an experience of divine bliss. There is no greater bliss state available to the vast majority of people that are alive on the planet today. Even those great yogis and yoginis, even the ones who have spent years on meditation… There is a piece they miss when they sever themselves from the physical experience of allowing the pleasure centres in their body to awaken and to express. Without the allowance of this joy in our lives it is very, very difficult to find a reason to remain alive. And so our sexual energy is not simply an aspect of procreation, it is an aspect of co-creation, of our willingness to be on the planet at all. It is part of the bargain, when we say ‘We wish to be here, we wish to embody’. We do this with the understanding the pleasure is our birth right. And it is. There is no reason in existence for this to be denied other than fear. And so when we look at the thousands and thousands of ways that sexuality is denied on the planet we must understand and accept that we are looking at the thousands and thousands of faces of fear.

And what we are afraid of is beauty, delight, pleasure, joy and permission to feel all of this, to experience all of this, to recognize that this is in fact our true nature. Nothing less. And so how can an expression of passionate, powerful, divine joy not be threatened? In fact it must be the most scary experience we can have, because it feels too good to be true. Some of the ways that this fear is expressed fall into a simple category of denial and repression. It is an understandable response when we don’t believe that joy is our birth right, and when we experience it spontaneously in the body as all children do. All children are sexual. They feel their sexuality from the moment they are born. But when there is a belief system and a history that is carried forward on the cellular level that is fear based around the deserving of joy, and from the very early expressions of the sensations there is an immediate response that this must stop, this is unsafe. It’s not just unsafe – it is dangerous. It holds the danger unlike any other danger that can be found. And when there is a history of this level of fear carried forward on the soul level, the fear of sexuality, the fear of pleasure, the fear of opening and awakening is greater than the fear of death. It’s greater than the fear of hunger and survival. It’s greater than the fear of being alone. And so it overrides all of these other fears. And when this impulse for repression exists it will blanket at all aspects of life, because the fear of joy is so great. So in this case we witness this in cultures where there is a masculinization of this fear, because those in male physical form have carried physical strength. They are beings of action. They are beings of movement. And when they experience the depth of this terrible danger, the pleasure must be controlled. And it is controlled in the self through religious practices, and it is controlled in the other by the denial of all feminine energy. And thus we have powerful imbalances that are found in some of the most ancient cultures on the planet. Because this fear has been nurtured and rebirthed so many times.


Please understand this is not a fear that is owned by men and imposed upon women. This could not be further from the truth. It is difficult to understand when we observe a level of brutality that is enacted upon those who’ve embodied in the feminine form, as still exists in so many places today. It is very difficult to watch this happening and not be forced into a stand of accusation to those who play the role of the oppressor. But it is a fundamental universal law that we are utterly connected in our bodies, in our energetic exchanges. We are absolutely One, and for every oppressor there is a victim, and for every victim there is a prosecutor. And there is no possible healing of the one without healing the all. This is not an easy concept to understand, it’s very difficult to absorb because there is such a long history of victimization, particularly in the war between the genders, in the war that has been acted out in the arena of sexuality. It is not uncommon for torture to be focused on the genitals, because this is the ultimate expression of fear of pleasure to create pain, where pleasure has been given as a birth right. There are those who hold sexual practices that are focused upon pain. And this is not because they enjoy pain, it is because this is the only aspect of pleasure that they can now allow themselves because the fear of pleasure is so great. It is awakening a numbness. Pain is better than numbness. And numbness is an epidemic on the planet today. Our numbness to our sexuality is a reflection of a very, very deeply buried fear. It is a fear that is on a level of unconsciousness. Cannot be seen. Cannot be welcomed. Yet.

And so for those who are experiencing an inability to allow their beauty and their joy, if there is an expression of emotional pain, this must be expressed. This must be set free, because with the release of the closed heart, the numbness can begin to lift. First numbness rises, then pain is revealed, then pain mends and then pleasure is allowed. Delight is allowed. Bliss is allowed. And so as we begin to correct the immense levels of suffering that exist in the betrayal of our sexuality, women must realize that they hold their own power, they hold their own joy, and that it is in this awakening that those men who run from them in fear will stop and turn and see another way.



The women must not wait for the men. The women must not be afraid of the men. And the feminine must be given voice in both those in female body and those in male body. It is a wave of impulse that is moving across the planet right now. It is in everyone present in this room. And by feminine above all we speak of the receptive nature of our sensual, sexual, creative selves. When we receive, we do not push, we do not force, we do not commend and we do not control. We allow, we gratefully, joyfully allow. And this is the most powerful form of creation that exists. In the truth it is the only one form of creation that exists. A woman does not force a baby out of her womb. She surrenders to a process that is much greater than her conscious mind. And this is the energy that is sweeping a planet. It is in each one of us and it is showering down upon us tonight in the waves of the moon.


For a woman, virtually every woman who is embodied in feminine form, is walking with a history of victimization, this is the most appropriate word. And yes, she has earned this, she has lived it, she has known it and it has been real. But we are in a time now of liberation from this. And it is impossible, it is universal law, it is impossible to actualize, to stand in your power, to embrace your bliss and your joy if you are walking the role of one who is or has been a victim. If this is still in your heart, you cannot be who you are. And even more, you cannot give to others. And any attempts to give to others will come out of your own place of need. So this must be addressed, and so when a woman welcomes the energies of the moon, when she feels this electricity entering her body, again it is a permission and surrender to receiving. She is enough. She is enough. She is beautiful in here essence, in her core. She does not have to look after anyone, she does not have to give anything to anyone, she does not have to wear something, she does not have to get down on her hands and knees. She does not have to cover herself up, she does not have to strip her clothes of. She does not have to do anything, because it is in her inner stillness that she will discover, that she will find a permission to receive. And when she lights that fire, everything around her will respond. She will be radiant and in her radiance there is no man that can resist her, and no woman either. There is no experience that will be turned away. There is no danger because she is complete within herself. And she will be attuned to her own intuitive nature, because our intuitive selves are also our feminine selves.


Our journey toward accessing this level of understanding must begin with the depth of honesty about where we are now. It begins within ourselves, with the willingness to look deeply at our own fears, to identify them, to name them, and to express them. To paint them, sing them, to shout them, to share them, to write them, to find whatever means we can, to dance them. Because it is through expression that they are set free. And through expression that they come to be recognized. And as we share these experiences, we take the power away. Fear only holds power over us, when we let it, when we see it as such. And when we laugh in its face it must go. And then we are left with our essence, our essential selves. It is also this expression that will begin to make the planetary shifts more visible. And so for those of you, who have the ability to share what you know, to share what you feel, to share in humility your humanity, if you have this, please do. I promise you there is someone waiting to hear what you have to say. When they hear it, it will help them find their own courage. If one woman goes home and writes the truth of her fears, about her willingness to allow joy and pleasure into her life, if she writes those down, that will send out the vibration, that will touch women, who lie in prisons in Afghanistan, Iran, Mexico, North Korea, and, and, and…We are one. You are one.


Videos of note: John Semley on Jian Ghomeshi, and Dr. Nina Burrows on sex offenders, denial and shame.

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