MIND, BODY and HEART: The Emotions of Consciousness


A transcript from a received transmission for an individual regarding the role of the emotions in the transformation of consciousness.

MIND, BODY AND HEART      Oct 23/05

What you ask
is for a description of the nature
of the process
of transformation
as it is sought
in the human experience
and this is a valuable understanding
to hold

The human body
is often seen
as the container
of the divine soul
but rather the opposite is true
that the soul chooses and supports
the form of the body
and as such
the body may be seen
as a tool
for the development
of a growing soul

The body is itself
simply an aspect
of the energy field
of the spirit
bound to matter
for the duration
of the soul’s experience
upon this plane
and in this way
it facilitates
the sensory
and thought process
that represent the
creation of matter
in the eyes
of the soul

Each of these elements
are of value
each is a tool
in its own way
but above all
emotional perception
is the most powerful
for it is our constant link
to a place of union
between the body
and the spirit
that gives it home

We speak of the heart
as both an organ
and a source of love
and in a sense
this is true
for the energy of the heart presence
in the body
is what gives life
holds life
and represents the link of willingness
to choose life
and all the means
to a soul
upon its path


The heart as an organ
is thus enlivened
by the core
of the energetic body
and while in a place
of choosing life
upon this plane
it beats
and while in a place
of passage to the
divine state
it ceases
and so
its immortality
is born

This locus
is also
the centre of the emotions
for though we think
that we think
of emotions
in fact
they live much more deeply in the body
than the brain
and they resonate
throughout the core of the whole form
living within the various systems
and cellular structure
as vibrations of Joy
or fear
and as such health
or illness
is found

Here then
lies the value
of healing processes
that focus upon the emotions
for they are
beyond thought
beyond sensation
and they are our language
of truth
when all else fails
and yet
even here
illusion can prevail
and so we suggest the following
to address your questions
about modalities
involving emotional release

The common confusion here
is in connecting to emotion
that lives in a level of consciousness
which allows it to be whole
can be fractured
like thought
as in
“I think this is fact
therefore it is true”
it can be:
“I feel this feeling
therefore it is real”


Both perceptions
can be clouded by the illusions
and memories
of fear and defense
and while it may be true
in that moment
it is only a portion
of the whole
one colour
shining through the window
does not illumine
the entire image
of the stained glass

And so
when a soul
who has come to the Earth
to process great grief
sits before a counsellor
and weeps repeatedly
this does not suggest
that the grief necessarily
leaves the body
for the expression
may well be
a repeated triggering
of the imbalance
that has allowed the grief
to live so long
at all
held in place
as a defense itself
as a comfort
in its familiarity
and its resistance
to uncomfortable change

And yet
this same soul
cannot heal her pain
without adequate expression
of what lives within
therefore further consciousness
must be achieved

There are indeed
varied tools that exist
to assist in this
and each one amounts
to an awakening
of the whole of human form
in a synchronous fashion
This means
that if the heart is awakened
then so too
must the body be joined
and if the mind is awakened
then so too
must the heart be aware
and if the body is awakened
then so too
must the mind and the heart
be alert
to the process that has begun
and any assists
that allow the balance to occur
will lead the seeker forward
upon his path

And so
the successes you observe
in various modalities
can be ascribed
to a particular soul
being drawn to a method
that addresses their particular imbalances
and that allows their elements
to be brought forward
into parallel awakening
of body, mind and heart
to join the soul
where she lives


In varying cultures
there are emphases found
for example
in recent Western practice
the mind was held as superior
and in control of all else
hence mind centred therapies
were popular
and yet achieved little
for those whose bodies
were rife with fear
and whose hearts
were deeply closed

In Eastern practice
a much more balanced approach
is often found
however here
fear still lives deep
in the heart centre
and so while the body
may be honoured
and the mind cultivated
only in rare souls
does the heart open in its fullness
beyond the protection
of intellectualized teachings
that express heart-centred

These are simply aspects
of what it means to be human
to travel in a body
that pulls and tugs
in so many ways
to protect itself
from the courageous acts necessary
to open on all levels
to understand
to physically express
and to feel
And while the answer you seek
is actually much simpler
than the world has believed
it is also
the greatest treasure
buried deep
beneath the resistance
that is the hallmark
of a human birth

And so
to the woman who cries
and yet cannot see
the end of her tears
we tell her
do not cry from the head
but cry
from the heart
Do not think
from the body
but think
from the clarity
of a clear
and meditative mind
Do not contain
your grief
within a broken heart
but rather
practice tools
that allow the heart itself
to crack open
and in this way
flood the body
and the mind
with heart essence
until the soul is allowed full expression
beyond control
beyond measurement
but as an active embodiment
of the spirit’s choice
to free itself
from the grief
of the past


In addition to emotional release
a journey may be honoured
through the body as it walks each day
by recognition
of the containment
that limits access
to the Heart

We ask
that you proceed with your own
by recognizing
how you do hold awareness
in the mind
but then hesitate
before placing it into action
in the body
for you doubt
what your heart
already holds
to be true

For you
can be taken to a larger level
expanding your self-perception
to that of a giant
to think large
to act large
and then
from this place
let yourself feel large
For the expressions of release
you have experienced to date
have been limited
by your physical containment
that is a result
of a containment
of the mind

So your route
would begin with the mind
enacted upon the body
and then felt in the heart
and by so doing
achieve a more heart-centred response
to any work
you undertake
Your balance
is already in a loving place
but fear holds you
like a hand
upon a bird
and as you dare to expand
your actions
to match your thoughts
you will rise
and freedom
will be found

In summary
the heart
is the home
of our body’s connection
to the soul
and when fully accessible
our whole emotions
are our greatest teachers
about the truth
of what our heart
has to say

That is why
all therapies
must address the allowing of the heart
to speak
through our thoughts
through our bodies
in their very cellular structure
and through our voices
from a place of wholeness
in every colour
through every pane of glass


No emotion is to be denied
or judged
but rather perceived and assessed
as to whether it represents
the whole
or if broken pieces
still lie waiting
for its empowerment to be fully
The woman
who seems to grieve an endless
will find the fullness of her
if she is also willing
to give voice to her rage
her betrayal
her self-blame
her terror
and finally
her moments
of Joy
No emotion is exclusive
All emotions live entwined
and in a constant flux as they seek balance
to negate
the overpowering of one in need
And as they achieve equal voice
equal acceptance and vision
they meld into complete release
that will lend their absence
to the creation of the inner
that is the purpose
of our seeking
upon this Earth

Like colours that fade
into absolute white
then only our Light
our Divine essence remains
and we have spoken
and our soul
has heard


All photos from http://www.littersf.com

Talk to Adi.


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