All grief is in its essence
rooted in the belief in loss
We have known love
and we lose it
through death, separation or heartbreak
And in this we perceive ourselves
as once again alone
once again without the safety
of the divine wholeness
which love brings

And yet loss is perhaps
our greatest teacher
It reveals to us
the undiagnosed caverns of fear
we hold within
When we tear away
a piece of the human personality
We do not create fear
we find it waiting
and once loss is revealed
we are now given hope for its final resolution
as we once again discover
that all love lives within

The danger of our nakedness
Is the illusion
for we were born naked and naked we die
And just imagine the freedom to live
without expectation in this awareness
where nothing can be removed
because all is impermanent
All is the dream
All else is a lie

If I told you that forever
you could touch and hold
everything and everyone you fear you have lost
That your separation from them
is but the theater of human consciousness
and in truth they wait only for you to see
that the truth of all life
is the ecstasy of Love
eternal, immortal
without boundaries or time

And that in your choosing to release what you fear to lose
only then may you drop naked
into the waiting arms of Love
every act of trust
a deepening surrender into the embrace of Mother
soft, warm, safe, adoring
perfect witness to your immeasurable beauty
she has birthed you
She is with you
She never ever lets you go

Then perhaps you would finally accept
that every other lover
every other desire
is but a pathway into her embrace
Human loss as the cold wind which wakes us up
and then returns us
Into the soft warm bed
where we were once born
eternally alive

We can no more be separate from Love
than the spark can be separate from the fire
It is the purpose of our human consciousness
to make this discovery
and never again fall into the blindness
of inhuman fear
All that you dream
Is already here


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