UNHAPPY HOLIDAYS: Six Quick Thoughts on Why They Happen and What To Do

Sad Santa.

  • Family life does not always look the way it does on commercials – sometimes our relationships are difficult, we lose those whom we love or we struggle with health, finances or our own spiritual process. If the holidays find you in a place of experiencing loss or grief, do not run away from it acknowledge it. Grief and Joy are not necessarily mutually exclusive; if you do have heartache, be sure to allow yourself the possibility that there can also be moments of delight and loveliness in your life. This does not make you unfaithful to the one you have lost, it is actually an act of self healing, something any loved one would want for you. Trust in change, evolution and transformation. The fact is nothing stays the same so take one day, one holiday at a time.
  • Make a decision and stick with it. Whether or not to go to that Christmas dinner or New Year’s party, whether to have a simple Christmas and not spend much money on anyone or go all out and buy those expensive special things…  whichever way you go, make it joyful and complete. When we commit to our choices and walk with them fully we can find contentment readily. There are no wrongs, only choices, so celebrate yours this year and let go of the doubt that steals your mojo.
  • Simplify. Sometimes our greatest stress comes from trying to do it all. This temptation to chase perfection is a constant work in progress but in every moment you can make a shift. It could be right when you’re walking up to the door to arrive at a potluck party and you realize you forgot garlic butter for the garlic bread. Just put that baguette in the oven and warm it up and serve it the way it is – enough is enough.
  • Create! The act of creating and or expressing is one of the healthiest most high vibrational acts that we can choose. If you have a choice over the holidays between sitting in front of the television/computer/smart phone, or making something, dancing, playing interactive games with your loved ones, making music, doing a drawing of the person sitting next to you..  always choose the creative option.  And make sure when you’re pursuing an act of creation that you stay in the moment. Don’t get focused on the outcome of making something too beautiful. Allow yourself to slow right down and be in the experience because this is where the delicious freedom is born.
  • Gratitude, appreciation and observance. Being thankful may have been given a bad rap by your over zealous parents, but true appreciation is magical. And it’s not about being thankful because that’s the spiritually correct thing to do. It’s actually allowing yourself to feel how beautiful it is to receive the blessings around you because you are worthy of them and you deserve love and the joy in your life. Whatever you have or lack in your life, if you are reading this on a computer or smart phone, I promise you have so much more than many in the world. Notice your life, in minute, glowing detail. Love is everywhere when you find it within yourself.
  • Happiness is a choice. As a child I knew a woman who survived an acid attack by her estranged husband that nearly killed her and left her severely disfigured. I remember Joan as one of the happiest, most engaged people I ever met. She told me that in the hospital after the attack she had experienced leaving her body and was given the chance by her guides to make a choice between life or death. Even when she was shown the profound challenges that lay ahead (something like 17 surgeries and unspeakable ongoing pain) she chose life. Having decided to live, she valued and celebrated every moment thereafter, establishing the first support program in Toronto for burn survivors, and bouncing into every room she entered with exuberant love and laughter. On a soul level, we have all chosen to be here, so we all have the power of knowing the joy that emerges from the unfettered commitment and appreciation Joan discovered.  If Joan can do it, we all can. There is beauty in every moment, I promise. Let go and let Goddess take you there.

Painting by Amy Bedford


Take a quiet moment out of the next few crazy days and name six things that would help you hold a vibration of joy at this time, and keep it simple. Rather than I would be happy if my boyfriend gave me a Ferrari .. it would be, I would love to go for a walk by the water at sunset with my friend I would be in heaven to go to bed at eight one night with hot chai and a new novel.  I would love to buy my dog and I shortbread biscuits and eat them by the fire. It would be so amazing to hug each one of grown kids on the same day.  Make a commitment to fulfill as many of these six as possible in the coming week. And after the holidays are done, when you are packing up decorations or saying goodbye to out-of-town visitors and there’s that first quiet space, pick up your journal and jot down notes about what really did bring you joy. Notice which of the simple things granted the greatest blessings and promise yourself to do them again next year.

There is little in life that love will not cure, especially self love. We are very confused about what we perceive as selfishness. The fact is that when we nourish ourselves fully, we cease the negative behaviors that affect everyone in our lives. When we allow for our own actualization, stepping up to be everything we want to be, it is not just for us, but for our loved ones and for the rest of the world.

Many of the primary celebrations and archetypal stories of the major spiritual traditions of the world involve stories of miraculous birth or rebirth. Miracles do happen – we are here to learn this and to live it. If you have a wish for this holiday season – even something so simple as a little quiet time, or a good conversation with an old friend, make sure you ask. The power of manifestation cannot unfold unless you are willing to state your desires clearly and trust in them to come to you when the time is right. Take your attention away from the constant worry that things will not happen, and give your attention to the belief that they will, for this is how miracles are made. May you celebrate the miraculous that lives all around you, and in this way discover your own path to peace and joy.

much love!



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Whatz Up Duckface?

One of the blessings of reaching a certain age is the perspective one gains on elements of modernity. There are things that change for the better, and things we mourn like the death of a civilized world.

When I was a child we had one home phone plugged into the wall; you were not allowed to answer it at dinnertime and no one would ever have called after 9 at night. If the phone did ring late, it was not good news.

