Twelve Commandments for times of crisis, trauma and growth.

On the eve of the Full Moon I wanted to share these thoughts once more.

Our Mother Earth is shifting, spirit is rising, and we are all experiencing intense energies which push our fears out of darkness, into light. Crisis looms, and our strength is tested. There are nights when the darkness is enveloping, when we feel so alone, when the future looks hopeless and we lose sight of possibility. It may be the passing of a loved one, a rejection by a lover, a lost friendship or bad news about health or money, but at times we are asked to face painful circumstances that can take us on a downward spiral into depression and despair. Here are twelve potent suggestions of what to do in the weeks, days and moments when your inner resources seem depleted and your heart too tired to make it till morning.


What Do I Do Now?

  1. We are here to let go of our fear and learn to trust, and that trust must be blind. You may not see the answer to your question or the end to your pain in this moment, but that does not mean it doesn’t exist. Even on the darkest of days, perhaps especially in the darkest of nights, you are safe, you are loved, you are where you are meant to be.
  2. All suffering is rooted in a perception of lack, and often if we look deeply enough, it is ourselves we find lacking. When we lose a loved one to death or a lover to disinterest, what we grieve the most is our sense of the Self we once were, in relation to those whom we have lost. Know that you are beautiful and perfect in all your evolutions, and any other thoughts you have are the illusion that leaves you like a mist off a lake as you mourn. Surrender and soften beneath any self judgement till you let the grief, rage and shame find a voice. Weep truthfully and plentifully, or laugh until you do.
  3. There is nothing more important right now than nurturing, feeding, healing yourself. You can only fulfill your soul’s purpose and authentically serve others to the degree that you have liberated your own health and joy. Know that anything that gets in the way of of your well being is a distraction arising out of the fear that you are not worthy of time, space, tenderness or peace.
  4. Bring your attention to silence for it is out of deep silence that the truth may be heard, and the truth is all you really need to feel safe again. Listen closely, and you will find it.
  5. Peace does not happen by accident, it must be claimed. Remaining in self denial may seem temptingly safe, but it will trap you in habits of suffering. The courage to speak out loud in honour of your own healing, your own right to peace must be found.
  6. Your creative Self is your power. It is not a guilty pleasure but the essence of your future. Becoming conscious of how you are creating everything is the most important act of your days and nights. You will conquer and heal with your art, whatever it may be.
  7. Love is the answer to fear. Your body cannot hold both at once, so when you open your heart to a full warmth, to love and be loved, fear is banished. This can be a conscious, creative, daily exercise, or it may be invoked through meditation and prayer.
  8. Designate specific, protected time for silence, creative work, rest and being in nature. Set up a means to concretely implement a structure in your days, one that will hold you to this nurturing routine.
  9. Allow yourself joy, fun, play and laughter. These still exist in you and are always accessible, even in times of stress, loss and anxiety. They can make the difference as to how you navigate crisis, and they are the balance to the pain of life. Invite them as much and as often as possible, without apology.
  10. Honour your physical body as a gift. Care for it as you would a beloved.
  11. Look around you and let yourself witness the blessings you have, in this very moment. Love them. Use them. Acknowledge them. Be in constant appreciation and you cannot help but invite further blessings to unfold.
  12. Remember this material life truly is a piece of theatre and once liberated from it, you will look back upon the costumes and the illusion and find that beneath it all is an immortal, encompassing Love.

My favourite of these  to consider is that inviting Love is the answer to Fear. It is easy to be stubborn, to refuse to allow Love in when we are afraid, grieving, or raging in our hearts, and yet when we do, walls fall down and arms open, including our own.

My favourite of these to implement is to remember that my creative self is my power. So with that in mind, I am off now to prepare for our monthly Full Moon gathering where we will receive, chant, tone, sing and celebrate Love.

In honour of the power of our art to heal, here is a heart-opening tune of sweet homage called Your Love is Beautiful, by Ashley Condon.

Picture 4

much love, Adi


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