We were taught to ask, “whom may I ask is speaking” when taking a message for someone, as the whole family used the same phone and it was more polite than saying “who is this? when the call was for someone else.” We were taught to always inquire about the caller first before launching into a request or story of our own, and not to talk too long out of consideration for other people’s time.


Important things happened on house phones, in the days before cell phones and the internet. Gossip was shared, first dates were set, love was confessed or denied, news of illness and death arrived while others stood waiting a few feet away, watching the face of the listener for clues. We called our family doctor who lived on the other side of the back fence on that phone, and he came to our bedside with his black bag. We ordered things from Eaton’s catalogue, and talked to my father when he was traveling with his work. We often dialed it with a pencil end, and it had a dial tone when you listened. The sound of its ringing, loud and clear throughout the house, felt as exciting as a visitor at the front door.

So today, when phones might as well be implanted into our bodies, engaging and controlling every aspect of our lives, much of the mystery has been lost, along with courtesy and grace. When I call a friend (or ore likely one of my kids) and they pick up with a curt “what’s up”, it sounds as if they are already irritated, as if they are too sexy for their shirt, too sexy for their car, definitely too sexy for my party, and have much more important things to do than answer a phone.  I miss those days of “whom may I ask is speaking?” and “one moment please..” Just sayin’.


Then there is the ubiquitous “duck face”; that strange expression so many young women like to make when they take Selfies for Facebook. (Yes Selfie is now officially a word. You can look it up in Websters.)   Making a kissy face for the camera is not a new thing – as a child I watched fascinated as my mother puffed out her lips in front of the mirror, just before, during and for a few minutes after the application of lipstick. I was fascinated and unsettled by this habit as she seemed to not notice how bizarrely different she looked from her natural expression, the one that most of us saw, most of the day. But at least in the forties and fifties it could be a genuinely cute act, as innocent as pin ups in high-waisted two piece bathing suits.  Now this facial expression has become almost a sneer, one that makes the wearer look somehow intentionally unintelligent and yet above it all at the same time. This is not the face of a human rights activist, a literary author, or an indigenous wise woman.  Who is it who makes this face? Do we really want to know?

My request would be, please, now that most young men are no longer wearing their pants dangerously below their underwear, can we end this equally unattractive trend?  If I look at a photo I don’t want to be distracted by inflated lips, I want to witness the whole of you, in a natural joy. I want to see what’s behind those eyes, in that heart and where you are headed in the world. I want to see human lips, and imagine what they have to say.

To conclude my grumbling on an uplifting note, we must take heart in the babies, the ones who seem to be arriving in greater and greater numbers with extraordinary sensitivities, incredible talents and skills, and sometimes built in memories of past lives.  Here’s a beautiful video of one such babe, though my sense is she is tuning in to the “heartbreak” vibe of the song with her deep sensitivity to her mom.  No duck face. No sounding cool. Just telling the emotional truth, the way only babies can.

Picture 1
love, Adi


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SIX MONTHS TO LIVE: Six steps to creating everything you desire.


A life changing exercise:

  1. In a meditative state, open your heart and write a list of the key priorities in your life right now, the dreams you want to create, the things that bring you joy, the places you want to put your energy, as if you have six months left to live on Earth. What did you come here to do? What does your soul have to say? Who are you meant to serve? Knowing your time is limited, allow yourself to let go of practicalities and responsibilities, and drop into a state of dreamlike creation.
  2. Prioritize these projects, activities and desires and consider how many hours a week you would need to fuel these dreams, maximizing those that mean the most to your heart, minimizing those that may be tied to old expectations, habit or fear of judgement from others. Also let go of any voices that tell you this is impossible, or that you have already wasted too much time. Time is Now.
  3. Open Google Calendar and create a calendar for each heading (your heart’s work, art, music, health, book project, CD, charitable venture, house in the country you want to build etc. Then time chunk blocks of hours dedicated to each one of these, filling your week with direction and purpose. Set them to repeat every week. Don’t get stuck on, oh, I have to make dinner for the kids every day at 4 PM. This exercise is about you pushing beyond the way things are, the way you think they have to be. It is intended to raise the bar, make you uncomfortable and show you vividly the compromises you have made in the past that can be changed any time. Remember the greatest gift you can give to those whom you love is to rise up into your own joy, your own fulfillment. Self-sacrifice can be a way of hiding, of denying, of staying small.
  4. Sit back and have a look at the contrast between your ideal week, one that is aligned with your authentic nature, and how you are spending your time now. If you leave these new calendars visible, when you add new appointments on any compatible calendar (iCal etc.) they will land overtop and you get to see if you are making choices with your time and energy – the most valuable things in your life – that are in alignment with your soul purpose and your greatest desires.
  5. Allow yourself to take in the understanding that you are the creator of your life, and your choices, both conscious and unconscious make your world. It is time to start living as if this were your last year, last month, last week, because at the speed of the present planetary Shift, by next week you will be in a whole new place, next month starting a new life, six months from now, born again. May your Being be the one who serves your highest purpose and brings you all joy. May you find the strength to let go of the need to seek approval from others and act out of guilt or fear. May you find the Trust to allow your needs to be met as you dare to align with who you really are.
  6. Ready, Set, GO.


I would love to support you in connecting with your authentic nature and achieving true expansion and joy in your life. Please reach out and let’s find a time to chat by clicking on the link below.